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  1. Roll out of bed turn tv. Starts at 9am here.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/raiders-sign-wide-receiver-demornay-215721182.html Good for him.
  3. Mr Riley inst even with OSU anymore is he? I thought he was the coach on that NFL startup league now?
  4. Nothing to see here Please move along!!
  5. Here is where I will be. First Huskers Football Game of the Season, Sept. 1 – Huskers vs. Akron Zips- is at Gino’s East. Kickoff 5:00 p.m. AZ time 3626 East Indian School Road, Phoenix We are excited to announce our featured watch-site for our season opener is new with us this year, Gino’s East at 3626 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018. And they are very excited to be one of our watch-sites…for their first Game Day, they will be having give aways, playing our Nebraska songs, and making us feel right at home. For our Pot Luck last Sunday they brought 10 different free pizzas! As always, if traveling to Gino’s East doesn’t work for you, support your favorite official HNAZ watch-sites.
  6. Up Now with 4 hats on the table. And he picks N!!!!!!!!
  7. This is all you need to know that MR R is gone you couldn't touch these for under 60 at anytime over the past few years.
  8. Going to be at Tukee's Sports Grill in ahwatukee, AZ
  9. With Fricking laser beams on their heads.
  10. His dad and Mom will be pushing him to go to Nebraska. Not sure what he wants to play at the next level but I believe he knows DB would be his best bet.
  11. Hello AZ Huskers needs some help. I'm packing it up and moving to Phoenix area in July I know hot time of the year to move. Can't help it work related. I have Direct tv now going to bring it with me and had a question do you still get the big 10 network down there so you get to see all the games or do you have to go to a bar to watch? Also area's to stay away from I keep reading about staying out of the 7's but I can't find what that means. Looking at moving to Goodyear or Avondale if we stay on the west side and queen Creek on the East side.
  12. I take it he committed over the weekend? I don't see where he says he committed but his twitter account everyone keeps saying congrats and welcome to GBR.
  13. He was 4th team with POB and behind a couple walk ons that saw reps much earlier on.How'd he look? Well, I guess if he's b/u to walk-ons, that pretty much tells the story. The feed cut right as he got in. I too drew the same conclusion, though based on who played before him. Did Ozigbo get some reps? Sounds like Newby and Wilbon stole the show.He appears to be the most complete running back of the 3. I felt he earned the starting job for his performance in the UCLA game. Ground and pound, baby. I think Newby is making his case for starter. He ran with purpose out there and I already know he's a good blocker and smart player. Let's not forget that Newby weighs 200+ lbs as well so he's not going to be a pushover. Regardless, both of them will get carries come fall. I was a Newby backer up until last year when he showed once and for all that he's soft, can't break a tackle, and therefore can't be any every down back. I doubt that will change much his final year. He's a niche back. I thought the same thing last year until I read this in the Journal star. I don't remember ever hearing about this during the season. ( He played through injury last season and still rushed for 765 yards (5.2 per attempt). Few folks seem to remember that he rolled his ankle in the third game, at Miami, and never fully recovered.)
  14. I will say this the dude loves to hit people. I would try him out at Fullback on short yardage or goal line plays.
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