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  1. 100% sincere "best of luck" to Wandale. He gave his all while he played for Nebraska and I hope he finds success in the future.
  2. Neither did your user name.
  3. No, I'm saying they should continue to fight hard and play games to improve the program and represent their university to the best of their ability.
  4. Optics are bad IMO. File lawsuits to play, then decline a final game when the season hasn't gone your way.... Disappointing.
  5. I'm personally highly biased, as I transferred for athletic reasons, but I don't see the transfer portal as that big of a deal. People change and learn a lot fresh out of high school. I don't think signing an NLI should start some sort of prison sentence where you HAVE to stay at any certain school. As for paying athletes, it's hard to believe that it won't become some sort of slippery slope that fundamentally changes college athletics. I think it would be particularly helpful for Nebraska, so selfishly I'm OK with it, but I'm not sure that it will be a good thing for college at
  6. I'm almost embarrassed by how hard I laughed at this.
  7. I thought I read that for this year (only) the primary deciding factor is the # of losses, not the # of wins. Anybody read the rules directly?
  8. This reminded me of TMagic speed where it looks like the opposing players are in slow motion.
  9. Feels good. Feels REAL good.
  10. Meh, college kids aren't known for their level headed altruistic decision making skills
  11. Because it neatly fits his narrative?
  12. At this point, would anybody REALLY be surprised by this?
  13. I have no idea as to how it would benefit the B1G to be against Nebraska's success in football. We are, despite Hawkeye fan objections, a premium football brand. It would greatly benefit the entire conference if we rose to a perennial top 10 or even 20 team. I have no doubt that we're headed that direction and that SF will take us there. He's sacrificed the first couple of years of his tenure in terms of instant success, in order to build a stronger foundation for much bigger success down the road. However, it's getting more and more difficult to look past some of these things.
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