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  1. southernoregonhusker

    B1G to Target Texas, Oklahoma when Big XII GOR Expires

    Texas is our version of herpes. They flare up every once in awhile and we're embarrassed how we got stuck with them in the first place.
  2. southernoregonhusker

    Big announcement coming?

    Moos planted the seed by saying UNL's football facilities rank 8 or 9 in the B1G.
  3. southernoregonhusker

    Guy Thomas gone

    Judging by that Tweet, he didn't pass Writing 101.
  4. southernoregonhusker

    Chinander by the numbers

    It's Year Zero. The trajectory of this 4-8 team is quite different than last year's 4-8 team. I'm excited about next year and I'm not going to worry about Chinander until the year after next at the earliest. That defense needs an infusion of talent and speed. Their improvement over the year was promising. Go into the offseason on a high, fellas. Things have turned around for the good.
  5. southernoregonhusker

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    Haha. Exactly what I said when I saw those standings...
  6. southernoregonhusker

    National Media Love

    I watched Cowherd earlier in the year and he sang Frost's praises. Stated teams had better beat Nebraska now because Frost had them moving in the right direction. Weird to hear that clip considering what I had heard earlier from him.
  7. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    Is it possible to have more commercials? Holy cow. It's amazing to me how many more commercials are ran these days. I was going through the guide on DirecTV the other day and noticed The Wolf of Wall Street was on from 4 to 8. Four stinkin' hours for a movie that runs three hours. I've also noticed we're missing pitches on televised baseball games. I've noticed a lot of 1-0 or 0-1 counts coming out of commercial.
  8. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    No, it would make me feel better if kids got paid for the product they produced on the field. Emmert makes millions on the backs of unpaid workers. Millions because there is a lot of money in college athletics. Let me ask you this: If the NFL and NBA had real minor league systems that took all of the top prospects, do you think 90K would still show up at Memorial Stadium every football Saturday? Would the TV money be in the same ballpark as it is now? The answer is no. 90K aren't showing up to Doane games. People want to see high level athletics and high level athletics are put forth by high level athletes. They should be compensated with something more than food, books, an eduction they may or may not use (Hello North Carolina) and use of a building to sleep in. Baseball has a minor league system. Now take a look at college baseball. Besides a few schools in the SEC, nobody is putting 5K butts in the stands. Not even my national champion Oregon State Beavers. As for TV money, there's some for the playoffs. Why? Because the top kids aren't playing college baseball. Same goes for FCS, DII and DIII football and basketball. Heck, I went to grad school at a NAIA school. The local high school football games had bigger crowds. In Europe, all of the sports are run by local clubs (Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona are sports clubs). All of these clubs have mens and women's soccer teams, basketball teams, handball teams, etc.. "School kid" sports have virtually no spectators and certainly no TV money. As for the fallacy of a free education, room and board, what is the real cost/salary? Don't give me tuition numbers because they are meaningless. Stanford's tuition costs more than Nebraska because it's Stanford, not because the cost to produce that education is X% more. What does it really cost a university to have student athletes? If student athletes are no longer on campus, are classes going to be cut? Teachers laid off? Is History of Western Civilization no longer going to be offered at 8 AM on every campus in America. To me, those are real numbers as well as electricity, paying down the bonds for athletic dorms, stadiums, workout centers, etc. What is the real cost? Is the "salary" of a Northwestern football player 250K for four years while a kid at DONU half that (or whatever the numbers are)? Is that what we're trying to convince ourselves of? There is no doubt that the whole thing is complicated because of Title IX, non-revenue sports and schools who don't produce much money from football and basketball like my Oregon State Beavers lol. Want to know what would really kill NCAA football? A minor league system because the NCAA is truly the minor league system now. The thought alone should get the "never payers" pause.
  9. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    Is the military making billions of dollars? Also, the players are responsible for the "product" in college sports. They should share in the profits from the product.
  10. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    Gotcha. What kills me about this subject is seeing Mark Emmert, the head of the NCAA, say they can't pay the kids while he makes around 2 million a year.
  11. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    I know. I reiterated it. 80%? Really? I'm not sure I buy that. Football has got to make a bigger percentage than 20% max.
  12. southernoregonhusker

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Nah, it was a good call. The receiver cut off his route well before AM threw the ball. He knew nobody was there and got rid of it.
  13. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    But that's only one source.
  14. southernoregonhusker

    End of NCAA College Football?

    It's a mess, but it has to be figured out. Lots of people have million(s) dollar contracts and the kids producing the product are getting room and board.