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  1. southernoregonhusker

    QB Transfers

    It was bad under Riley's last few years, but Andersen took it to new depths. He let three QB's walk away and all three started at other places (Florida, Iowa State, Fresno). Then he walked away midseason. Instead of coke and coeds, his issue was beer and coeds. At least that's what was said.
  2. southernoregonhusker

    QB Transfers

    It'll take a few more years. Andersen absolutely annihilated that program.
  3. southernoregonhusker

    QB Transfers

    Gebbia isn't going to start initially. He may get his chance because the o-line is hot garbage.
  4. southernoregonhusker

    QB Transfers

    Gebbia on the radio today. Said about leaving DONU, “I loved being a part of Nebraska football, but at the end of the day the writing was on the wall. The system didn’t fit me well… I wanted to get to a place where I could air it out a little bit and not rely so much on my legs."
  5. southernoregonhusker

    Taj Griffin

    Griffin fell down the depth chart at RB and moved to WR where Oregon was thin. He moved back to RB for his senior season. He played in three games last season and then announced he was going to transfer. To put it bluntly, he quit to keep his eligibility. I'm sure the guys who ripped Gebbia will hate on Griffin. Right?!?! https://www.dailyemerald.com/sports/football/oregon-senior-running-back-taj-griffin-to-transfer/article_a29a0b76-af3f-5e59-982f-2b0a6150173a.html
  6. southernoregonhusker

    **Opponent Preview - Oregon State** Games 5-8

    It was actually a good time to schedule the Beavs. OSU lost a lot of their position players from last year's national championship team and fans worried about whether or not the new guys could hit. The pitching is good on paper, but the hitting has been in question. Thus far, however, it's looked pretty good.
  7. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    The alleged crime happened in California and the alleged victim was in California when she was allegedly victimized. Therefore California has jurisdiction. Nothing alleged about that part.
  8. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I just googled Romeo and Juliet laws and 24 states have some sort of variation of it. So it's really common.
  9. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I just read California's statutory rape law and I find it weird as hell. Here in Oregon, we have the Romeo and Juliet law. It states minors within three years of age can legally have sex with each other. It's legal for a 17 year old to get naughty with a 14 year old. Of course, that all changes when a person turns 18. 18 year olds who are caught having sex with 17 year olds or younger will find themselves on the state sex offender registry. In California, it is absolutely illegal for anybody to consent to sex until they are 18. Of course, all involved would be charged for non-consensual sex so I'm sure people don't press charges too often. But with that said, I'm sure a lot of parents get notified when the apple's of their eye get caught in the back seat of someone's hatchback.
  10. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    This is the correct answer. We don't have nearly all of the facts and we have no idea how California will enforce their new law.
  11. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Really? Here, a homeless guy whacked another guy in the head with a hatchet. He plead down from Assault II to Attempted Assault II and got 30 days in jail and 3 years probation. Yet, I've arrested people for drug possession and watched them go to prison. I think drug possession is much less serious between these two instances. A criminal history and/or circumstances of a case go a long ways in what people are imprisoned for.
  12. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    They're not that different. Parole, which is what guys from state prison get, is a situation where guys get out early, but aren't necessarily free as they have stipulations they must adhere to. Violations of their parole can result in their parole being revoked and the parolee can be returned to prison to finish out their original sentence. Common stipulations are no drugs/alcohol, no contact with victims, no new crimes, weekly visits with their Parole/Probation Officer. Probation is pretty much the same thing but comes from the county. It, too, has the same stipulations attached and can also be revoked. In the situation of a plea bargain, a revocation of probation can result in that person being sent to jail to do the time that is associated with their crime. Remember, a plea bargain is still a plea of guilt. The real differences between the two besides who (state or county) dolled them out is the crimes associated with them and the duration (time) of their sentences. Here in Oregon, anybody sentenced to a correctional facility for up to a year will find themselves in a county jail (eligible for probation). A year and a day or more and they will become the ward of the Department of Corrections and find themselves in a state prison (eligible for parole).
  13. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Sooooo many factual errors with the second sentence that I'm not sure where to begin... As for Washington, let's calm down until we have all of the facts.
  14. southernoregonhusker

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Sooooo many factual errors with the second sentence that I'm not sure where to begin...
  15. southernoregonhusker

    Huskers Get Transfer Punter from Michigan State

    Pris-tup or Pris-toop? Phonetically speaking.