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  1. Rhule mentioned the need for developing offensive linemen. I like to hear that
  2. If Mickey beats iowa, I would be okay with Trev picking him.
  3. O'Brien would be incredibly underwhelming. Bama fans can't wait to get rid of him, and the end of his Houston stint was a Callahan-level disaster. No thanks. Traylor is a name I didn't expect to see. He has used the QB run game to great effect, so that would be interesting. I honestly think he could make that work in the B1G, but he'd have to flip the OL quickly. A Bronco hire would destroy what little is left of Nebraska football.
  4. I'm not sure about that - I don’t know who had him on their draft board at the time.
  5. I completely agree, like said, it's just the perception nationally.
  6. You have a point. I should have definitely remembered one of the triplets, for sure.
  7. We were a laughingstock after we were destroyed by Colorado, didn't even play for a conference title, and still ended up playing for the title, where Miami beat us up. The win over Oklahoma was nice, though.
  8. Leipold would be alright. I'd definitely take him over O'Brien.
  9. I don't necessarily consider winning a conference championship to be the only measure of success, but the rest of the country absolutely sees it that way. We went on in 99 to destroy a pretty good Tennessee squad with Eric Crouch and power-option football. Since then, nationally, we haven't accomplished much.
  10. I stand corrected. But what offense did we run then...?
  11. Nope. We played an Oklahoma team that really wasn't great in 06 and Taylor threw 3 interceptions. We lost, 21-7.
  12. We haven't had success since 1999. When we were a power-option team. Boom.
  13. I was just thinking about him. Getting a Wyoming guy worked once, didn't it?
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