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  1. My primary concern is that more of the team may also test positive forcing a cancellation of the game.  It might be nice to get WI without their emerging star QB, but I'd rather play them with Mertz than not play them at all.

  2. 32 minutes ago, Redux said:

    Nebraska fans pretending national perception doesn't matter (to them) might be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    If that's the case, you may want to consider getting out more.  


    Click bait journalism, lowest common denominator type of tactic to rile up one fan base and draw the affection of all those who hate them.  That's all.  Nothing worth a legitimate reaction. 


    I don't hate on Forde.  I am sure that he is soaking in sufficient self loathing for what he has become as a journalist.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Mavric said:



    Those were the writers words, not hers.  Notice a lack of a direct quote.  That, in and of itself, is significant.


    Perhaps some are being less than accurate with their language, calling it a "vote" when it was more of a discussion.   Seems like a lot of things are being done and said in order to not say something...  Lots of people trying to avoid making definitive statements.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Danny Bateman said:

    It's not a perfect analogy because traffic at healthcare providers doesn't dry up during a pandemic and people have the option of cash pay, but that's not the case for Nebraska. They can't just unilaterally cut a deal with the Big XII or regional schools for a new schedule. Their broadcast rights are owned by BTN, ESPN, ABC, etc. etc.


    We're trapped in a legal box unless we get the OK from those entities.


    I think all entities are going to be happier to have a piece of some $$$ than to have no $$$ at all.  That's the ace card in this deal...  The alternative to a weird situation is no situation.  In that case, weird has a chance.  


    Looking at it from Big Ten perspective, do they have anything to lose if Nebraska and OSU and Michigan form some sort of "wildcat" league and just have football games?  Their premiere teams are getting some exposure and some $$$ while the Big Ten can hide safely behind the fact that they canceled the season should liability problems arise.  Effectively, they may be able to have their cake and eat it too (though it's just a piece of cake it's still better than no cake...).

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  5. 5 minutes ago, hunter49 said:

    i suppose this is the only one of the many studies done showing adverse results?

    nothing positive out there on this drug....sigh

    still many health care workers using. this as a preventative, they must be crazy.


    This is simply politically motivated conspiracy theory B.S.  It's been tried, it's been studied (multiple investigations with adequate methodology) and it's been dismissed as ineffective and mildly dangerous due to side effects (cardiac as I recall).  


    Refusing to believe a scientifically validated answer just makes said "believer" look dumb.

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  6. 29 minutes ago, Landlord said:




    Option A still includes Option B inside it, as well as hundreds of people traveling and using planes/buses/hotels/restaurant made food and interacting with all sorts of people across different states.



    Option B is a "free for all".  Option A is a structured and contained process organized by professionals.  

    Did you see that they're moving athletes into one dorm aka "controlled environment" once football camp starts?  This illustrates Option A differing from Option B in making the athletes safer.

    Have you ever travelled with a big team of NCAA athletes?  Very little is done "off script" from hotel to meals and flights.  It's the same reason that teams stay in motels during home games, to more closely control the environment... A chartered flight would make it where the team was able to maintain a pretty high degree of containment.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Branno said:


    Jesus Christ man. I didn't assert that you claimed anything. What you are doing now is a straw man.


    If anything I incorrectly assume NCAA because we're talking about NCAA football. Instead of saying "Oh hey man, I meant coaches and teams not NCAA" you made a huge deal as if it invalidates everything else I wrote. That's the fallacy, not a throwaway word in a sentence. 



    You obviously aren't willing to have a reasonable or even rational debate. Don't worry about responding to this, I'm done with you.



    That's probably your best play at this point. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Branno said:



    I'll agree with most of this except for your claim that the NCAA can control players lifestyles. That's a laughably false claim.


    ^^^ You assert that I claimed the NCAA can control players lifestyles.  I never mentioned the NCAA as the controlling entity.  Straw man.  You're welcome.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Branno said:


    Sigh... here we go again.



    You certainly didn't claim that in the post I quoted.



    Again not something you claimed in the post I quoted.


    So here's what you actually said:


    Is it a heavily controlled environment? Or is it controlled to a certain extent? Can't be both.


    Straw man fallacy, that would be your most common fault.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, Branno said:


    I'll agree with most of this except for your claim that the NCAA can control players lifestyles. That's a laughably false claim.



    Where did I claim the NCAA can control player lifestyle?  


    It's the university, the coaches, and teammates where things CAN be controlled to a certain extent.  

  11. 51 minutes ago, Branno said:

    My point is that there is increased risk from playing football and we most likely won't have a season because of it. 


    We cannot say this for certain given the multitude of variables in play.


    We have to compare Option A, "playing football" to Option B, "something other than playing football".  


    We know that Option A would include extensive testing and symptom monitoring, a heavily controlled environment,  heavily structured and controlled lifestyle and living conditions.  It would also include high exertion respiration in close contact to a large number of other people.


    What we don't know is much about Option B, but would have to make some assumptions that it would be "normal college kid stuff".  I don't think anybody really thinks Option B is staying home in a relatively safe/sterile environment.  If option B is spending time at house parties or in the bars, then Option A may be much safer (assuming that team rules would prohibit such activities).


    This is why we can't say that Option A "playing football" is less safe than Option B "something other than playing football" in terms of Covid transmission.

    If all variables listed above were constant between Option A and Option B, then not playing a contact sport would very likely be safer, but that's not realistic.


  12. As a Husker fan, I'd love to see him commit and state his undying love for the Big Red.


    But remembering what it's like to be 18 and if I had the opportunities he has, you're damn right I'd take the free fancy trips to the A list schools before officially making my decision.  

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  13. 17 minutes ago, kansas45 said:


    Glad you did, helps to organize my thoughts. I am a list-type of guy (except grocery lists, I don't do that because I like to drive my wife insane). 

    1. thank you

    2. thank you

    3. The lawyers will be callous and will make their case using callousness; they will set up questions that will be accusatory such as:

    a. "Did you or did you not, want to make money at the expense of my client's health."

    b. "Did you or did you not ignore the available evidence on the number of deaths and the potential disability?"

    c, "did you or did you not totally ignore my client's request to not play this season because he had family members who were more prone to catch this dreaded disease." 

    d. I have in my hand, your honor, a document that will be marked as Exhibit #43 that indicates an internal memo that you signed that signified that "loss of playing the games would equal around $50 million dollars." Is this your signature on this internal email? Would it be safe to say that the push to play college football, at the expense of my client, was more important that his health?"

    e. You stated, for the record, that money was not your intent to play the season. However, you noted on this document, that will be marked at Exhibit 54, that stated, in no uncertain terms, that "the student-athlete's health was paramount?" Then, how do you account for putting my client's overall well-being and long-term health in jeopardy by playing a season?

    f. Did you take into consideration the possible long-term consequences of my client's health during the pandemic? 

    4. It was easy. The car accident and covid does not follow together logically. In fact, linking the acceptance of car accidents only fuels speculation that one cares more for football than people because we have accepted traffic accidents as a society.

    5. Not really circular; it is pointing that out that other universities are not playing yet others are. 

    6. It's simple. We accept that in the game of football, injuries occur such as concussion and ACL tears; this is a part of the game that we accept as "the risk element." However, no one signed up for playing while a contagious disease is roaming around that no one knows the long-term consequences of and that has essentially shut down a large part of the USA economy. A knee injury has not shut down an economy. When did football become a more essential aspect than that of a someone getting a haircut? 

    I'm fairly confident a diagnosis of CTE can be confirmed based upon your last two posts.


    Either that, or you have a gas leak in your home and you should go outside and call for help.

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  14. 10 minutes ago, Jason Sitoke said:

    I'll take these one at a time...

    1.  Can't argue with what you believe

    2.  Ummm...okay

    3.  So we need to be less callous because there could be lawyers ready to get involved?

    4.  I honestly have no idea where you went here.  I've reread it several times and I'm just gonna have to punt.

    5.  I am not making an argument for or against closing universities, but I'm sure you see your circular logic here:  This is the way it is because other people are acting like this is the way it is because it is the way it is.

    6. Once again, I have no idea what you're getting at here.


    I think where we agree is that COVID is contagious.

    Jason, you were far more patient with that mess than I would have been.  I'm impressed.

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