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  1. I don’t think so. I think TE for right now. I’m sure he will play both ways next year which will show his best position. He’s an athlete. Started at First on their baseball team. Most likely will play varsity for basketball and did well this year on the gridiron. I could see him being 6’7 245 as a senior. Should be dominant the next 3 years in South Dakota. I also really like a lineman at Brandon Valley. He’s a sophomore and I thought he was better than the KSU commit that was playing next to him.
  2. Watched him as an 8th grader play basketball in RC. Very good basketball player l. Great hands for a big man. You could see the transition to football. Did not look like a freshman on the field. Pierre just won their 7th straight state title. He was TE2 as their TE1 is committed to NDSU. Both played a ton. Terwilliger no doubt has the bigger upside with his frame. Excited to see Nebraska in on him early. PS I think his P5 potential is football.
  3. There is no god damn way it was a fake on a 60 yard FG attempt into the wind. These last two weeks I’ve lost a lot of respect once Rhule spoke postgame.
  4. “If we die, we die” actually means we will settle for FGs when having a chance to win. Also our punter and kicker were once again below average.
  5. Haarberg has no business starting another game this year. The terrible throws. The no vision running or passing. He can’t make one guy miss running the ball. Small corner. Let’s run right at him. Sims has turned the ball over a ton. So has HH. At least Sims give us 4-5 on the ground. No idea if we win with Sims but HH just lost to a team that is worse than MN and CO and it falls on him. I never thought HH was good but hard for Rhule to make a change going 5-1 despite our QB play. He isn’t good at anything. I’ll take Rex Burkhead at QB over this!!
  6. Article on flowrestling states Van Dee going to 133. Everything else is what we have discussed. No mention of Condimetti which is a little concerning.
  7. I felt that Van Dee was just right at 125. He didn’t seem that big so that would surprise me. I trust Manning here but I assume there is a plan at 133 or Grice would be N.
  8. Grice to Iowa State. That stings as I don’t think we have a 133 pounder on the roster that is good enough right now!!! Truax to Penn State. Nebraska isn’t going to be in contention for these kinda guys when their NIL deals are most likely bigger than Nebraska’s whole team.
  9. Garrett Grice in the portal. 133. You’d think Nebraska would have the inside track on this one!!
  10. Even if he is at 133.. I would have to guess he would be taking a RS. Like Xmas said he can wrestle up to 5 varsity matches and maintain his RS. They need to go hard in the portal. Cant waste the next two years with holes in the lineup like they had this year.
  11. Interesting. I have no idea what Nebraska will do in the portal but I hope 133 is their main priority.
  12. I thought Pinto and Labriola had nearly the same body style. Does it help if Pinto goes down? No idea. Truax is at 197 so I don't think he will be coming to Nebraska.
  13. Nebraska should be really fun to watch in the next couple of years 125- I think they have a lot of scholarship money here and should be able to find an AA. Maybe not next year but for the years after!! Between Van Dee, Koehler, and Lauridsen they have to find a solid 125. 133- I would think this would have to be a portal addition. Dryden was disappointing, Burwick wasnt much better. 141- This is Hardy's weight class for the next two years. The injury was unfortunate but he should be ranked in the top 4 when rankings come in for next year. 149- Ridge Lovett. It hurt not watching him wrestle for N this year but it could really make the Huskers a contender for the next 2 years. I would imagine he is ranked #1 going into next season. 157- I do not think Robb moves from this weight unless there is a hole at 165. Taylor actually looked really good in his limited time as a true freshmen. 165- I don't know if Condomitti got hurt or lost his spot to Wilson. I am thinking an injury had something to do with it. He is one of Nebraska's top recruits and really needs to be the 165 lb moving forward. If he is not look for Robb or Taylor to move up. Also did see the Stanford guy will be wrestling somewhere else for his last year. 174- It was nice having Labriola here for the last 4 years!! Unless Condimitti or Wilson go up I would have to guess this might be high on the transfer portal list. Brown Ton is the only returning 174 lb on the roster. 184. Pinto is fun to watch. Hopefully he will understand that wrestling matches are 7 minutes long. He wore down way too fast in the final periods of matches. Showed a ton of ability as a freshmen and am excited to see him grow! 197- Silas Allred. I see this guy winning a national title before he is done. Needs to be better on bottom so he doesn't have to depend on himself so much on his feet ( I think he does get out against Warner if he chooses down) Got better and better as the season went on. Unfortune he did not AA. 285- I would assume its Harley Andrews. High ranked HWT coming out of HS. I did not see a match this year but I was told he needs to put on some weight!! I think this team gets top 4 next year and the following year is a chance at the National Title. Penn State and Iowa will always have something to say about that. If i left anyone out. Feel free to add them!!
  14. One of the better LB prospects I have seen. Kpai I never thought as a MLB and Bender wasnt offered (started at least two years at Iowa). Jefferson was loaded this year. Second year as a HS but they took every kid they could from a different SF school. Really hurt the other schools. Now the 2 year open enrollement is gone so it will be interesting. Love the offer. Hope hes a Husker fan. Too many Iowa fans in Sioux Falls area unlike the Black Hills.
  15. Did Condomitti get hurt? I really thought he would turn it on this year kind of how Pinto is at 184. Next year is big for Manning to find a 125, 133, and 174 to compete. I really like the rest of the lineup next year.
  16. A lot of people thought maybe Ohio State took Kienholz after Raiola let them know he was going to decommit. Doesn’t seem to be the case, at least from Kienholz perspective. Interesting
  17. https://mikefarrellsports.com/fact-or-fiction/recruiting-fact-or-fiction-dylan-raiola-miami-malachi-coleman-to-colorado
  18. It can only be one of two things. Coleman is N or everyone knows the second. Either way Farrell was wrong about what he had said the other day in Fact or Fiction.
  19. Them adding a class was dumb in my opinion. Helped Pierre and Yankton the most. They would have lost to Jefferson by double digits. They did play Brandon Valley but their lineman with a Husker offer did not play. BV did have a freshman DL that was giving it to Pierre all game. One to look at in the future
  20. Surprised he’s offered at all. Kid does work hard. Maybe if he only plays one side of the ball he will really start to progress. Didn’t dominate as much as I thought he would. Hate to say it but both Farniok’s were far more dominate. Has the size, and athletic ability. Hope I’m wrong about this one!!
  21. Yeah I never understood Knuth. Coached against him. He was solid but he never stood out like Kienholz. Kienholz in space is very Taylor Martinez like. Nobody is catching him. It will be interesting if OSU can develop him. Hope he does well. @BlackHillsHusker I am in Rapid City. How about you?
  22. I see Kienholz a lot like i do JJ McCarthy of Michigan. He is really fast. His best threat is his legs by far and when the defense comes up they throw deep. Kid is talented and a generational talent in South Dakota. I wish him nothing but the best at Ohio State. Still crazy Frost never even reached out to the kid..
  23. Lincoln is the best athlete in South Dakota. Plays basketball and baseball as well! Probably would win high jump and long jump if he did track. No idea if family is from Nebraska. Really liked his official to Ohio State. Nebraska has not contacted him as of yesterday. (I asked) : )
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