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  1. I agree we're in a much better position now than we were in the last several years but I'd be surprised if what we have now is what we start fall camp with. Our current bounty does allow for some attrition though, which is rather refreshing.
  2. Does the K in @krc1995 stand for Karen by chance?
  3. Did he suggest strongly that he's eligible? It's rather important atm.
  4. Cold weather tends to weed out those soft of mind. Good screening test.
  5. "...we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS"
  6. The timing of the quoted tweets makes me think that "something" happened today. Why would you cancel a top portal QB other than having another guy locked up? Interesting.
  7. And if our OL doesn't improve, they'd be dead men walking.
  8. Keep the RB coach, have Frost take over special teams.
  9. Without knowing roster changes, staff turnover, and several other variables, that statistic doesn't mean much. This year, a balanced offense despite having a Heisman level qb would suggest that he isn't completely biased against the run.
  10. Any chance a former center who's coached in the NFL is reason enough for Cam to stay another year to develop and be drafted much higher (and be paid much more $$$)?
  11. or about 2 quarterbacks worth of time. Didn't Tommy Armstrong or Taylor Martinez finish their careers at UNL?
  12. It's not insane. It's modern college football. In the past, a transfer was nearly a death penalty for a collegiate career. Now it's little more than a speeding ticket. This is how college football will look if the rules remain as they are today.
  13. I'll definitely have a second team to follow next season. Good luck to Adrian. Regardless of the results, I have zero doubt that he gave Nebraska his best.
  14. I wonder if the recent bar/blonde photos might make ND a bit apprehensive to take Meyer. Football is important, but perhaps the image of ND might be more important?
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