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  1. Question no more http://www.omaha.com/huskers/in-san-francisco-meeting-eichorst-and-perlman-find-our-guy/article_d024a272-7cb1-11e4-97d9-7f8f570d3d6e.html Ten years ago, the Oregon State coach popped up on Riley's radar during South Carolina's coaching search. Eichorst was an assistant athletic director at South Carolina. South Carolina eventually chose Steve Spurrier, but Eichorst didn't forget what he liked about Riley. "He's an elite coach," Eichorst said. "He's a teacher." Monday morning, following the first of five consecutive short nights of sleep, Eichorst
  2. Jimmy Johnson, after getting in the best shape of his life to have a go at CBS's Survivor, felt the urge to get back to coaching kids again. He met Shawn Eichorst in a back room poker game in Miami, people think Eichorst is behind the scenes because he doesn't like the spotlight, but the truth is he is one heck of a poker player. Fast forward and Shawn needs a splash hire, Jimmy Johnson decides he is going to give the next 5 years of his life to bringing Nebraska back to glory. Jimmy's first call is to Butch Davis, his former protege and DC at Dallas as his DC at Nebraska. They call Norv T
  3. Confirmed that last years alternate N on the chest with black helmets are in
  4. Nope. I don't think he is traveling with the team this weekend. This is what I've heard. This is correct, he is not traveling, and currently in Omaha. He raised a small stink over at HOL, he posted on Facebook about being done with his obligations to UNL, and people thought it meant that he was leaving school. In reality it meant he had a free weekend.
  5. Local newspaper has a Facebook poll up about the favorite team, let's beat the Tigers in their own state! https://www.facebook.com/questions/341913485892401/
  6. Tyler has left Nebraska, and enrolled in another 2 year school. He will get his AA degree and be free to transfer wherever he wants without limitation, redshirting this year.
  7. But what do we define as healthcare and what needs reformed? People attack the insurance industries as the big bullies of healthcare, they on average make about 2.2% profit margin. The median operating margin for hospitals that had 200+ beds was -.7%, some do make a lot of money, but most operate on razor thin budgets. The profit and hole of healthcare in in the research arms of the drug companies and medical device industry, these guys are raking in 20%+ profit margins, we pay for the innovations here in the United States and those with the money to pay for it are going to places like the
  8. Cost is the key thing, and that's a great point to bring up. Yes, healthcare costs a lot. But that doesn't mean that those needing healthcare are to be punished. It means that costs need to be controlled. That, to me, is the largest swing-and-miss of Obamacare. Most everyone agrees that some reform was needed because costs of healthcare are outstripping consumers' abilities to pay for it, but instead of figuring out a way to help rein in costs, Obamacare simply says, "You have to cover everyone." That's nice, but it doesn't fix the problem. I'll be the first to admit I don't have
  9. Because in this instance there are three parties that came to an agreement based on the inclusion the individual mandate. The government wanted to expand coverage, alter regulation of insurance (issuance, caps, etc.), and lower cost in part by reducing reimbursement rates. Insurers agreed because the individual mandate will expand their risk pool. Health care providers agreed because the individual mandate will reduce losses incurred from treating those will no ability pay (i.e. the uninsured). If the individual mandate is removed from health care reform, the whole thing necessarily
  10. What's strange is that you sound concerned about salt regulations . . . but not about government ordered rape. Put another way, you sound concerned about the left looking over your shoulder but unconcerned about the right ramming instruments into your orifices. Why is that? Tribalism? I will be sure and inform rape victims that I meet that the government telling me to buy something is equal to their physical assault. Great choice of words.
  11. Absolutely untrue. I am your average wage-earner, middle-class non-poor guy, and I just want affordable healthcare. Like every other industrialized nation has. Like every nation that we perceive as our peers have. Like every human should have, whether they're rich or poor, middle class or legal non-resident. Deregulation doesn't drive down costs, it does the opposite - without regulation, nothing is to stop healthcare companies from forming monopolies by gobbling up smaller providers and, once they've done so, creating whatever price they want. Deregulation doesn't create some price-c
  12. In reality this isn't really a debate on healthcare, it's a debate on the powers of government and the impact of our capitalist economy. Many people say they want "affordable" heathcare, but this isn't true. They want cheap healthcare for the poor, subsidized by the government, or ultimately the larger earning taxpayer. Congrats on making it, now I need you to pay for the "less fortunate" that can't afford healthcare. Others say healthcare costs are out of control, here's a novel thought, healthcare companies want to make money, many are non profit and are sneaking by on 2-3% margins.
  13. Heard isn't an option, he is a DB unless he moves back to RB at some point.
  14. Here's why this really, really sucks. There has been a focus on recruiting the southeast for the upcoming year, and a lot of relationships were with Raymond, with him gone a lot of the relationships built with the kids going into the senior class are now gone. With a fairly large amount of scholarships for 2013 this really hurts.
  15. Warfield has I think 4 DUI's under his belt, I don't imagine he will become the DB coach. http://dcs-inmatesearch.ne.gov/Corrections/InmateDisplayServlet?DcsId=70124&showInmateImage=true
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