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  1. If only I could go back to my NCAA championship days I'd be raking in the... ...quarters. I bet I lost a solid $20 by graduating 20 years too early.
  2. So, pretty much a typical weekend during the off season...
  3. If there's a HS QB named Tommie Martinez, we need to go all in to get him.
  4. Dreams really do come true.
  5. What is left for the NORMAL SIZE PEOPLE? Come on, man!
  6. 6'6" 210 lb point guard? What is the world coming to?
  7. I somewhat disagree. The team is the product. The state, the school, the emotional and cultural connection is the primary product. The individuals who make up the team are critical, no doubt, but they're not the product. If the players were the product, I'd bet most people would have simply given up on the Huskers in the last decade or so. I do feel that it's necessary to allow an avenue for players to get to the NFL without going to college. A minor league system would garner little or no attention IMO compared to college football for the reasons I mentioned above but it would take away the "monopoly" from the NCAA.
  8. College football seems to be in some sort of a downward spiral. The transfer portal and the NIL $ will just speed up the demise of a once great tradition.
  9. This is the $1,000,000 question. Maybe we should ask Pepperidge farm. What do you think @Decked?
  10. It would be much more interesting to see how these #'s would stack up against test results of a higher level program, since that's sort of the point. These #'s and rankings are all within a single program that hasn't had a winning season in a while... Being the best athlete on the proverbial short bus is great, but it's still the short bus. If Kolarevic is top 5 on Nebraska's metrics, but wouldn't crack the top 50 for tOSU's, it says a lot more about Nebraska than it does Kolarevic. Also keep in mind that this is a football team that plays football instead of a CrossFit team that competes at exercise.
  11. Don't cry big fella. Maybe with a couple more "freak of nature" FCS athletes, maybe we can finally get back to .500 which is the pinnacle of all blue blood programs. We do seem to be the kings of pre-season/spring hype these days followed by disappointing results, and losing seasons, each fall. It would be nice to see the actions do the talking again.
  12. Would their athleticism have shocked an Ohio State staff or players? Also, which round was Kolarevic drafted into the NFL?
  13. I just hope he doesn't catch whatever Omar Manning has.
  14. When a supposed blue blood program is shocked by the "freak of nature" athlete that came out of the University of Northern Iowa, I think there are valid reasons to be concerned about said program.
  15. Maybe he's just worried the offense will continue to struggle, and he will feel like he's on the field the whole game. He would have good reason to feel this way.
  16. I think we need to give up the idea of Manning being a meaningful presence for Nebraska. I mean, the signs are all there. We've been "friend-zoned" and he's just stringing us along...
  17. My expectation is that I will be very disappointed again.
  18. It's too bad to lose such an athlete, but if he's sticking to QB, it's really not much of a loss. AND, it opens the door to get a good QB to Nebraska, so it may end up being a net positive.
  19. 100% sincere "best of luck" to Wandale. He gave his all while he played for Nebraska and I hope he finds success in the future.
  20. Neither did your user name.
  21. No, I'm saying they should continue to fight hard and play games to improve the program and represent their university to the best of their ability.
  22. Optics are bad IMO. File lawsuits to play, then decline a final game when the season hasn't gone your way.... Disappointing.
  23. I'm personally highly biased, as I transferred for athletic reasons, but I don't see the transfer portal as that big of a deal. People change and learn a lot fresh out of high school. I don't think signing an NLI should start some sort of prison sentence where you HAVE to stay at any certain school. As for paying athletes, it's hard to believe that it won't become some sort of slippery slope that fundamentally changes college athletics. I think it would be particularly helpful for Nebraska, so selfishly I'm OK with it, but I'm not sure that it will be a good thing for college athletics as a whole.
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