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  1. If ever a defensive squad earned their blackshirts, this defense did TONIGHT! Way to go blackshirts!
  2. These replies are kind of pathetic. These guys invest their hearts, souls, and emotions in a game... I respect that kind of investment regardless of the team.
  3. Great battle. On to the next one...
  4. In the VT game, there was indeed a 4th and goal where we ended up punting... Not a good thing, EVER.
  5. If I were making this decision, I'd be gone. One bad injury and you make nothing. Better to be injured after a signing bonus and a contract than while still in college. He can pay for the last year of school with a small fraction of his first contract... 307husker PS. I REALLY HOPE HE STAYS!!!
  6. Yeah Philly; It takes me 5 minutes to get past each of your posts... 30 seconds of reading and 4 1/2 minutes of oogling and drooling...
  7. I'll never fault these guys for taking the quick $$$ of the NFL. I would in a heartbeat. If he goes early, he makes 7 figures his first year. Even if he only lasts a year, he spends the 5-10k to finish his education and he's exactly where he would be following graduation + $990,000.00. I think that's a pretty damn good deal. And I know plenty of brilliant businessmen/people without a degree... But of course, I hope he stays as he is a huge asset to NU football.
  8. OK, I'm in. Hello from Wyoming (born & raised in North Platte) GBR! 307husker
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