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  1. Welp. Pass the Ball Guy is happy. Even though we have an offensive line that gave up 29 sacks and no QB to throw these NFL routes. Sigh.
  2. I'm not super happy with how things have gone under Frost, and I know several here wanted him gone, but at the same time, I'm glad UNL isn't on this list. If we were coach-hunting, I have no idea who would end up in Lincoln.
  3. This is one of the problems I have with the 3-4. No disrespect to Chins - the defense has definitely improved since he's been here. However, like you said, if you don't have a Wilfork kind of kid at nose AND at least one better-than-average DE, you're gonna get gashed. Michigan has a couple of guys like that, and Iowa's zone game was going nowhere. For whatever reason, we aren't getting guys like Hutchinson. JoJo would be comparable to Ojabo, but do we have anyone else like JoJo stepping in next year? I know this thread is about the offensive line, but I have real concerns about our front 7 next year.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Who is Oklahoma to say anything about the 'Nebraska mess'? Am I crazy, or didn't they just have a coach flee Norman in the middle of the night, throwing disarray into a program that hasn't dealt with that since before Stoops was hired? Does Venables already have all the assistant positions filled? We might have issues, but they're not nearly as bad as Oklahoma's, not to mention the bevy of 4 and 5 star guys that decommitted in the last week.
  5. Nobody is saying that Nebraska ever ran Paul Johnson's Flexbone. This 'stupid option offense' led GT to 2 ACC Championships, and they destroyed Dak Prescott's MSU Bulldogs in the Orange Bowl, setting the rushing record for that bowl in the process. They beat a loaded Georgia team a few times, top-5 Florida State, and got a few other wins bigger than anything we've had since 2015 or even 2001. Some of us would like to see Nebraska adopt the Flexbone as their offense because it would be a rock-solid identity in Lincoln for the first time since 03. Everyone is crafting their defense to stop spread-style offenses, not the Flexbone. We would be hard to prepare for, unique, and nobody could truly simulate what we do with their scout offenses. We wouldn't be losing recruiting battles to Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, because we wouldn't be recruiting against them very much for the same types of players, at least on offense. There are a litany of other reasons why this would be beneficial for us, but for some reason, most people want to stick with the same kind of stuff that's given us 6 losing seasons in the last 7 years. Why stay with what hasn't worked for most of a decade?
  6. It certainly didn't happen every time, and Frost's offense definitely had its moments - no doubt. The problem is how streaky and inconsistent we've been the last 4 years. The last game, in particular, revealed a real structural flaw with the scheme. The safety. It wasn't a fluke, and I think Iowa's staff was well-prepared; they watched the Minnesota game. Our offensive line and QB, whoever it may be, can't keep their heads when passing near our own goal line. We're bleeding the lead away, and we need to run clock, but Frost calls a pass. Sacked. 3rd and long. Run the ball, control the damage, punt away and play D? No. Try to pass, sacked again, safety. A few B-back dives/A-back counters, maybe throw in a Rocket Toss? Maybe we get a first down, maybe not, but we run the clock, punt the ball away at the very least.
  7. Okay, then. I stand corrected. It would be an interesting development, to say the least.
  8. This makes zero sense. Davis is an option guy. I highly doubt a kid like Gabriel would want to run that kind of offense.
  9. So why can't Shafer just come out and say the flippin' name? I HATE this 'I know something you don't' crap.
  10. Stoops DID have some very nice things to say about Frost... He wouldn't...would he?
  11. Additionally, Fleck just canned his OC. I wonder what direction they will take their offense now?
  12. Carousel related: LSU making a strong push for Brian Kelly. Not a pick I saw them going for, but could be interesting.
  13. I think there's enough room in the offense for a QB that isn't quick like Smothers. McCall did a lot to make it go - he's very much a dual threat. Conversely, Coastal's level of play did drop markedly when McCall when down, so you do have a point there.
  14. Can't argue with any of that. I would posit that if 1)Frost truly hands the reins over to Korn (if he's the guy), and 2)the offensive line is blocking better than they did this year, we'll be running A LOT more option than we have under Frost so far.
  15. You're mostly right, with a few important exceptions. CC used a lot of 21 personnel, with 2 backs beside and/or behind the QB. They do the orbit motion that Frost picked up, but CC primarily runs triple with 2 actual running backs. Personally, I think this would be more effective.
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