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  1. A successful year for me would be to get to a bowl. Sadly, I don't think it'll happen.
  2. Lots of Okies here in my part of Oregon. They're all hillbillies.
  3. You can bet Hunt's lawyer has already been in contact with the DA backing away from that deal. That's the defense attorney's job. To provide a rigorous defense.
  4. I wasn't including Thompson, but he only came because his dad is an assistant coach. Same as his brother Stevie. Calloo is a transfer we got this year Okie State. Same goes for Alatishe who we got from Nicholls State. Alatishe has been a welcome surprise though I wish he's look to score more often. Silva was offered by us and UTEP despite being the #1 JUCO in Cali. Silver: I didn't even know who that was until you brought him up. Hunt's offers aren't from any Power 6 schools except USC and you have to wonder how soft that offer was. Luca
  5. Oregon State is a complete fluke. They have a bunch of kids that no other Power 6 programs wanted and were picked to finish dead last in the Pac 12. Their RPI was hideous at the end of the season and their only chance to make the tournament was to win the Pac 12 tourney. They did using an ugly style that has worked for some reason. As an alumnus I love it, but Coach Tinkle will get a contract extension and his recruiting and record has been atrocious.
  6. They smoked Kansas. That was a surprise. Their game against Oregon should be a good one.
  7. I didn't see the Pac 12 doing so well.
  8. That glorified high school team went 9-4 in 2016. 2017 rolled around and the administration hired Bob Diaco. The same Bob Diaco Frost beat this season. The same Bob Diaco PURDUE kicked to the curb after one season. Eliminating him alone should have improved Nebraska's defense by leaps and bounds. Instead, Frost was hired and he stupidly got rid of a bunch of players. One of which was a first team All Pac 12 linebacker last season. Today, Nebraska's offense is a glorified high school unit as there are absolutely no playmakers on it. None. The two best playmakers have quit in
  9. He's not impressive at all. Oregon brought in a grad transfer from Boston College who didn't play very much last season, but dazzled in mop up duty. He chose to come back and Shough saw the writing on the wall. With all of that said, he'd probably be on Nebraska's two deep. However, he's not going to take us to the top of the West.
  10. I'd guess anywhere from 3 to 5 wins. I don't know where the offense is going to come from.
  11. I just read the news on ESPN.com and immediately remembered that Lowe stopped a school shooting,
  12. He's pretty happy with his Fox Sports gig.
  13. After a little research, it appears you're right. However, it's still fairly tough. "At Air Force, prospective players need to have at least a 3.5 high school GPA, a 25 on the ACT in all subjects, and a minimum of a 1200 two-part SAT score." I don't know if Luke has this in him. He still hasn't figured out he's actually left handed.
  14. Well, I know he's not going to any of those three unless they've drastically changed their admissions policies. Hahaha. A buddy of mine from high school went to West Point (Army) and got a recommendation letter from one of our senators just to get in. As for Luke, the only way he succeeds is going somewhere where they run the ball or he goes down a level or two. He just doesn't have the arm to play QB. He's a terrific athlete and its a shame he didn't give another skill position a try, but that's his decision. Who knows, maybe he doesn't have a desire to play in the NFL.
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