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  1. Realistically, the odds of a highly effective vaccine are very small. A "sort of effective" vaccine is likely the best we're going to get...
  2. I think all entities are going to be happier to have a piece of some $$$ than to have no $$$ at all. That's the ace card in this deal... The alternative to a weird situation is no situation. In that case, weird has a chance. Looking at it from Big Ten perspective, do they have anything to lose if Nebraska and OSU and Michigan form some sort of "wildcat" league and just have football games? Their premiere teams are getting some exposure and some $$$ while the Big Ten can hide safely behind the fact that they canceled the season should liability problems arise. Effectively, they may be able to have their cake and eat it too (though it's just a piece of cake it's still better than no cake...).
  3. If some kids don't want to play, ok. There are plenty who would love to take their place. NEXT!
  4. This is simply politically motivated conspiracy theory B.S. It's been tried, it's been studied (multiple investigations with adequate methodology) and it's been dismissed as ineffective and mildly dangerous due to side effects (cardiac as I recall). Refusing to believe a scientifically validated answer just makes said "believer" look dumb.
  5. Disagree. Option B is a "free for all". Option A is a structured and contained process organized by professionals. Did you see that they're moving athletes into one dorm aka "controlled environment" once football camp starts? This illustrates Option A differing from Option B in making the athletes safer. Have you ever travelled with a big team of NCAA athletes? Very little is done "off script" from hotel to meals and flights. It's the same reason that teams stay in motels during home games, to more closely control the environment... A chartered flight would make it where the team was able to maintain a pretty high degree of containment.
  6. Don't you have a cloud you should be yelling at?
  7. That's probably your best play at this point.
  8. ^^^ You assert that I claimed the NCAA can control players lifestyles. I never mentioned the NCAA as the controlling entity. Straw man. You're welcome.
  9. Straw man fallacy, that would be your most common fault.
  10. It's an environment which can be controlled much more than the average student. The rest is semantics.
  11. Valid point, though hopefully rapid testing may help to mitigate this risk on game days...
  12. Where did I claim the NCAA can control player lifestyle? It's the university, the coaches, and teammates where things CAN be controlled to a certain extent.
  13. We cannot say this for certain given the multitude of variables in play. We have to compare Option A, "playing football" to Option B, "something other than playing football". We know that Option A would include extensive testing and symptom monitoring, a heavily controlled environment, heavily structured and controlled lifestyle and living conditions. It would also include high exertion respiration in close contact to a large number of other people. What we don't know is much about Option B, but would have to make some assumptions that it would be "normal college kid stuff". I don't think anybody really thinks Option B is staying home in a relatively safe/sterile environment. If option B is spending time at house parties or in the bars, then Option A may be much safer (assuming that team rules would prohibit such activities). This is why we can't say that Option A "playing football" is less safe than Option B "something other than playing football" in terms of Covid transmission. If all variables listed above were constant between Option A and Option B, then not playing a contact sport would very likely be safer, but that's not realistic.
  14. As a Husker fan, I'd love to see him commit and state his undying love for the Big Red. But remembering what it's like to be 18 and if I had the opportunities he has, you're damn right I'd take the free fancy trips to the A list schools before officially making my decision.
  15. This certainly changes things. If the PAC 12 plays, despite the political climate in most of its territory, and the fact that California just became #1 in Covid cases, then the other major conferences surely have to feel emboldened to do the same.
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