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  1. Being at the game, and seeing it in person, one thing that stuck out was this: Thomas Fidone. I didn't realize that kid was so big - for whatever reason, I couldn't see it on TV before. Wherever he lines up, the guy in front of him is literally out-manned significantly. Is it crazy to thing that a 6-10 yard curl would be nearly automatic? He could basically box-out the defender, and the QB (HH or JS) just throw it chest level. Pitch and catch. At this point, we don't really have any real difference-makers, no real edge on offense. We can't run it real well, and we definitely aren't a huge threat passing downfield. Fidone, however, could be a problem for defenses. Not that we should force it, but he would pull defenders away from places they would probably rather be, opening up other receivers, or setting up running lanes.
  2. Rhule mentioned the need for developing offensive linemen. I like to hear that
  3. If Mickey beats iowa, I would be okay with Trev picking him.
  4. O'Brien would be incredibly underwhelming. Bama fans can't wait to get rid of him, and the end of his Houston stint was a Callahan-level disaster. No thanks. Traylor is a name I didn't expect to see. He has used the QB run game to great effect, so that would be interesting. I honestly think he could make that work in the B1G, but he'd have to flip the OL quickly. A Bronco hire would destroy what little is left of Nebraska football.
  5. I'm not sure about that - I don’t know who had him on their draft board at the time.
  6. I completely agree, like said, it's just the perception nationally.
  7. You have a point. I should have definitely remembered one of the triplets, for sure.
  8. We were a laughingstock after we were destroyed by Colorado, didn't even play for a conference title, and still ended up playing for the title, where Miami beat us up. The win over Oklahoma was nice, though.
  9. Leipold would be alright. I'd definitely take him over O'Brien.
  10. I don't necessarily consider winning a conference championship to be the only measure of success, but the rest of the country absolutely sees it that way. We went on in 99 to destroy a pretty good Tennessee squad with Eric Crouch and power-option football. Since then, nationally, we haven't accomplished much.
  11. I stand corrected. But what offense did we run then...?
  12. Nope. We played an Oklahoma team that really wasn't great in 06 and Taylor threw 3 interceptions. We lost, 21-7.
  13. We haven't had success since 1999. When we were a power-option team. Boom.
  14. I was just thinking about him. Getting a Wyoming guy worked once, didn't it?
  15. Absolutely I do. We have NEVER landed a kid that ended up as a first round QB or WR. We never will. Well, I'll qualify that - if we got Urban, maybe. Since Pedey pulled that trigger in 03, how many coaches tried to recruit how many QBs and receivers, and what has been the result. Why do we keep trying different spread/passing offenses when we can't recruit for it? What if we had a coach that told Benhart to drive block most plays? I think he could do it. Wouldn't it be nice to push other teams around instead of getting pushed around?
  16. The good thing about the Flexbone is that while the option is the main feature, there are several other ways to counter and attack defenses, especially with play-action. The safeties everyone is raving about coming screaming toward the LOS, and a wing or TE is wide open behind them
  17. Monken or Calhoun would bring the Nebraska brand of football back very quickly
  18. If anyone plays a great defense, they struggle to move the ball. Defenses today aren't built to stop power option football. They're built to stop the spread. What I wouldn't give to play bully-ball against conference opponents again instead of patty-cake and getting pushed around...
  19. Bullcrap. Navy just beat ranked UCF with FAR inferior athletes. Air Force was bowl eligible a month ago. Army just beat up bowl eligible UConn. The service academies can't really recruit, yet have won 11 games multiple seasons the last decade. What we've tried to do the last 20 years doesn't work.
  20. A few things Mickey's wife has put on twitter recently leads me to believe it won't be Mickey. She's cryptic to be sure, but it's obvious she isn't happy about something that's happened in the last couple days.
  21. I'd say the sooner the better. Get the staff in place early and get started ASAP. Recruits will know who we are and the fans will have something to hope for again.
  22. Now I gotta watch old Baylor games...
  23. I would actually be okay with most of those guys, but I seriously doubt any of them leave where they are for Lincoln. Urban would be my first choice. Yes, I know it goes against my pro-triple option rants, but Urban would turn us into a recruiting juggernaut very quickly. Nebraska football would be exciting and fun for the first time maybe since Osborne retired. After him, I would go after Calhoun and then Monken. I truly believe Nebraska running power/triple option again is what will bring us back. An identity, a brand we would all get behind as a state. Chadwell would be an interesting pick after that. Somewhat of a wildcard for sure, though.
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