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  1. Should be a line of Huskers at the transfer portal very soon.
  2. Just an awful performance by every single member of the Nebraska team from coaches to players.
  3. THIS!!!! Where is the rollout to the wide side of the field so #7 can run if it's there? Frost's play calling at the goal line has been moronic at best!!!
  4. Touches so far for the playmakers: McAffrey = zero Manning = zero Robinson = 2 Brown = zero And most of those guys haven't even been targeted or given any opportunity
  5. Can I suggest AM enter the transfer portal ASAP???? He has learned nothing in 2 years in the program. Continues to look confused and make freshman mistakes.
  6. This D could not possibly be more soft!! What a bunch of pansies!
  7. And welcome to sucking #2!! Wouldn't be a complete Nebraska game without AM throwing a ridiculously pathetic INT!!
  8. God this defense sucks!! Just players with no brains, no heart and no discipline or fundamentals.
  9. This team will not win another game this year. They are dumb, talentless, poorly coached and truly missing any kind of heart!!
  10. My God this defense is an embarrassing f&cking joke!!! If Indiana line up 10x in a row with 3rd and 25, they would get it 8 times.
  11. Thank you for not being man enough to catch the ball and take the hit #9! You personally killed the drive and any chance to get this tied up and the half!! Nice job!
  12. Hey #92 let the f*cking ball roll!!! Jesus who is coaching this damn team? I went to a high school game last night and both those teams had more discipline and common sense than Nebraska!! Unreal!
  13. If that fumble stands, I'm done with Mills. Stick him on the bench and make him 4th or 5th string. He isn't quick, he isn't as tough a runner as we were made to believe and he fumbles very f*cking game. His NU career should be over!!
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