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  1. This is exactly correct IMO. A college degree is a dime a dozen. Most of them are fairly worthless (I have 2!). If he needs another year to improve his positioning for an NFL contract, I completely agree with the decision to come back. If it's for the criminal justice degree, he is receiving bad advice, but I highly doubt that this would be the case despite what the press release may say.
  2. Yeah, why should we let the 35 million dollar "Coach of the Year" pick the defensive coordinator he has worked with for years. I mean, what can this guy possibly know? #fireeveryone #criticsarethesmartestever
  3. Miami vs Wisconsin Speed vs power Frost offense, "Florida speed" vs (a very good) B1G defense(s). Miami will likely out recruit Nebraska for the highest caliber of "Florida speed". Preview of the future? Thoughts...
  4. Would the current B1G champions adhere to the "Theology of Rock Pounding"? Or no?
  5. The timing of things was dictated by the business of college football. There's no way you wait until after the season. That would be extreme incompetence on the part of the AD. We've already seen how that works... Unless you can pin the leak on Frost, I can't imagine holding it against him personally. Hell this board and the national media was pretty vocal about the situation long before that game. "Taking" recruits, I can see this point, but reasonably, if Frost was recruiting kids for his system, and his system is moving, it's not hard to see how that was going to go. He
  6. So, the Oregon -> UCF -> Nebraska offense is wide open and based on speed. We constantly hear about B1G football and the requirements of running the ball and controlliing the clock to account for the cold/bad/winter weather that affects the B1G more than other football conferences. Is this really that big of a deal? Is the weather going to be a serious obstacle for the Frost Offense? If Coach Frost were headed to Laramie WY, Duluth MN, or Bozeman MT I can see a bit more reason for concern but it's not like Lincoln is really that cold. Are Div 1 18-23 year old h
  7. Seems strange that the Frosts haven't released the name of their son. Think it might be a "tell". My $ is on Tom, as Osborne would be a little too obvious.
  8. Unless Hedley is Bill Moos, I am going to remain cautiously optimistic, but unconvinced until it is made official.
  9. Sounds like someone didn't like that Jessica0 was getting so much attention...
  10. ...and sort of a balanced human being who doesn't place their self worth on the backs of a bunch of 18 year old strangers. All of these monkey minded worst case scenario predictions are making me wonder about the whole experience. I trust that the very talented players and very smart staff are working their butts off to win games so I'm just going to support them and hope we have a good season. And for crying out loud, beat Iowa.
  11. Weak sauce. We will be better every week. We can stop the run. Oregon had a lot of good breaks go their way... Hide and watch.
  12. Nebraska will win the B1G West and play for a B1G title. Bad fans should be ashamed.
  13. Pathetic. Not talking about the staff or the team.
  14. I was chasing elk all weekend with very minimal cell coverage and didn't see the game until today. By the pitchforks and torches types of comments on Huskerboard, I was expecting something much worse than what I saw. Arkansas State looks to be an athletic team, who had nothing to lose, and whose strengths fit very well against our defense. They had every reason to play loose and aggressive and did so. Our team is still sorting out a new defense that is likely most designed to stop the power of the Big 10 rather than the pass happy spread we used to see in the Big 12. I remember when
  15. The major difference with football, is that head impact is a normal and expected part of every (contact) practice and game. If you hit your head in volleyball, cycling, and most other activities, it's accidental. Critical difference. There are many activities I wouldn't choose to perform and would prefer my kids to avoid. I don't think that necessarily makes a person a hypocrite. While this is a football board, and therefore contains a strong bias towards the game, the idea that the positives of football can't be achieved in other sports (with less long term damage risk) is c
  16. Head trauma is head trauma. Trying to avoid it seems like a reasonable idea. Playing a sport where head trauma is expected and repetitive as part of the legal play of the game is undeniably questionable.
  17. The problem being that the trauma is cumulative in a tissue that has VERY limited recuperative potential. Also the threshold for significant problems/symptoms, is unknown and likely different for each individual. Then, there are the asymptomatic cognitive concerns. I just don't see the upside for playing football compared to other sports with less risk. I don't really even like that my daughters play soccer. I keep encouraging swimming over soccer both for the injury potential and the team sport political b.s. associated with youth sports. StPaul: I should add that I
  18. With all of the new information about brain injury, I think we will see more and more of these situations. I, personally, am for the first time in my 40 years a little uneasy that the sport I enjoy so very much, causes such a significant amount of damage to its participants. I do not have any sons, but I'm quite convinced I would heavily discourage participation in football if I did. I know that there are a lot more people making that decision today than even 5-10 years ago. Where will this lead football in another couple of decades? I think we have seen/are seeing the golden era of
  19. Hunting elk with my bow at 10k+ in the Rocky mtns. I killed last year's bull about an hour before kickoff of the first game. Hoping to do that again this year. I'll catch the game on DVR, likely after knowing the result. I am really thankful for DVR.
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