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  1. Woah... really? Yes, really. Punt returns and kickoff returns were absolutely terrible this year. Or was the shitbag comment too much? Yes, it was too much.
  2. I was in Houston during Phi Slama Jama, so that'll be good.
  3. I was in Houston during Phi Slama Jama, so that'll be good.
  4. Any word on the 30 For 30 on the 90's era Huskers? I thought it was supposed to come out right before football season.
  5. Considering that I'm that concussion +20 years. I had 4 between the ages of 8-14, and I can tell you now that I"m 20 years later from my last I am encountering all sorts of problems. Depression, anxiety, I have a hard time focusing on things that I use to just dive into and enjoy. I can't watch movies without getting frustrated by sitting still. I can't enjoy video games any more except a few. I have a hard time with jobs that require a lot of concentration, I'm argumentative about everything, I have a hard time hanging on to relationships, and that is just 20 years. TBI is a huge pr
  6. Assuming he is a WCO guy (learned under Cally and Sherman), so he would never be welcome here by a large chunk of our fan base. Ding ding ding...we have a winner. It's also not his fault either. It's more of sour taste in fans' mouth from the Callahan and Riley eras.A bad taste from the Riley era? We know this already after only one year?
  7. If there is a program we "want to be" it would be Ohio State or Alabama, someone with a sustained run. If Iowa puts together 2 more seasons when they're in the playoff discussion in November, then maybe. And expecting your team to do well with the resources they have is not stuck in any other time but the present. Dirk started to look like he wanted to stop being a hack, but I guess we always regress to the mean.
  8. Yes mods please help here. There are parents of special needs kids 9n this board, including me.
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