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  1. This is just getting bizarre. This is starting to remind me of a kid that committed to Callahan years back. Committed to ASU, Oregon State, and Nebraska, and tried to fax in LOC's to 2 schools, if memory serves me correctly. I will be watching NSD closely this year.
  2. 3-4 is tough to run in college without a really strong D-Line to eat up blocks. Not a ton of teams run it. I believe K-State runs it (or did), Wisconsin does, but I am not sure of many others that do. If Riley/Devaney assesses we can run it, they must see something in the current line talent being better at the skills to translate to 3-4, as opposed to being up the field pass rushers. I don't see it, but Riley/Devaney have forgotten more about football than I know, so I'll defer to their judgment.
  3. If Devaney did any film study from the Tennessee game, he probably saw massive defensive breakdowns. Also, if Riley wants to move to a 3-4, Devaney is probably instrumental in identifying which players would be suitable for each position in the front 7. Then he has done what he was brought here to do. It is very telling when a coach is publicly stating he has a talent deficiency leading to his group's failure. Talent has nothing to do with poor pursuit angles, leverage, technique, etc. Those are all able to be improved through coaching. Last year, the excuse was a new scheme and players not buying in. There is a common thread in both years, and it was time to stop shaking the magic 8 ball of excuses.
  4. Good find here, and it seems as if it is coming. This will be awesome, and I am sure we all might hear a nugget or 2 that we never heard before.
  5. Carl Crawford is never healthy playing baseball. What makes everyone so sure he would have actually been healthy enough to be on the field? One thing is for sure, I am glad the Dodgers turned the page from him, even if it means paying him to go away.
  6. I am not buying Washington or Tennessee yet. Washington has a proven coach, but not convinced they have a strong enough program yet. Tennessee should win, but probably won't. They have been a team on the come since Lane Kiffin was their coach, and still haven't broke through.
  7. Isn't this the objective of football, to outscore the opponent?
  8. Cut that number in half and you are looking at a top 10 team.
  9. Whatever they do, put him at one position, coach him up, get him on the field, and turn him loose. Don't bounce back and forth and waffle over what to do, make a decision and get the kid out there somehow.
  10. The similarity is this: That team lost by 5 TD's that day in a game they were expected to win, much too similar to Saturday night. They were a good, not great team, and some holes were beginning to be exposed. That malaise carried over to the bowl game and they were blasted by the co-national champ. Osborne took it to task to shift his recruiting up in the next year or so, and McBride made a change in the defense in 92, and the rest is history. I do not necessarily think Pelini is on the edge of going 60-3 in the next 5 years, but I think that when you take a step back and look at where this program is at, and realize that the defense was a patchwork, and the offense is very young and almost everyone returns, that Saturday may be a speed bump. My generation is so results-focused and has no patience whatsoever, that 5 years without a title seems like an eternity. I'm not ready to throw the towel in, and Pelini will show his true worth by how he and his staff are able to regroup, strategize and energize the players to get ready for the future. If he refuses to learn anything from that showcase, then he is a fool and that will show soon enough.
  11. Found something from the archives that seemed pretty relevant to the sentiment after Saturday evening. Bottom line is this: This isn't new. This program is closer to the pinnacle than it was 5 years ago, and trending in the proper direction. Bo may have the right pieces in place on his staff to make a run. Bo may have the right players in his pipeline to make this happen. I like to be fairly objective about things, and I feel like this program is on the verge of crossing over the hump. Last Saturday night was a major disappointment, but I think what the key is how the team responds next year. A loss like that could light a fire under the program, and I think it just might. Bring on the Dawgs come Jan 1, I think they are going to be in for one heckuva fight.
  12. Rex probably won't get enough carries to beat Ball in yards. He will have a huge impact though.
  13. If Urban Meyer wanted to coach at Nebraska I'd pry the door open to shove Bo out myself. Don't hate, the man can coach. And the demise of Florida due to Tebow being gone has been highly exaggerated. Urban very obviously didn't deviously job hop to get away from a bad situation.
  14. He may "get it" but what is really the important thing, is does his team buy in completely to his message? We'll see. I am hopeful that this bye week is a god send because this season could go off the rails fairly quickly in the next 3 weeks.
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