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  1. Mirror muscles... who cares... Football isn't bodybuilding.
  2. How is this not "on topic" when it comes to attrition?
  3. Earn your scholarship. Every year, every day. Find a way to be valuable to your team. Move the kids that don't work out to a non-athletic scholarship to finish their education. This ain't kindergarten.
  4. Ok, so... Shockingly, I also disagree with several policies and even laws of the United States.
  5. I think scholarships should have to be renewed on a yearly basis. If a player lacks value to the team, or has lost the confidence of the coaches, they should be moved off of an athletic scholarship. Perhaps there should be a way for them to continue their education on a non-athletic scholarship, but I hate the idea of a 4+ year "guarantee" for young athletes who may or may not deserve it.
  6. Get to a bowl, continue the work. Process, patience.
  7. It will be ok, Coach Frost will get it turned around.
  8. Weak troll attempt. 4/10. Try harder
  9. I think Nebraska is in trouble. I'm betting AD Moos and Coach Frost think that too.
  10. I have to admit that I'm losing interest in Husker Football. It's weird to even type that but it's just not been much fun to be a Husker fan for quite a while now. It's a game, supposed to be fun...
  11. You clearly have never dealt with the legal system and have no idea what you're talking about.
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