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  1. Neither am I but we could use more options, don't you think?
  2. I hadn’t really even considered the idea of academic casualties in the portal. I don’t know why. Just didn’t. I guess I assumed that if they were in college already they were carrying good enough grades to go to a different college. Bad assumption.
  3. Don't make me pull this car over!
  4. We just picked up a RB transfer without a RB coach.....or maybe inside the building they know who it is?
  5. There's not a single person that thinks that.
  6. We always remember those games as Tommy Frazier and LP but those defenses were savage. Straight killers.
  7. I also remember where I was and who I was with. In the 96 game vs Florida, one of our friends from Florida, decided to watch the game with our Husker crew. He talked trash for a quarter and ate a s#!t sandwich for the next three. He then drank himself to puking. Feeling like we were jobbed the officials is what I remember most about Florida St.
  8. Yup. I was pretty confident we were going to beat Florida. I had no idea we were going to boat race them like that.
  9. I texted my friend right after the game sealing pick 6 and asked if he was jumping up and down screaming. He said "yes, for a minute, and then I started crying. I've been waiting my whole life for this" I get a little misty watching the 2 Schlesinger touchdowns even today.
  10. I didn't until Alabama started marching right down the field. But, yes, Alabama somehow pulling off a :54 second comeback crossed my mind.
  11. I have a friend that is a Georgia fan. He's nervous. He's also so used to Georgia choking against Bama that he won't let himself believe. I am thinking about how different these games are when they don't really mean anything and are just entertainment. It made me think about the 1995 Orange Bowl. Do you remember how nervous you were? I thought we could win that game but I was so used to getting crushed by our bowl game defeats that I was too scared to fully believe. I also remember knowing at the 1st Schelsinger TD that we were going to win. Miami was tired. They were beat down. They were trying to play assignment sound football but there were just too many....options! Both of those calls were examples of patient genius. Set up the whole game. I wish we played games that mean something. GBR
  12. Wait…..you’re allowed to run those back?
  13. When you look at the portal visitors we have coming in there has to be more roster churn coming.
  14. curious about this. Does it mean no Chubbawumba? Smothers is leaving? None of the above?
  15. What if we only win 8 but it’s close in the loses and we see improvement?
  16. Volleyball

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    2. funhusker


      They are currently ranked #9 in the country…


      They have been way above average for a long time.  Just so happens they wrestle with Iowa, PSU, and OSU among other elite programs.


    3. ladyhawke


      Heck of a series against Wiscy. They made Wiscy work for every point!

    4. Loebarth


      @funhusker - Lame mate. So does the Volleyball team. Just because they happen to wrestle with other "better" programs doesn't make them above average. They are average at best. They weren't better that OUS or OU and one could even argue Mizzou in the big 12 when they competed there. I'm not saying they aren't one of our best men's programs (they are) but the fact is, the men's programs are average or below. We'll see in the next 2 years if Bolt's boys can continue rising and hopefully give the men something to hang their hats on. As it stands though, 1 well played (though conference only) season hasn't proven anything.


      These ladies wearing the N tonight however, their actions speak loud. Their words show character & their play displays grit and determination. Proud of them!!!

  17. I was going to say the same thing. Having a Running Backs coach would probably be useful for keeping Rb recruits.
  18. I would appreciate it if you would stop bringing rational thought to this thread. Clearly this thread is for hyperbolic doom and gloom ‘they don’t have a plan’ ‘no one wants to come here’ posting only.
  19. It’s amazing isn’t it? pole… assassin. with a pet monkey
  20. At least this hasn’t happened yet. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32788408/texas-assistant-football-coach-jeff-banks-girlfriend-sued-monkey-allegedly-bites-child #poleassassin
  21. I was making jokes about the picks. That mesh point though- that thing gets blown up in the BIG all day long.
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