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  1. Huskrz65

    Fire Cosgrove

    Foppa hit it right on the head. It looked like they were trying to punch out the ball more than trying to actaully stop the run...once they actually did catch up to the RB. On another note about this game; we lost the momentum when they fumbled and returned it for an additional xx yards to the Husker 45. Then the long injury time out took away our momentum. Now the "if." IF we would have recovered the fumble and punched it in, It would have given us a better chance of winning. Those two incidents, that occured back to back, took the wind out of our sails regardless of the defense. IMO.
  2. Huskrz65

    NU builds foundation for strong recruiting

    Great article; and until now, I had forgotten about Harrison Beck.
  3. Huskrz65

    Quotes from Sam Keller's National Teleconference

    It would actually be nice if this refered to the HUSKERS!
  4. Huskrz65

    Favorite Trick Play

    It was #37, whoever that is. I have the pic on my hard drive of him rolling out as Congdon faked the kick.
  5. Huskrz65

    Purify Back

    Dramatic much? Gimme a friggin break. The only hot seat Callahan is on is the one that Husker fans such as yourself put him on. But I suppose you are right. It's not like he drug a girl down multiple flights of stairs... Mark my words, during the USC game, we will hear about how he was reinstated just in time to play the #1 team, but if that doesn't bother you so be it. No, he was just guilty of 4 law infractions, was charged with 2 different assault charges, and didn't keep his word to his coach and team. No big deal there, huh? But he got a year's probabation so it's all okay. Whatever. Callahan knows he has to prove it this year, or it is going to get very sticky in Lincoln, and more fans will be calling for his head. [no brainer]Mark your words? Well of course the media is gonna jump all over it; it's their job (or the only reason they have one.)[/no brainer]
  6. Huskrz65

    Brandon Jackson Locked out of mini camp

    I've been out of the loop for a while, so someone clue me in on Jackson. Is he the one that broke loose for a TD against Texas last year and later they were interviewing his brother in the stands? If so, good for the Pack, but damn sad to see him leave NU.
  7. Huskrz65


    Great job Huskers! Very exciting to watch!
  8. Huskrz65

    96 Fiesta Bowl

  9. Huskrz65

    NU/Auburn in the Cotton Bowl

    Auburn, just as I thought. http://www.huskerboard.com/forums/index.ph...st&p=142568
  10. Huskrz65

    AP and Coaches Poll

    UCLA was/is unranked?
  11. Huskrz65

    "Nicole" is a hot name

    My thoughts exactly. We need to find a leg hump gif.
  12. Huskrz65

    Well we're movin on up!

    I am pleased as well. If you look at what he was working with during the past couple of years (this includes recruitng players to run the offense, teach them the plays, etc) I feel we'll keep getting better each season. Soon we'll be back to being an automatic Top 5-10 team in preseason polls again. GBR!
  13. Huskrz65

    I got "left" tonight!

    What about a nice New York girl? I did the same thing, except I think mine is some what fixable. My cell phone on the hand got out alive with no bad damage..Those razr's arent as sensetive as people think! Hmmm...could we have a husker love match in the making?
  14. Huskrz65

    So who are we playing??

    I would say Auburn.