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  1. So athletes generally had some extra dough already. They still won't believe you. People will believe him because he actually provided useful information. The only thing more Landlord could have done more is provide his source for the information, which I would assume is public and we could all dig up, so I am not holding that against him. You just made comments that never really added to the conversation. We asked you to provide information, but you just made snide comments making it sound like you are referring to 'money under the table.' Maybe we should have just ignored them, but maybe we had hopes you could back up your position. I would be curious what those numbers are for NU. It is disappointing that a lot of these funds seemed to be ignored when talking about this new allowance, or at least I have missed them in articles I have read. But it I guess it is like any campaign, your want people to focus on what makes this look like a good idea. That being said, I am still happy with this. These kids bring in millions for the school and some end up in bad situations afterwards. It will be interesting to see the statistics in ten years or more on how this helps or hurts the student athletes in the long run. Will they get into less trouble and will their post college lives improve because of it? Might as well give this try and find out.
  2. I believe this is an extra $3600That is incorrect, off campus scholarship athletes have always received at minimum the equivalent of room and boardRight, and this isn't changing. Everything I've heard about COA is that it's basically a "whatever" striped like the old "laundry money" players used to get, just a substantially larger amount. And I was asking how much more of an increase it was. Scholarship athletes have been given $ for years. He told you, $3,600. This isn't the same as room and board stipends. I understand, the previous number that is now 3600 wasn't zero. I am pretty sure this is a completely new allowance. So the previous was zero. But if you can find somewhere saying they received money before please post it. But this is suppose to be on top of everything they received before.
  3. If some one had time to have real fun with salaries. You should compare all the salaries with their respective cost of living. Being that it is probably a lot cheaper for Bo to live in Lincoln than a lot of the other Big Ten school locations. But I am not completely sure on that. I also am not really sure how you would go about finding that information out.
  4. This going to be another parking garage. I believe there are a total of five new parking garage. One attached to the arena, this one, and then three in between.
  5. This is to connect a very large new surface parking lot on the other side of the train tracks. This will also allow them to use some of the Haymarket Park parking for extra spaces. They are also planning on using that space as a festival space. This Journal Star article says things like Ribfest will move out there. Which I am not sure I am a fan of, but it would give them more space and parking. I just know a lot of people who like ribs and work downtown will not be happy about having it move so far from the all the office buildings.
  6. The reason we don't put speakers on the other end of the stadium is that you will hear everything twice depending on where you sit. The stadium is big enough that people in either end zone will here an 'echo' if we have two speakers. I agree the system is not good, but epocson says other stadiums have done this system well. So maybe it can be fixed, or upgraded.
  7. There is a Misty's Steakhouse at 11th & P in Downtown. Also the Sidetrack Tavern space just went up for lease, so I don't expect it to be there next season. The Sidetrack Band has moved to a bar they own themselves now, called the Single Barrel. It is across P street from Embassy Suites. I would recommend booking a hotel room in Downtown, and probably do it sooner than later. You could spend the weekend without driving that way. You have three choices: The Cornhusker Hotel, Village Inn, or Embassy Suites. You will be paying more to do this, but I think it would be worth it. Embassy Suites is about as in the middle of everything as you can get. It is a few blocks from the Haymarket, the stadium, and the college bars. I recommend booking that ASAP. They also have a popular tailgate party. Wall to wall people on the entire main level and a band out side in the loading dock area. All free but pricey beers. Still a good time. For Friday night, walk to 14th and O street and take you pick. You can bar hop around the couple of blocks there and should not have much trouble finding one you like.
  8. He really is everywhere. He was back in Lincoln this morning. Saw him walking out of his condo. Which makes sense if he is working out here a lot. I am assuming the pro teams still are locked out. I would think that would be a good recruiting tool. Having Suh work out here during the summers.
  9. I was at the game and I must say it was one of the best games I have ever been to and I don't think we even played our best. I was near the floor and it did not really seem like it was Doc calling the time outs that slowed our momentum. Jeter had to call a couple towards the end there. But I would be curious to see who did call them and when. Do they keep track of that? As for the topic of Diaz. He may not be what we all want him to be, but I am still glad we have him. He was forced to be more aggressive this game and had a few more rebounds, but nobody can argue with his results on offense. I do hope he continues to improve, even more depending how bad Almedia's ankle is. It was his ankle, he had ice on it when he came back to the bench. No matter what it was an amazing win for this guys. I love seeing the look on their faces after wins like this. After last season and even the few close games this season, it is great to see hard work rewarded. Congrats and Go Big Red
  10. I don't think anyone can say Diaz is a bad player. That is not why people are frustrated. It is because he could be so much better. He is a big guy who has good control. If he is able to become more aggressive and fight for some more rebounds, along with scoring 14 points, he will be an incredible threat. If he fought for some more offensive rebounds and then fought for a dunk, he would scoring 20 points without trouble. I have been to most of the home games and watching him play you can tell he is talented, but it just feels like something is missing. Its like he is on the edge of becoming a game changing player but just won't cross that line. It kind of feels like he needs some one to punch him in the face and get him pissed off. Show some damn emotion and play with it.
  11. I have always felt that our sellout streak is a conspiracy, much like gravity is.
  12. I'm thinking about not going to the game Saturday but I'm worried it will end our sell out streak. The ticket office will refund my ticket right?
  13. I live at 10th & O street. So that is less than 1/2 a mile. Same building Suh lives in, just saw him the other day, guessing it will be one of the last times he is there.
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