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  1. The Indiana game is officially sold out. After that, there will be tickets available, I believe.
  2. Fickell made the playoff with Cinci. I don't see why he'd consider Lincoln. Urban would bring enormous buzz to Lincoln the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time. If nothing else, Nebraska football would be a lot of fun to watch.
  3. Kelly would have done some film study as well, and known not to kick it right at a 5th year senior running back, too. That was the dumbest call I've seen from a Husker staff since Callahan kept calling chuck and duck passes for Beau Davis down 56-10 in Lubbock.
  4. Agreed. I'm a solid no on both Kiffin and O'Brien. I do wonder, though, if ole Urban has enough in the tank to make one last run, maybe redeem his NFL stint?
  5. Respectfully disagree. The right staff with the right system could at least make us respectable, compete for the West 2 out of 3 years. Every now and then make a run at the B1G and playoff. We just need the right people calling the shots.
  6. You're right, but I'm just starting the same campaign I've had since Callahan was axed.
  7. Every team they play is vastly more talented than they are, and they win. Air Force nearly won their division last year. They won their bowl game against Louisville. I provide proof that it works. All the doubters have is conjecture.
  8. Army and Air Force win 9+ games every year with it. They don't really recruit. Navy has a couple 11 win seasons recently. Why does everyone think any coach (outside of Urban Meyer) in Lincoln would get kids to come here instead of Columbus, Ann Arbor, or Madison? Ohio State beats us for recruits 9 times out of 10, and it shows on Saturdays. We will NEVER out-recruit, out-spread, out-pass, or be more athletic than them. We need to be different and unique. Hard to prepare for. Right now we don't look much different than most of the B1G. We wouldn't have to worry about wasting recruiting time going against the rest of the B1G for 4/5 star QBs and WR, and we could focus on building a legitimate defense that doesn't give up 550 yards to Northwestern.
  9. Chadwell, Calhoun, or Monken. Bring option football back to Lincoln.
  10. Urban would bring a lot of hype to Lincoln for sure. I'd want him just for the ensuing craziness.
  11. A lot of uncles in Lincoln and Omaha would be happy to see a fullback, too.
  12. There are some comparisons to be made between Frost and Chadwell, but a key difference is that Chadwell has proven himself at multiple levels and for a good while out at Coastal. Frost maybe just caught lightning in a bottle for one crazy year, and we bought in. It's clear that the results Frost got in Orlando will never be repeated in Lincoln. Petersen is an interesting candidate. I don't know what he does or how he does it. Somehow, he seems to just turn things around wherever he goes. Could Husker fans get behind him as a coach? Hard to say.
  13. Those would be ideal, but I doubt either are head coaches again. Chadwell's stuff is fun to watch.
  14. I just hope his shortlist is made up of guys that could actually turn it around. We definitely don't need another NFL washout.
  15. So, new coaching search. Option guy this time? Please?
  16. The only exciting part of this season will be the coaching search rumor mill. I wonder where Trev is leaning - an NFL washout, or an up-and-comer? Personally, I would go after an established guy like Chadwell, Monken, or Calhoun.
  17. Yeah, this could be an issue. Maybe he could play inside linebacker? I don’t like Tannor off the field a lot
  18. We wouldn't have that much trouble. We'd be paying our guy a lot less than Ohio State is paying their blue chip no matter what.
  19. Kind of a chicken/egg problem. Frost can't win without the better athletes, but the better athletes won't come/stay unless he wins. I say, put the money out there, get the 4/5 stars, and if we still don't win much, Frost is the problem.
  20. [Eyeroll] Okay, fine. Let's forget NIL, and keep going 3-9. That'll be fun, won't it? Additionally, aren't we already subverting that quote with all the money some of the volleyball players are making, not to mention Casey Thompson?
  21. I don't know. Selfishly, I would think this would put us in a good position. Not many athletic departments are as cash rich as UNL. We used to have the weightlifting/training edge for decades, then everyone caught up. We've been needing a new edge since the Solich days, and this could be it. Pump the cash into the collective, hype it up, and watch the 4/5 stars come calling. Do you guys wanna win or not? If you donate, they will come.
  22. Ohio State literally has a collective that everyone and their dog can donate to for basketball and football. I think we JUST started something like it, but we're playing catch up regardless. Think about the numbers that could be generated. I wish I had a lot to give, but I don't. As a fanbase, we need to pony up and put our money where our mouths are. Do we want to be back or not? Cough it up, Husker Nation!
  23. We aren't chicken littles. The sky fell a long time ago, especially last year when we went THREE AND NINE. No bowl game for 5, mostly likely 6 years in a row now? Yeah, the sky is a quaint, distant memory.
  24. Yeah, our practices have been GREAT. Best practices ever, actually. In fact, I'd say we're the best practice team in the nation. Name dropping doesn't help when you barely average 24 points a game over 4 years and go 2 straight seasons with just 3 wins. And I already mentioned Osborne, a coach that Frost isn't taking much of anything from offense-wise.
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