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  1. A lot of people thought maybe Ohio State took Kienholz after Raiola let them know he was going to decommit. Doesn’t seem to be the case, at least from Kienholz perspective. Interesting
  2. https://mikefarrellsports.com/fact-or-fiction/recruiting-fact-or-fiction-dylan-raiola-miami-malachi-coleman-to-colorado
  3. It can only be one of two things. Coleman is N or everyone knows the second. Either way Farrell was wrong about what he had said the other day in Fact or Fiction.
  4. Them adding a class was dumb in my opinion. Helped Pierre and Yankton the most. They would have lost to Jefferson by double digits. They did play Brandon Valley but their lineman with a Husker offer did not play. BV did have a freshman DL that was giving it to Pierre all game. One to look at in the future
  5. Surprised he’s offered at all. Kid does work hard. Maybe if he only plays one side of the ball he will really start to progress. Didn’t dominate as much as I thought he would. Hate to say it but both Farniok’s were far more dominate. Has the size, and athletic ability. Hope I’m wrong about this one!!
  6. Yeah I never understood Knuth. Coached against him. He was solid but he never stood out like Kienholz. Kienholz in space is very Taylor Martinez like. Nobody is catching him. It will be interesting if OSU can develop him. Hope he does well. @BlackHillsHusker I am in Rapid City. How about you?
  7. I see Kienholz a lot like i do JJ McCarthy of Michigan. He is really fast. His best threat is his legs by far and when the defense comes up they throw deep. Kid is talented and a generational talent in South Dakota. I wish him nothing but the best at Ohio State. Still crazy Frost never even reached out to the kid..
  8. Lincoln is the best athlete in South Dakota. Plays basketball and baseball as well! Probably would win high jump and long jump if he did track. No idea if family is from Nebraska. Really liked his official to Ohio State. Nebraska has not contacted him as of yesterday. (I asked) : )
  9. I thought he might be the OC hire honestly. Think he was OC at LSU for a little bit. Has worked under Saban and McVay. My favorite hire so far.
  10. Anyone want some free tickets. Unable to go today and don’t want them to go to waste… Row 3 in the end zone. GBR
  11. Thought I saw him eating chicken strips at The Stadium too. Small world! Also go Yellow Jackets!!
  12. So many good options and we passed on them all. Need to offer Lincoln Kienholz. Pierre SD. Current Washington commit. Best athlete I’ve seen in a long time. Most passing yards in SoDak history. 2X state champion and #1 team in AA again. Good deep ball. Tremendous speed. Ohio State and Wisconsin (has an offer) were both at game last night.
  13. Met him when he was coaching USF into a dynasty. Great guy. Go look at his QB commit this year. Pierre, SD. I had my doubts until I saw the state championship game last year. Was glad he didn’t commit to Wisconsin
  14. Hmm. You think Urban likes how everything ended for him? What is his “legacy” in your opinion. Let me know a better situation for Urban to than Nebraska right now.. He’s not shy on how he feels about Nebraska.
  15. I am going to say this and most Nebraska fans wont like it. Nebraska can’t have another rebuild. They can’t wait 4-5 years. Almost everyone on that list will take that amount of time. No big names are coming that coach right now. They are in better situations. Nebraska needs Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer needs Nebraska. You think his last stint was the disaster at Jacksonville? Saban bailed on the NFL and went to a prestigious college.. No Meyer won’t last at Nebraska like Saban did at Alabama because Meyer wants one more job for MAYBE 5 years… But he can leave Nebraska in a lot better position then right now. Meyer wins the West in 2 years minimum. We have coaches that can recruit. Nebraska would have an offensive and defensive line. Nobody can deny it. Offer him 3 years/36 million. I guarantee Nebraska is better off then now… Ohio State, Florida, and Utah… all better off now and first season he left then what Nebraska is now. We aren’t in the 90’s people. Nebraska isn’t Nebraska. One more awful hire and we will be K-State forever..
  16. Meyer literally called out our DC on 4th and 4 with two deep safety.. then bam Meyers play call gets the first. Embarrassing. I wasn’t on the Urban Meyer train.. I will say this.. Hes the ONLY HC that can flip that OL, DL, and MLBs in one year. I want Hausmann at MLB and not any other of “our” guys. Interior line. None. Offensive.line maybe a healthy Lutovsky and Prochaxa. Meyer wins us the West in year one. Big 10 in year one or two. 5 year contract and if Joseph is the guy afterward.. awesome.. We need a big time hire. Not a 3-5 year project. Highest paid HC in the NCAA and no Husker fan would care. We want to win. It’s been far too long
  17. Oklahoma - L Indiana- W Rutgers- W Purdue- L Illinois- W Minnesota- W Michigan- L Wisconsin- L Iowa- W I don't think this gets Joseph the job. Excited to see what he brings to the table. I am all for Joseph getting a chance with 6-7 wins. Maybe even 5 if Nebraska actually looks like a football team again!!
  18. I'll bite as this take is awful. "NFL-paid-for" Super Bowl? You do realize that there is a thing called the salary cap in the NFL right? Maybe the Rams front office is just better than most? Rams won the Super Bowl because GB couldn't win at home against the 49ers. The Rams won the Super Bowl because the Chiefs choked at home and the Bills choked against the Chiefs. Who is your team? I will tell you why your team didn't while using the same salary cap. lol 2.) Come back to me at the end of the season. Not one starter played pre-season. Also, if you actually pay attention watch the Kentucky vs Iowa game. Wandale Robinson two seasons at Nebraska: 91/914/3 Wandale Robinson ONE season at Kentucky: 104/1334/7
  19. Liam Coen. LA Rams OC. Seems like these guys do really well wherever they go. Was the OC at Kentucky last year. Made Wandale an early round pick. Also worked under Whipple at UMass. Nope hasnt been a HC, either have any of the other guys that left to be HC after serving under McVay. It wont happen because Nebraska thinks they deserve something more. As a Rams and Husker fan I would be very excited. Then bring the wallet out for Joseph at OC, Applewhite at RB and the DC has to be a huge hire.
  20. I would like to see Vance come be the DC as well but he hasn't been coaching college since like 2004. Scares me a little bit.
  21. Fill this in for me guys. HC- Joseph OC/QB RB- Applewhite OL- TE- DC/ILB- Glenn Schumann DL- OLB- DB- Special Teams- Busch I really like Glenn Schumann as our next DC. It most likely wont happen but I would take it. Started as a Grad assistant at Alabama. Was the right hand man for Kirby Smart and was Smart's first hire at UGA. Co-Defensive Coordinator with Muschamp and coaches the ILB. A major weakness at Nebraska. If Muschamp doesn't get a HC job I think Nebraska should try. Makes 800k now and i would think Nebraska could offer 1.2m?
  22. Give me Joseph (if Nebraska performs well) with a big time hire at DC and Suh as the defensive line coach. Before I hear, " just because he was a great player doesn't mean he is a great coach." Nothing is worse than what our interior lineman are doing right now. Between them and the MLBs running into blocks it amazes me how bad that defense truly is. Note: I don't think Suh is ready to coach but he is a really smart guy and you would think interior lineman would want to play for him.
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