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    SIGNED RB Braylon Heard

    Similar to the comments made by you about your MU coaches being upset about kids shopping around? Or is it only shameful when NU fans get tired of kids jerking coaches around. Ohhhhh I see he committed to MU well that makes all the difference in the world. Cute double standard you've got going there. I particularly enjoy how you are accusing us of being hypocritical while you're doing the same. MU fans crack me up. Not a cute double standard! Show me where in the post about Hill where I attacked the kid or questioned the parents morals like members of the board did with the Gabberts. Good ahead you did such a fine job searching previous post try to find one and I'll be back in a few days to check your progress.
  2. griswold

    SIGNED RB Braylon Heard

    What he decommited from another school how what could he possibly be thinking. His parents are just terrible how could they let that happen! They have no moral values and they are absolutely worthless. Same thing that was being said about Gabbert when he decommited but I don't see this on the board about Heard. Ohhhh I see he committed to N well that make all the difference in the world.
  3. griswold

    QB Cameron Newton

    Visited OU this past weekend. Was told he would compete with Landry for starting job.
  4. griswold

    ATH Curtis Carter

    Decommitted during the in house visit.
  5. griswold

    Curtis Carter

    You can't fault the kid he knows he going to be a slot receiver and that position has not existed in NU offense this year. Sometime we forget that the kids are trying to decide on what fits them best for the next 4 to 5 years.
  6. griswold

    WR Bud Sasser

    Sasser will end up at MU.
  7. griswold

    QB Tyler Gabbert

    Maybe not.. Hold on tight cause this one could get interesting. Cody Green is intimidating competition. Cody Green could play a part in the rumors...Blaine Dalton dismissal from MU could be playing a part in the rumors....Brother Blaine's strong start and the possibility of Blaine leaving for NFL after next season could play a part in the rumor. Before you laugh at the idea of Blaine leaving early for the NFL he has all of the same physical tools that had the scouts drooling over Josh Freeman.
  8. griswold

    QB Tyler Gabbert

    hearing rumors...this could get interesting!
  9. griswold

    Marquise Hill

    For now, wouldn't be surprised to see him decommit and commit to Arkansas before national signing day.
  10. griswold

    OT Daryl Williams

    With teammate James Franklin commited to MU, I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up at MU.
  11. griswold

    OT Nick Demien

    Per Rivals committed to MU.