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  1. The problem with the ‘he believed in 2nd chances’ and ‘it was a different time’ is that it disregards the trauma to the victims.
  2. This is puzzling but maybe the results this year were a symptom of bigger dysfunction with the entire staff? I don’t know but I guess I’m willing to give him a clean slate. if the o-line sucks through multiple coaches it is certainly more than the coaches.
  3. When is the deadline for players to enter the portal?
  4. That's a good keep by Fickell. Would have been cool to get Leonhard here.
  5. We have a lot of people entering the portal that I have never heard of.
  6. I think we are going to lose quite a few players. The Mickey situation is only gonna make it worse. I think the players really love him and he’s a great recruiter. One could argue that our many of best players this year came from the portal. I think we have the resources to do that again. Losing high ranked croots sucks…but that’s what happens when you have to fire your coach. Luckily there is still time until signing day to get some of them back? And there are always more croots Losing young talent on the roster def hurts. Losing older players….we are a 3-4 win team. I guess I’m just not that worried about it. We are in a full rebuild. It’s gonna sting for a bit.
  7. At no point did I say anything about what I think should happen to Mickey. Not a millennial. Just a grown up that doesn’t play victim about the imaginary ‘mob mentality’ and ‘politically correct cancel culture’ you have been misled into thinking is real. Also, you are stalking his wife’s old Twitter accounts? Why? What are you looking for exactly? creepy af, my dude. Even if you are sneaking it in between Andrew Tate tik toks.
  8. you’ve spent this entire thread defending and justifying domestic abuse, and then somehow acting like you are smarter than the people calling you out on your bulls#!t. get your s#!t together, clown
  9. only if you view women as possessions
  10. The amount of stupid in the first few pages of this thread makes me want to get banned.
  11. Does anyone know why Bando didn’t travel?
  12. I read this whole thread up to here. Do I get a ribbon?
  13. Didn’t IGC fumble again after NW? I’m guessing he played himself out of rotation.
  14. Is there a place to see how many snaps players played? I feel like more players saw the field last night. seems like more competition/ rotation helped players play harder
  15. There is quality work being put in on those last 3-4 pages. I feel like once the new guy talked s#!t, people really upped their game. pretty sure I’m having burnt ends tomorrow.
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