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  1. att has internet for $30 - I don't know what constitutes great to you but it works for me
  2. Wait - Luke and Leia's mother is Thor????
  3. Might be getting ready to catch a football?
  4. We must ask John Montagu, or rather his spirit, if a hot dog is a sandwich. He is the ultimate authority.
  5. Why would the Navy have a 60ish year old combat pilot?
  6. If you show up on the 21st you will miss all of the fun!
  7. MIllenials be like "Dude, why didn't you pull out your cell phone and take a vid?"
  8. Would the southern equivalent be Jimmy Bobs and Joe Bobs?
  9. Query: Most people predict 9-3 and most people predict 1st in west. Three conference losses won't cut it. They only reasonable way that happens is if Nebraska loses to.......COLORADO!
  10. Outside of home and away the only real difference is Illinois vs Northwestern, with Nebraska and Iowa being roughly the same difficulty
  11. This just in: Texass owns the Big Little 12
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