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  1. Nebraska should tell the B1G that they will announce 62 positive Covid cases unless both players are allowed to play next week.
  2. They can appeal. Winning the appeal is the real issue.
  3. Wasn't it fourth down? He should have kicked the field goal.
  4. So this defense looks better than at any time over last season's defense? Did I dream that quote from Orgeron?
  5. Yep, HUGE Red Sox lover as well. As a Yankees fan, he's not a favorite lol
  6. Oh, I missed this post. I live in Roseburg.
  7. That was well before Uncle Mike. Jerry Pettibone was our coach and he was an assistant at UNL from '79-'81. He played at OU and coached there, too. I played golf with him years after he retired and we talked about the old Big 8 days, Nebraska and OU games, etc. Total blast talking with him. He was a member at my club and we played together often.
  8. While moving into the dorms at Oregon State, many freshmen like myself parked on the street right next to the building. We found out later that this area was typically a no parking zone, but there weren't any signs and we were all new to campus. While parked and moving our stuff in, a couple of maintenance guys were putting up no parking signs. Right behind them was a member of campus security writing parking tickets. A number of students, including myself, got tickets. A bunch of us got together and went down to the administration building and complained about what had happened. Admin.
  9. Is that real or just rumors? Many have been talking about a 9-5 vote that was really 11-3. A lot of opinions have been formed with bogus rumors/statements. My guess is the B1G never intended to play. Our league has states that were hard hit by Covid-19. But as you already stated, we shall see. In the meantime, Georgia's prejected starting QB just announced he's not playing. Clemson's best receiver already announced he's not playing.
  10. Who is going to be the laughing stock when those other leagues are forced to cancel their seasons after three games? I'd rather be the coach who goes into the livingrooms of parents and is able to tell them that those other teams only care about money and little Johnny is nothing more than a means to that end.
  11. I-formation with 2 tight ends....Of course, OU isn't running anything similar these days.
  12. They could start by making a deal with DirecTV.
  13. Because his job is also to be the public face and whipping boy when needed. Roger Goodell is a perfect example. He is an employee of the owners, and he also makes 40 million in compensation.
  14. I think that would cause quite the stink around here knowing some of that money would be going to coaches making millions.
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