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  1. So he wrote a check... ??? I'm sure all of the coaches have made charitable contributions to various causes that they liked/believed it.
  2. I don't think it would be a good idea to get into a high scoring shootout type game with CU. Hopefully we can "big 10" them, controlling the ball and the clock to keep their high speed weapons off the field. Hopefully.
  3. “Careless”? Are you kidding? You think these men don’t care? They have pride, honor and millions of reason$ to care. Making mistakes does not mean careless. Mistakes happen in elite sport when everything is on the line and the people involved couldn’t possibly care more. Careless is simply false.
  4. Complete BS This team has great leadership and played hard. If anything, they're trying too hard and ended up "forcing" mistakes. Nobody was half assing the effort. It was a messy first game with a ton of new players and a new staff, and they still nearly won. If you're surprised that a bunch of new players/coaches made some mistakes in their first game, look in the mirror as to the problem, not at the team.
  5. While certainly disappointing, I saw a lot of reasons to be optimistic for the future of the Huskers.
  6. The "don't know how to win" is such a bunch of BS. If it were an individual sport, maybe there's a valid thought but with 50+ guys contributing, "knowing how to win" is just bs. The young men played hard and made too many mistakes. That has nothing to do with "knowing how to win". It's a popular phrase that doesn't mean a damn thing.
  7. 0-0 is the highlight of the year in Boulder.
  8. Losing with a last second field goal to a very solid Minnesota team despite 4 turnovers is definitely not an "end of the world" situation. Yes, the turnovers need to be fixed. Playcalling and AG, unfortunately, need to be focused on the turnover issue. The "identity" of being a running team is a bit in doubt as well. But overall, I think Rhule will get this ship turned in the right direction. Hopefully many of the supposed "fans" won't be on board, but once things improve, I'm sure they will.
  9. This is the only valid criticism I've seen. I was surprised to see AG out there when it was fairly well know he had fumble issues. It's definitely a deal breaker for a RB regardless of his ability to run the ball. I didn't see Ervin getting many carries and I don't really understand the thought process there. Ball security > everything else. Rhule will get it fixed and this team has a great future. GBR and hopefully the pathetic loser fans GTFO!
  10. I've never been more disappointed... ...in a fanbase. Quitters quit.
  11. Buncha' whiny quitters. I ain't talkin' bout the players.
  12. Early season rust. These guys haven't faced live bullets until today, they'll get it figured out.
  13. It's early and we have an actual coach/adult at the helm. Many of ya'll is quitters.
  14. Freedoms are not binary, nor are they without consequences.
  15. No, I wouldn't. I was an NCAA athlete, and I did transfer once. (It wasn't for playing time as I was in an individual sport) It has a major down side for the athlete and for the teams that are destabilized. It has negative effects for the university, the fan base, team culture, and many other things. I've lived it. I had great success at my second university but I still wonder if it was worth all of the downsides. I think there should be some freedom to move around, but also that there should be limits placed on that ability.
  16. At this point you aren't trying to understand anything written so why would we continue the discussion.
  17. We're talking about the college system here, not professional.
  18. The issue is with repeated transfers and the obvious "shopping" for playing time. A single transfer seems reasonable but what is being done now is purely based on instant gratification and essentially eliminates the ideals of team, institution, and community. The current system promotes and reward ideas and strategies that are counter to the values that used to be associated with scholastic athletics. If kids want a "free for all" then they should be able to have that, but not associated with universities. Collegiate athletics should continue to require and emphasize academics to improve the lives of student athletes far beyond their time on the field/court.
  19. They should be allowed to switch schools, but also should not be eligible to play right away beyond the first transfer. This phenomena of shopping around for playing time is absurd and needs to stop.
  20. So amazing!!! Such a celebration for women athletes!
  21. Tis a burden you bear with such dignity…
  22. I am 0% surprised that you didn’t get it.
  23. There are "mistakes" and then there are completely dumb idiot moves (done intentionally and incompetently) that should not only be punished but mocked as well. Maybe "the help he needs" is to be mocked and derided for doing stupid things, which is the case for pretty much all of us that weren't 5* athletes who were worshiped and given preferential treatment for our entire lives... We're helping.
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