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  1. Yes the focus is the now and the Rajun Cajuns and then onto Big XII play, but one can't get a little giddy looking at next year. Lose Hickman and Holt(not a big loss) as offensive starters and Suh(pretty big loss), Turner, Asante, and O'Hanarse(whichever one is our FS at said time). Z Lee has a year under his belt, a very capable back up QB whose role should expand next year, a stud RB and backup RB, Niles Paul as a senior(put up or shut up time), an experience line(heard that before though), experienced and older LBs, and very good CB depth. Oh yeah, our best player will only be a junior working for back to back Groza Awards(that's Henery). The schedule is set up. Worse cream puffs than this, Washington could be a good non-conference game for us. Nebraska gets the key North games at home and face a Colt McCoy less Longhorn team at home and an OSU team with a new QB and without Dez Bryant. Top Ten? Maybe, maybe not all depends on the present. But special, chances look good.
  2. Herian was never the same after that injury. It was a nasty break. I believe an infection came up after surgery, I want to say it was around winter conditioning or spring ball if I recall correctly. Athletes come back and recover so differently from ACL tears. A lot of it depends on their position. A corner like Blue usually will take longer to recover and regain the trust of the knee because of all the cutting and change of direction. Theoretically Blue could redshirt this year if he doesn't play, get another year of rest and recovery and be a third year sophomore next year.
  3. Then the clowns gathered in a circle, arm in arm, to sing Kum-by-ya. The song never got past the first line of the chorus when Brady Morningstar claimed Jake Sharp be straight muggin' him with some nasty pit B.O. and round three broke out. The melee ended after football coach Mark Mangino ate prized incoming recruits brothers CJ and Xavier Henry.
  4. dont you have to actually hit them to have a hit list..... Good point, ask Cody Hawkins......... Cody ain't on Suh's hit list. Cody's name is in large letters on Suh's SPEEDBUMP shirt.
  5. In his final 3 along with Michigan State and the snake himself Bobby Petrino and Arkansas. After all three of his favs lost last weekend, I ask you Keith which of the three looked like a program that is ready to compete for bigger and better things.
  6. Here's another fine example from this poll. Also may prove some athletes may have taken too much brain trauma during their careers. Based on their no doubt very impressive wins over Northern Colorado, UTEP, and Duke, Craig James has the Jayhawkettes ranked 12th. Effin shoot me.
  7. Don't know if this has ever been posted, if so my apologies. Interesting site: pollspeak.com/pollstalker You get to find out where the AP voters put Nebraska in last weeks poll. Two voters had us at 13 and 14. However more voters left us off the ballot than on it, among the notables who left us off, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreet.
  8. Front: A picture of Faurot Field with Columbia, Missouri Back: Where Even the Sun Shines on a Dogs Ass a Couple of Times a Century
  9. The play that the long pass was a blitz with cover two over the top. Yes, I will throw a lot of this on O'Hanlon because Coale was his responsibility as a deep half. Both corners jammed their receivers and covered the flats, but Matt got caught looking into the backfield and losing track of his receiver. A Cover 2 is a great D to run against a team trying to drive the field with no time outs. Thenarse started at the end of the year last year so there is no doubt that he gets it. At least when Ricky makes a mistake someone is going to get his head torn off because he will punish the opponent. Matt may know the D a little better but his missed tackles are killing us. Yes we shot ourselves in the foot way to often today to beat a quality team like Va Tech, but Thenarse starts next week mark my words. And yes if he doesn't call me out I'll still be here questioning that decision.
  10. Can we now admit that our O-Line is not as great as we thought they were. Matt Hotchison agrees and he may know something about NU O-Line play. Helu had a great day, but on many of his runs he made Tech defenders miss. He did have a couple of nice holes but the majority of his yards were YAC. The pass pro was very shaky even against a great defense. DJ Jones was abused in the first half and was benched. And guess what holding penalties usually result from? An O-Lineman getting dominated. They have promise but they are not that good.
  11. I said this in another post and was confused on why he didn't go after Taylor until the final 1/4 of that play. But Suh did what a lot of people wanted to see him do, show up in a big game. Suh, you did work son.
  12. Like I said O'Hanlon=Clint Finley=Andrew Shanle. Bet your butt we have had better talent on the roster and continuously getting burned and missing tackles gets you a one way ticket to the sideline.
  13. Was it just me or did Suh look TOO hesitant on the rush on the TD throw. They are taught if they aren't gonna get to the QB to get their hands up, but Suh sat at the LOS for 3/4 of that play. Would have been nice to see our defensive "leader" to unleash hell on Tyrod on that play not just coming after him the last 1/4 of the play.
  14. Just to piss on everyone's Cheerios and to divert their anger at our inept Red Zone offense and Matt O'Hanlon screwing the game, but look at what U Dub does today in knocking off the paid Trojans. This obviously makes Pedey look brilliant for a big time non-conference game. Take a sec and now vent about Pedey.
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