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  1. Get to a bowl, continue the work. Process, patience.
  2. It will be ok, Coach Frost will get it turned around.
  3. ...and a bad troll
  4. Weak troll attempt. 4/10. Try harder
  5. I think Nebraska is in trouble. I'm betting AD Moos and Coach Frost think that too.
  6. I have to admit that I'm losing interest in Husker Football. It's weird to even type that but it's just not been much fun to be a Husker fan for quite a while now. It's a game, supposed to be fun...
  7. You clearly have never dealt with the legal system and have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. Can we just have our defensive linemen line up backwards, back their way through the line before spinning around untouched in the backfield??? It's a thought...
  9. Innocent until proven guilty.
  10. Oregon stands out as significant in this graphic. They have run a similar offense to what we're using, and still have an outstanding turnover margin. I would expect at team like Iowa to have an excellent turnover margin due to the nature of their offense, very low risk, but was surprised to see Oregon even better given the explosive nature of their offensive style.
  11. Body monitors to predict injuries before they happen??? What is this magic you speak of?
  12. Cam's injury history is really concerning. Part of being an athlete, especially in a contact sport, is durability. As the best predictor of future injury is past injury, I don't like his chances of staying healthy with the repetitive lower extremity problems he's already experienced.
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