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  1. Are we having to pay a conference to take us now? Crap!
  2. We currently, and recently, suck at football, but we're still pretty good at attracting eyeballs, so I don't think we're in danger. Illinois, Indiana, Purdue???
  3. After USC and UCLA, how about Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Notre Dame. And Wyoming.
  4. We've all seen how the transfer portal has dramatically affected recruiting and roster management for college football. It has fundamentally changed the collegiate football landscape. Nebraska has been one of 2022's prime benefactors from the portal and I hope we can keep that momentum in the future. My specific question is, should the transfer portal completely change the way (and timeframe) we recruit offensive and defensive linemen? I've read that the lines, especially o line, is the most challenging recruiting task due to the guess work in recruiting 18 year old prospects, still growing and developing, and trying to project the 20 year old version of that same young man. Would it be better to simply recruit 20 year olds from the portal who have shown promise? Use lower levels of football, or lower level programs, to develop these players until their most useful age/physical development. It seems like there would be far less "misses" in choosing from 20 year olds than 18. OR, is it more critical to have these young men in OUR program, learning OUR style and plays as well as OUR S&C for multiple years in order to have the most productive lines? Thoughts?
  5. Nor have things been "OK" so I think we're guilty of false advertising regardless of which gesture is used.
  6. I like the new logo better. I thought the old one looked dumb regardless of any supposed meanings from the hand signal/symbol. But can we all agree to cancel Lil' Red. Not on account of any racism or any other ism, or cancel culture or whatever, but that little f'er is creepy.
  7. I agree we're in a much better position now than we were in the last several years but I'd be surprised if what we have now is what we start fall camp with. Our current bounty does allow for some attrition though, which is rather refreshing.
  8. Did he suggest strongly that he's eligible? It's rather important atm.
  9. Cold weather tends to weed out those soft of mind. Good screening test.
  10. "...we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS"
  11. The timing of the quoted tweets makes me think that "something" happened today. Why would you cancel a top portal QB other than having another guy locked up? Interesting.
  12. And if our OL doesn't improve, they'd be dead men walking.
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