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  1. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not saying Osborne wouldn't throw the ball. He absolutely did, but was very careful about when to dial it up. He was the MASTER at setting up play-action. But he did it by establishing the run first- pulling the safeties up, getting them to peek in the backfield, and bam - the tight end runs right past them, wide open for any easy throw. No reading the defense required, just throw it up and let them run underneath it. Keep it simple, no need to reinvent the wheel. Guess how many times we threw against OU in '71? 13, and one of them was a trick p
  2. Oklahoma had one of the best defenses in the country back then, so we had to throw. Minnesota... does not. We should have ran all over them.
  3. True, Osborne didn't recruit option quarterbacks or run much option until '80, but don't kid yourself about the 'pro' offense they ran. It was the very definition of '3 yards and a cloud of dust,' and they only threw when they needed to. And on a cold, windy December day? Osborne might have called 10 passes, if that. And Devaney ran it more than that. If Osborne wasn't there advising some play action, Devaney would've given the ball to Kinney or Rodgers around the end every play.
  4. Vedral is probably out. A Maryland defender pulled a Colorado and twisted his foot badly after a tackle. The backup doesn't look great, but we'll probably change that like we have with every other backup QB we've faced ...
  5. I agree in part, but it's more about the identity the football team, not the fans, needs to have. Physical, downhill running. Run the clock. Move the chains. Hit them with play action every now and then. Robinson's long run came out of the Pistol, running downhill. I think Frost is just trying to do too much, over-thinking it, trying to scheme his way into the end zone. In P5 football, especially the B1G, you can't scheme for scores. It's about blocking and execution. Make a hole at the defensive line, get a blocker up to the second level at the point of attack, and get what you
  6. Good. Trust me, we can DEFINITELY recruit running backs and offensive linemen here to run Power. Even now, Wandale and McCaffrey would EAT if we tossed them the ball and blocked for them. Fidone next year would be WIDE OPEN on play action. Bosworth once said, 'I liked playing Nebraska. They would line up and say, 'okay, let's see who's tougher.' THAT'S identity. We need to get back to that.
  7. I'm 39. It's NOT AN OPTION OFFENSE. The option is part of it, but only as a way to punish defenses for pinching interior gaps. Other plays, like ISO, Counter, Trap, Toss, and Play-Action are just as important. How can you defend what happened yesterday, and most of this 2-5 season? Has recruiting been really THAT great for this 5-points-in-the-second-half Offense? Was throwing the ball 31 times on a cold, windy day against a depleted team that was ran over by everyone EXCEPT US the way to go? Should we keep doing the same things, and expecting different results? Has passing the ba
  8. I'm not talking Paul Johnson Flexbone Option. I'm talking I-Formation, Power Run football with Play-action. Hat-for-hat blocking. It's simple, but effective. We would have an identity. We don't have an identity right now. What Frost is trying to do ISN'T WORKING and it NEVER WILL.
  9. This is absolutely true. I supported replacing Riley as much or more than anyone, and I stand by that. We were Charmin soft all over the field, and that wasn't changing under Riley. But Frost has dug his own hole here, made his own numerous mistakes, and Riley has nothing to do with it.
  10. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. Scott needs to swallow his pride and scrap this spread crap that EVERYONE else is doing. It was new and innovative until about 2012. Now, defensive coordinators have earned their money, schemed/recruited differently, and caught up. 12 of the 14 B1G teams run spread. We need to be different. Go back to our roots, downhill blocking and running. Move the chains, run the clock, help the defense. Of all the people in the world to coach Nebraska football, I would think Scott would understand this more than anyone.
  11. We don't get blue-chip golden boys in Lincoln that win anything by throwing. We get Crouch, Frazier, Frost. Guys that hand the ball off, run some tough option, and throw it up for a tight end after play-action. We've been trying to throw the ball for 16 years. Enough. It's time to be Nebraska again.
  12. The way he's talking on Twitter, this kid is a bigger Husker fan than we are.
  13. There's zero chance Monken goes 11-20 with FBS athletes. I like Frost, but he's too arrogant, and doesn't understand that what he's doing is a recipe for disaster, and has been since '04. Nebraska will NEVER pass the ball back to relevance. We get there with an offensive line and tough running backs. It's the only way.
  14. Hey, you never know. He's a pretty talented kid...
  15. I would LOVE a Jeff Monken bringing that option back to Lincoln. But that won't happen.
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