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  1. I tried watching Arrested Development. But just couldn't get into it after three or four episodes. I'll give it another try sometime. Maybe. You have to make it through the first 6 or so episodes before they start getting really funny, then you can see some of the concurrent themes each episode has. Also, those first few episodes seem a lot funnier the second time through the season.The Tobais and Gob episodes are classic. On a separate note, I watched Cabin in the Woods on Netflix last night and really enjoyed it. I'm not a huge horror/gore fan, but this one was very self-referential and made fun of a lot of classic "horror movie" tropes. Plus, I'll watch anything even remotely related to Joss Whedon, and he produced this.
  2. nhuskers5

    Chatelain hits the nail on the head with three sentences

    To say that he will NEVER get over the hump is too far. He hasn't done it yet, but that doesn't automatically mean that he never will... For those of you who want to say that Bo has taken the pride away from the program, do you not remember the Callahan years? I'm not talking about just game results, either. He eliminated the walk-on program, and took away hallmarks of Nebraska football. You may have many prejudices against Pelini, but he did a tremendous job of restoration and made our program something to be proud of again. There's a difference between being "entitled and elitist" and having pride, and that difference is patience. The next few years will show the true colors of what some Husker fans really are.
  3. nhuskers5

    The Martinez Legacy?

    I'm pretty sure that was filmed in Manhattan and Stillwater. You should check it out it was a good one. I thought that was the Martinez Identity. Man, I get so confused with all these movie names!
  4. nhuskers5

    Beck telegraphing Imani Cross short-yardage runs

    That would be the perfect play. Line up with Jano and Cross, fake and hit a middle screen or Martinez on a naked bootleg around the edge. Would like to think Beck was "putting this on film" for future use, but he has not shown me he is really that experienced to think that far ahead. Improving, but that whole sweep play was awesome about 5 minutes into the 1st and then started ticking me off! I'm sure there are variations off of the play, we just really didn't have a chance to run them. We ran that formation maybe six times, and three of those were when we were trying to milk the clock. Just because we didn't see it doesn't mean it's non-existent. No need to bash on Beck yet... As for the toss sweep, I hear a large section of this board complaining about Beck "not sticking with what works". Well, he found a play that worked, and he used it often...and now people are saying that running the same play was ticking them off. What do you people want?
  5. nhuskers5

    The Walking Dead

  6. If Maggie or Glenn dies on Walking Dead, I'm effing out. My feels... :(

    1. VectorVictor


      I take it you haven't read the comics then...

    2. macroboy


      I am so glad they killed Lori. I hated her!!!!

  7. nhuskers5

    Why we should consider a new Off Coordinator

    This thread is ridic. We're in the top 15 of total offense rankings, and we're top 10 in rushing offense. The defense we just played is top 5 in total d, and we just exceeded their average points per game by ten plus. Sorry we didn't score every possession and that our QB made a few horrendous throws, but that's no reason to go full meltdown and call for the OC's head. He doesn't make all of the right calls all of the time, but what coach does? This sort of complaining seems awful entitled considering that this team went through the debacle that was Shawn Watson...
  8. nhuskers5

    Today's commentators

    These two were better than a lot of others I've heard, but still not good by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. nhuskers5

    Nebraska vs an undefeated Oregon

    They're defense is solid, but it's not spectacular by any means. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think we lose badly, but I think our offense would do fairly well. 30+ points and 400 yards at least...
  10. nhuskers5

    The Road Ahead - Final 1/3 of the Season

    We're not swapping wins for losses, we've swapped ONE win for one loss. It's not some innate thing that we lose every game we won last year...seems a little superstitious to me.
  11. nhuskers5

    About Robinson & NU Game performance!

    You should totally email that right there to Brady Hoke. I'm sure he would love that advice. I'm sure today is the day that he learned that his QB is a pivotal part of his team. His backup may blow, but I'm sure it's not because you can't get any studs to come and play backup for you when you have a QB that was talked about as a Heisman candidate since he was a freshman.... Easy now, big fella. He's stating his opinion, just the same as you are...
  12. nhuskers5

    Totally dumb question.....

    S**t happens. You don't play your best every single week. Sure, being disappointed is fine, but the nuclear meltdown on this board is wholly uncalled for
  13. Overreact much, Huskerboard?

  14. nhuskers5

    I hope this is just coach speak, interview with Bo.

    It's the same crap all the time. I know I posted this same stuff three years ago. It hasn't changed and won't. I like BO but to be honest I'm tired of his being such an ass to people all the time. An example: my wife and I were in the elevator with some other fans at the cornhusker hotel the day of the Wisconsin game. The elevator opens up on floor 3 and Bo is standing there looking at us. We all say hey BO, good luck etc....he stands there and stares at us without saying a word. Not a word. I'm beginning to believe other that his canned statements about execution and the us vs them mentality, he really doesn't know what to do. Hope I'm wrong. So you're going to base your opinion of a coach because he wasn't cordial to you on the day of an important game? If you wanna go after Bo for football related issues, that's fine, because there are plenty of them out there right now, but this just seems to me to be getting pissy because someone wasn't nice to you...
  15. nhuskers5


    No there was a problwm with play calling and I think that's what ultimately did us in. The D adjusted enough to keep us in it but the offense sputtered, and then when they found their groove with the inside run we inexplicably abandon it. There are gonna be some nights when the playcalling isn't as sharp. We've got to accept this, it happens to every team, and hope that the scheme is engrained enough that we can execute poorly called plays so that they are succesful