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  1. if you are wondering what it means, i took it as nebraska will win the big 12 this year, if not, then i look like an idiot
  2. i had that tonite! and it was delicious!
  3. i can take that. at least texas is good for something
  4. actually, i got tickets for the lafayette game for 65 each
  5. hey which location, so i dont have to drive to the three i know of
  6. Why does it matter that we lost? Thats the teams fault. has nothing to do with colors. It's done to create a buzz about the game and im not sayin im for them but it IS closed minded to say "No. No. No. I only wear read or we loose and I'm not supporting the team." No matter what color the shirt is...it still is stamped with a bold N and it still says Nebraska. Hail to the Victor. Im a lifetime wrestler and they have done blackouts....that right there proves its not a media spectacle. Theres no such thing as media in wrestling. I mean come on. I'll say it again. Get over it! Ever heard the quote "if it's too loud ur too old".? Well "If it's not red enough....your too old!" I love red. but I cheer loud in black too. you just lost your fan card.
  7. Bronson Marsh said he is going to skip prom for the spring game
  8. high praise, indeed. i had to play against him in the state game, and he tore us up. luckily i only had to go against him once and ate me alive, but the play went the other way so i won that battle
  9. the only time i have ever rooted for ND is when their idiot coach finally put Rudy in
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