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  1. I'm almost embarrassed by how hard I laughed at this.
  2. I thought I read that for this year (only) the primary deciding factor is the # of losses, not the # of wins. Anybody read the rules directly?
  3. This reminded me of TMagic speed where it looks like the opposing players are in slow motion.
  4. Feels good. Feels REAL good.
  5. Meh, college kids aren't known for their level headed altruistic decision making skills
  6. Because it neatly fits his narrative?
  7. At this point, would anybody REALLY be surprised by this?
  8. I have no idea as to how it would benefit the B1G to be against Nebraska's success in football. We are, despite Hawkeye fan objections, a premium football brand. It would greatly benefit the entire conference if we rose to a perennial top 10 or even 20 team. I have no doubt that we're headed that direction and that SF will take us there. He's sacrificed the first couple of years of his tenure in terms of instant success, in order to build a stronger foundation for much bigger success down the road. However, it's getting more and more difficult to look past some of these things.
  9. I think the real play was to force the big 10 to say "no" again. By doing so, Nebraska puts themselves in an interesting position with the B1G. 4d chess or simple frustrated defiance? Thinking beyond the current power 5 structure? Is the separation of power 5 football and the NCAA near? How does this help Nebraska? The odds of it actually happening were very slim so there has to be another reason.
  10. My primary concern is that more of the team may also test positive forcing a cancellation of the game. It might be nice to get WI without their emerging star QB, but I'd rather play them with Mertz than not play them at all.
  11. Dumb. Our defense wouldn't scare nor intimidate the Little Sisters of the Poor at this point.
  12. If that's the case, you may want to consider getting out more. Click bait journalism, lowest common denominator type of tactic to rile up one fan base and draw the affection of all those who hate them. That's all. Nothing worth a legitimate reaction. I don't hate on Forde. I am sure that he is soaking in sufficient self loathing for what he has become as a journalist.
  13. Those were the writers words, not hers. Notice a lack of a direct quote. That, in and of itself, is significant. Perhaps some are being less than accurate with their language, calling it a "vote" when it was more of a discussion. Seems like a lot of things are being done and said in order to not say something... Lots of people trying to avoid making definitive statements.
  14. ...do we need to change our name to the "Cornplanters"?
  15. Planting season? Why is this significant to college football?
  16. Realistically, the odds of a highly effective vaccine are very small. A "sort of effective" vaccine is likely the best we're going to get...
  17. I think all entities are going to be happier to have a piece of some $$$ than to have no $$$ at all. That's the ace card in this deal... The alternative to a weird situation is no situation. In that case, weird has a chance. Looking at it from Big Ten perspective, do they have anything to lose if Nebraska and OSU and Michigan form some sort of "wildcat" league and just have football games? Their premiere teams are getting some exposure and some $$$ while the Big Ten can hide safely behind the fact that they canceled the season should liability problems arise. Effectively, they may be able to have their cake and eat it too (though it's just a piece of cake it's still better than no cake...).
  18. If some kids don't want to play, ok. There are plenty who would love to take their place. NEXT!
  19. This is simply politically motivated conspiracy theory B.S. It's been tried, it's been studied (multiple investigations with adequate methodology) and it's been dismissed as ineffective and mildly dangerous due to side effects (cardiac as I recall). Refusing to believe a scientifically validated answer just makes said "believer" look dumb.
  20. Disagree. Option B is a "free for all". Option A is a structured and contained process organized by professionals. Did you see that they're moving athletes into one dorm aka "controlled environment" once football camp starts? This illustrates Option A differing from Option B in making the athletes safer. Have you ever travelled with a big team of NCAA athletes? Very little is done "off script" from hotel to meals and flights. It's the same reason that teams stay in motels during home games, to more closely control the environment... A chartered flight would make it where the team was able to maintain a pretty high degree of containment.
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