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  1. It's funding related per the article I read. No football money means a cut to non-revenue sports.
  2. Stanford just cut eleven sports. The Ivy League has said no to all fall sports. I think the writing is on the wall. No football next month.
  3. MLB isn't. MLS is in Orlando along with the NBA. Lots of games with no fans to see.
  4. That's the same story. I didn't know others came in and shook hands as well. OSP's Superintendent is livid. What an embarrassment from the supposed top law enforcement agency in the state.
  5. It's inconvenient. It's against my civil rights. It's what limp wristed commies do. Yesterday, our governor here in Oregon made it mandatory to wear masks indoors in public places. A state trooper walked into a coffee shop without a mask. He was told put one on and his reply was, "F--- Kate Brown (our governor)" It's against the law to force people to wear a mask." This came from a state cop. Of course it's not against the law per our state's supreme court, but that's the attitude many have. In this case, one who should know better.
  6. I had a woman tonight tell me it has been proven that masks are ineffective against Covid. I'm sick of hearing this type of crap from people.
  7. Negative. We can count in the Pac 12. You're right about everything else. I just watched a doctor in Arizona state they are completely overwhelmed and don't have enough resources to cope anytime soon.
  8. Why does he look less legit when Martinez was the starter last season despite lacking drive according to his coach?
  9. It's true. I'm not sure what they are thinking in Lincoln County, but they excluded some from wearing masks due to race. They've now reversed it, but it did happen.
  10. Nope. He went to the San Antonio Whatevers and hasn't returned to OSU.
  11. He and four others have tested positive. Okie Lite has told their incoming freshmen to stay home.
  12. There are those who still cling to the amateurism angle when discussing the payment of players.
  13. You're not wrong about vaccines. They have taken longer in the past than 12 months to develop, test, etc. Dr. Fauci stated 18 months would be a record for a vaccine.
  14. Say goodbye to any amateurism arguments if football is played without students on campus. Also, I think Klatt is nuts. Kids are much safer at home than on campus.
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