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  1. 1) How long have you been a member of Husker Nation? 34 years now... 2) What/who led you to The Nation? it's kind of a state law if you live in Nebraska 3) Where are you from originally? Platte Center, Nebraska (near Columbus for those of you who've never heard of it) 4) Where do you live now? Las Vegas, Nevada 5) Favorite Husker memory? So many to choose from...going to games during my time at UNL were great... all-time favorite might be the 1996 Fiesta Bowl victory over Florida 6) Worst Husker memory? too many heartbreakers to choose from...Callahan's first season was painful. 7) Number of home games attended? don't know off-hand...all of them during my 4 years at UNL 8) Number of away games attended? none 11) Favorite all time player? hmmm...maybe Tommie Frazier 17) How did you find HuskerBoard? (referral source) google
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