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  1. Might want to look at the year before this... JSU was 58 in the country, ahead of Colorado, while Grambling and Sam Houston were in the 150's. Talent. Gap. Maybe he can coach. We just don't know yet.
  2. Not that Nebraska has any room to throw stones, but mediocrity would be a significant step up for Colorado football.
  3. I thought Mickey might be a good option until I heard/learned more about Rhule. Now, there's simply no comparison and we definitely have the right guy in the HC position.
  4. That sounds like a really reasonable way to go about this decision now that the foundational elements have changed significantly.
  5. OK, so IF the wife/friend story is true and Mickey was not violent towards his wife (just the other dude), can we keep him?
  6. IF Mickey thumped some dude for sleeping with his wife, Ima give Mickey a pass. The law might not, but I would. And also hope Mickey has a good divorce attorney...
  7. Seems like he was committed to Joseph more than Nebraska. Oh well. Next.
  8. Thank you. Very kind of you to make the effort to relate your experience.
  9. We've been waiting for this day our whole lives. Let's do it boys!
  10. I think his agent will prefer to capitalize on his recent head coaching momentum and we won't see Mickey on our sideline next year. As much as I've liked Mickey, it may be for the best long term for all parties involved, which is not to say that Mickey isn't great at what he does. The dynamics of the situation were he to stay, are challenging at best.
  11. The only former player whose opinion mattered liked the Ruehl hire.
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