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  1. Single game CU tix went on sale today. Having a hard time believing they didn’t dump these into the secondary market even though they are thru the athletic dept. crazy prices

  2. Well, I guess we just found out he isn’t playing anymore. Dude didn’t see much time at 2 schools and multiple coaching staffs. Not sure the issue is how they are ‘doing people.’
  3. Maybe he can help OJ find the real killer.
  4. To this day watching YouTube vids of the Schlesinger td’s gets me misty eyed. Not just bc of the result but bc of how well they were set up. 4 quarters of body blows for the fullback plunge KO shot. Play calling brilliance.
  5. Danzig somehow made onto Huskerboard?! That’s a wrap folks. Time to shut it all down. Also, if you’ve never watched the video of him getting knocked tf out, it’s pretty great.
  6. His job will be to watch film and identify the strain.
  7. I think $5k/ week is a pay cut from his NU NIL $
  8. you both just blew my freaking mind!!!!
  9. I still haven’t tried chili and cinnamon rolls but I do like cottage cheese on potato chips.
  10. Ticky tack

  11. you sir, just won the internet for today.
  12. He was really good at football.
  13. Ha! I thought coach was the recruit for a second.
  14. Their campus is like a college campus. Having a recruiting footprint here is a solid idea.
  15. I agree with this. There is a real plan in place. It looks like they are highly organized which allows them to be efficient and do more. Admittedly I have no idea what was happening before but even if only half the rumors are true then this is a completely different machine.
  16. That article about the staff visit has me chugging kool aid.
  17. I’ve been wondering about this. Is this staff doing more than the previous staff? or are they just better at showing us what they are doing? It seems like they are everywhere!! Especially recruiting.
  18. I think Will said that the wr coach question came, in part, From a chat group he is in with former husker players. One part of coach’s answer That no one has mentioned is that MacGuire Is an incredible football mind, a young up-and-comer, that he will eventually have a hard time keeping. HCMRh Said he thinks he’ll eventually end up a head coach.
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