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  1. Welcome to Football Purgatory, brother. Settle in, because it looks like we're gonna be here for a looong time.
  2. Agreed on all points. Scott had McKenzie Milton to scare those defenses with deep, accurate throws to quick receivers. I like Luke - he seems like a kid that every coach would love to have. But he's not a quarterback. I think he'd be great in the slot, or even taking pitches and hand-offs. Heck, he has our best run of the season so far - taking a hand-off on a counter play where Adrian was under center. We don't have the quarterback to run the spread. The receivers are getting open, but not getting the ball. To me, the solution is simple: Run the I. You can still get a wide-out an
  3. If we're going to compare Frost to Riley, let's wait another 23 years and see where they stack up. Hopefully, Frost's 13-0 year is more indicative of what he's capable of.
  4. I would contend that the B1G is more pass-happy than most would believe. Out of the 14 teams, at least 11 use variations of the spread, throwing the ball all over the place. If Nebraska went back to its I-Formation, Power Run/Option Roots, we would be quite unique in the B1G, and the nation - hard to prepare for.
  5. Riley was a career .500 coach, and that would never have changed in Lincoln. He was absolutely destroying our program, and his firing was absolutely justified. Frost was probably the most sought-after coach that season, and we would've been crazy not to go after him. Since then...things have just gone worse than anyone could have imagined.
  6. That's a great question, and it's hard to give a specific answer. I do know this - we've been trying this for SIX YEARS, and it's not working. We even had a quarterback that was drafted, but prior to his draft, all the passing didn't translate to wins - in fact quite the opposite. Why NOT try the stuff that worked in the past? Why not run the ball, control the clock, and keep our HORRIBLE defense off the field? Why not use I-option, an offense that would be unique in the B1G, and in the country?
  7. No, Riley went 9-4, with a 62-3 loss to Ohio State. SIXTY-TWO to THREE. Also got boat-raced by Tennessee, a coach that would also get fired the next season. Our fired coach was one of the worst of the fired coaches. (Is Scott doing better now? No. But he might...?)
  8. The Buckeyes get 5-star kids and transfers that can throw the ball. WE DON'T.
  9. I doubt Osborne has changed his philosophy. Run the ball, stop the run, the game. When you pass, 3 things can happen, and 2 of them are bad. It's hard to pass the ball a lot in Lincoln in November. I'm really surprised and stupefied that Frost doesn't have the same blueprint.
  10. You're absolutely right, but you won't convince anyone here. For some reason, they and Frost are convinced that this offense, averaging 19 points a game, is the way to go. That they need up-tempo, to play really fast, and keep our Swiss cheese defense on the field for 90 plays a game. Our best play is, without a doubt, the QB draw up the middle. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a fullback running into linebackers and safeties instead of the QB every play? For whatever reason, we've hitched our wagon to this horse, and by God, we'll follow it off the cliff to avoid running
  11. I formation. Power run/option. Control the clock, move the chains. Keep the defense off the field. Defensively, commit to stopping the run. Whatever it takes.
  12. None of the remaining games will be close. 1-6. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but this team has quit. We'll see how things look next September.
  13. Whatever happens, he needs to scrap the spread. We don't have the quarterback, nor the athletes to be effective.
  14. Running power/power option is not rocket science. Frost could coach them to do it if he wanted.
  15. Good question. The difference would be the KIND of blocking. Right now, we use a zone blocking scheme, and we're whiffing all over the field. In the I, we would use drive blocking, hat-for-hat, simple scheme. Let our big guys put their strength to use, not worrying about zone steps, reach blocking, doubling, moving up, etc. We need to simplify everything and focus on a few plays instead of 30 formations, free-running, unblocked defenders, and useless passes to the flat.
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