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  1. Do these Apps need to be downloaded by all parties. I am looking for something where I can enter all 175-200 members phone numbers and send a mass SMS message.
  2. I am a officer for a Union that is way behind on the use of technology. I am working on updating that. I was wondering if anyone had an app or program where I can put everyone of my members cell phone number and and send one mass text about things coming up. Like Union meetings or work rule changes. Thanks for your help!
  3. Prohm has already turned down Bama. Plus Hoiberg doesn’t like Pollard.
  4. Hoiberg doesn’t get along with Jamie Pollard. Iowa State played in a tournament in Hawaii and their flight home was canceled/delayed and Pollard wouldn’t pay for rooms for the team to stay in and they had to sleep in the conference rooms at the airport.
  5. Or that Fred’s niece works in for Basketball department.
  6. Let’s say he signs in December and doesn’t announce it. If other schools contact/recruit him, isn’t that tampering/violation?
  7. He isn’t a Husker fan. His mom is a ISU fan but she isn’t pushing them on him. He has an Iowa “offer” but isn’t commitable.
  8. Looking for some new tailgate recipes. what are your favorite?
  9. https://soundcloud.com/huskersports/sports-nightly-hour-2-monday-august-13th-2018
  10. “Wiltfong talked to Nicks Dad. If he isn’t changing his prediction I don’t have a reading to either.” Straight from the segment.
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