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  1. Wife and I had a convo about ditching cable today. She is concerned about not being able to watch NU volleyball. We can watch with HULU yes?
    I know many of you have cut the cord but I only glance at the conversations.

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    2. macroboy


      Different question but related- do they release a TV schedule for the volleyball season or is it all much later than FB games?


    3. Undertow


      I thought the TV schedule should be out already, but I looked at last year, and last year NET didn't list their games until August 21st. And last year the red-white scrimmage was on Aug 18th and the first match was on Aug 24th. Soooo.......if things are similar this year, I would expect the ESPN networks and BTN to announce their TV broadcasts sometime during the week of August 19th and NET to announce theirs during the week of August 26th. I don't remember how firm the schedule remained throughout the season. It seems they added some Nebraska games (mainly BTN) but didn't delete any.

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      If you can't leech off people's streaming services you probably won't save a ton of money in the long run.  

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