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  1. so then Bubba Starling is 99% sure going to MLB
  2. you will pay his parents right and not tell him right?
  3. well if you go by 1v2 3v4 how do you know if that #7 is really a #7 team?
  4. i do not want cotton or beck or any current staff on Nebraska to become the OC. get someone with great experience
  5. also does anyone know what channel it is on the radio?
  6. there was a guy selling red Tee's with a texas logo upside down...they said the website name but i forgot. anyone have a clue where i could get one?
  7. i got tickets on the northend where the big screen is and i believe the screen is over my left shoulder. also row 30...anybody been around here? are the nice seats? also anything i should see for my first time?
  8. Georgia picked up a 5* kicker couple years ago...almost certain
  9. that all that was said? i was looking all over and never saw the show jim rome show
  10. okay iowa's "NC" really doesnt count if you actually read into it
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