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  1. Treat your employees like dirt So, I've heard
  2. Which is another thing gone wrong this football season.
  3. Be nice to Cy He knows what he is talking about His team has one more win than Nebraska has (and is #3 in the Big 12)
  4. Also interesting with picking Illinois - the most hated color in Ireland is ORANGE As in William of Orange, the conqueror of Ireland for the British.
  5. Alternate channel? Fox Business News again?

  6. Welcome to the board. And kudos for using NW for the purple kitties and not NU
  7. And not kill JD. He is tough, but wow....
  8. You have to ACTUALLY commit the deed to be convicted, so 0 for 300 doesn't count
  9. Did he get called for targeting?
  10. Iowa-ISU in rain delay.  O/U on how much time on the game clock will the Nebraska game be joined in progress: 10:00 

    1. The Murphinator

      The Murphinator

      Well we may never see the Nebraska game. Back in another weather delay

    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Hope it airs on FS2 or an alternate.

    3. huKSer


      Fox Business Network

  11. Iowa-Iowa St in rain delay On FS1 Nebraska game? On FS1
  12. Is there any reason why the posted game time here on the board is Eastern Time?

    1. Mavric
    2. huKSer


      Thanks - not being in Nebraska and getting saturation coverage got me confuzzled

    3. Mavric


      The board is defaulted to Central time so I thought I should set it to Central time.  However, I'm in Mountain time so apparently the board "knows" that and adjusted.  Didn't realize that before now.  Thanks for pointing it out.

  13. My check from my part time teaching job at the community college was twice what it should have been.  What to do, what to do?

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    2. Stone Cold
    3. Micheal


      Let them know or they will take it out of your next one possibly. 

    4. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      Whatever you do, don't be these people.



  14. How many fictional Presidents can you name in 5 minutes.

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    2. Redux


      Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

      James Marshall

      Herbert J Garrison

      George Sears

      Alan Alda in Canadian Bacon 


    3. teachercd


      This is awesome!!! 


      Jimmy Carter

    4. Xmas32


      Dave Kovic/Bill Marshall--Dave DOUBLE POINTS MOTHERCHUCKERS

      Jed Bartlett--West Wing

      David Palmer--24---Side note--I should be able to also put Cerrano here or Chief from Navy Seals and it still counts

      Thomas Whitmore--Independence Day

      Benjamin Asher--Olympus Has Fallen

  15. It could be worse - OU is on pay-per-view this week.

  16. Must not post when angry drunk. Must not post when angry drunk. Must not post when angry drunk. Must not post when angry drunk. Must not post when angry drunk. Must not post when angry drunk. 

    1. RedTexan


      Can't be that drunk.  I didn't see any misspellings.

    2. huKSer


      I have better touch than Martinez (key board that is)

  17. If your plant foot slips, that could pull something
  18. Must be a guided missle Ralphie - even with the Husker invasion, I wager that less than 10% of the cars are Husker fans. Very little chance that it was aimed at a Cornhusker
  19. C'mon Thundering Herd


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