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  1. I know and he stopped working with him after that. That’s why I said he must have learned his lesson on who he took pictures with after that.
  2. He must have learned his lesson about who he takes pictures with after this one.
  3. Watched The Last Jedi again.  It’s still a turd.


    Luke’s death - still lame

    Leia flying - still stupid

    Finn/Rose - still bad

    Snoke’s ending - still unfulfilling 

    Ren’s high waisted pants - still awkward 

    Poe - still underutilized 

    Holdo - still unnecessary 


    The throne room fight was still pretty cool.


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    2. Pedro Guerrero

      Pedro Guerrero

      You’re welcome 

    3. brophog


      Ignore the Star Wars stuff, it's a bad movie without all of those complaints. 

    4. whateveritis1224


      I'm sorry Pedro, but you're a manbaby now because you did not like The Last Jedi. /s

  4. NBA - Michael Jordan NFL – Randall Cunningham NCAAF - Husker – Todd Millikan NCAAF - Non-Husker – Lorenzo White NCAAB - Husker – Clifford Scales NCAAB - Non-Husker – Chris Webber MLB – I wonder NHL - PASS Boxing – Little Mac Wrestling - Macho Man Randy Savage
  5. Jared Leto's joker resembles someone that would be walking around on West Broadway in Council Bluffs.
  6. Birth - Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin 14th BDay - Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
  7. I bet Beck would like to experience some of knapplc culinary excellence. That fella is beefy.
  8. So I’m confused does this guy have an acreage in California where he grows more reefer than he is supposed to and is in MS13?
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