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  1. I'm not a Green hater, but after the bowl game he's going to have to show major improvement before he starts at qb again. The last 2-3 series he was in, he missed wide open receivers about every play, just terrible throws. Mcneil caught the one on fourth down, but that was an incredible catch that shouldve been an easy one. All he needed to do was put the ball near the receivers, and he wasnt doing that. Martinez has a long way to go too, but he's still ahead of Green in my opinion, and apparently the coaches as well.
  2. Not trying to bash your prediction, but I don't think there's any way we go to a pro-style offense.. All we have are spread type qbs, and Bo's mentioned an Oregon style offense a few times I believe. Agreed with Pirman, Wistrom had similar size as a freshmen. I doubt he'll be that good, but better than some people think. Reeves will be great, Moore will be better, but Klachko will be our best lineman in the class. Santos will be fine as a WLB in the big ten, and Stafford will have an impact both of his years here. For walk-ons, Kucera and Kuzu will both contribute down the road, and maybe another lineman. Broekemeier might end up as our punter.
  3. Anyone know anything about Hughes? Don't see many walk-ons from out of state, and almost none from outside the midwest. Does he have any family ties to Nebraska? related to Tyrone?
  4. Tim Biere - TE - He's either a sophomore or a junior at kansas, and I think he's starting, or at least seeing significant playing time.
  5. What really gets me is that Anderson is a graduate of Texas. I mean, seriously? If we had won, and the ref was a UNL grad, there would probably be a huge NCAA investigation on whether he made the correct calls. I don't have anything to back this up, but isn't it unprecedented for a ref in a conference championship game to be a graduate of one the the competing schools?
  6. I agree that Watson has been questionable as a play caller at times, but putting this loss on him is ridiculous. If your offense turns the ball over four times inside the opponents 5, you can't expect to win. The coaches didn't turn the ball over, the players did. You can say the coaches should have them practice ball security more, but it all comes down to the player. The coaches can make them practice it all they want, but regardless of how much time is devoted to holding the football, it's up to the player to hang on.
  7. The way I saw it, the line wasn't terrible in pass protection. Not great, but most of the tech sacks were the ends coming off the edge, and the tackles did their job. It would take a very athletic tackle to get that wide and stonewall the DE, especially with how wide they lined up, so our tackles just took them around, it's up to the QB to step up into the pocket. Lee just kind of drops back and then stands there, where Green stepped up and had more time. Another thing I like about Green is he doesn't just go down like most QBs, Lee included. There was one play when a D-lineman was right in front of him, and Green just stepped out of it, instead going to the fetal position and falling down. I don't know if Green is ready to start, but you guys are right, the Keller/Lee comparisons are spot on.
  8. I think I saw on espn that our average is 8.0 ppg, which would mean they counted the safety. otherwise it would be 7.6 or something like that.
  9. I'm pretty sure the rule now is that only one player can be in motion at the snap, ND was motioning the entire backfield. Technically you can still do that, but most of them would need to stop, only one could be moving.
  10. He is Tommie Frazier's cousin, if I remember right, wouldn't mind getting him regardless of what he plays.
  11. Henery is the #4 ST player, and the top rated kicker or punter.
  12. Glenn Dorsey is 6-foot or shorter, he did all right. He does need to bulk up, but the height isn't as big of an issue in the middle of the line, it could actually help him with leverage.
  13. Farley was really good, but Thomas was a two time all-american and three time unanimous all Big-8. No question in my mind, it's the Sandman.
  14. Steinkuhler ran a 4.92 and 4.89, 4.56 short shuttle, and a 7.38 3-cone, with 23 bench reps. Lucky ran a 4.53 and a 4.56, Swift ran 4.65 and 4.63, and Glenn had a 4.67 and 4.68, with a 38 1/2 inch vertical. Ganz ran a 4.94 and a 4.98, I don't know how any of them looked in the positional drills.
  15. I watched the '03 Utah State game a while ago,he was a true frshman, and he looked great. It was garbage time and it wasn't great competition, but he made some plays that made him look like Frazier. It's too bad it didn't work out for him here, best of luck to him as a coach.
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