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  1. 5XNatlChamp

    Show me your pets

    This is my Olde English Bulldogge - AMO's (Amos). He is named after my oldest son who raised this breed of dog with his mother. We lost my son 4 years ago this March 29th in an auto accident. We got AMO's in July of last year and he has filled (somewhat) a hole that was left in our hearts. He has become my best buddy. I used to think people were weird for how much a pet meant to them. Guess now I am for sure one of the weirdos.
  2. 5XNatlChamp

    Pelini on Rome?

    It was a good interview. Pretty soft questions and nothing pressing about his sideline antics. Asked about what was said to team after Ohio State loss and how the team has held up under adversity. I truly believe there is a lot of mutual respect between Pelini and Rome.
  3. Coach Bo on the Jim Rome show at 11:35 central today.

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    2. 5XNatlChamp


      Rome likes Pelini, don't think he'd wanna get under his skin.

    3. beanman
    4. Foppa


      Rome is awesome with NU and Pelini. He has the utmost respect for our program and state, and as the biggest syndicated sports program, I hope he always has that respect. Long live the jungle.

  4. Iowan by birth, but a Husker by the grace of God. Go Big Red, lets end this right.

  5. 5XNatlChamp

    Rex Burkhead

    I kept waiting for him to throw the 25 yard post pattern to the Tight End. That would have been amazing.
  6. 5XNatlChamp

    Good Game ISU.

    dbl post
  7. 5XNatlChamp

    Good Game ISU.

    Paul Rhodes had huevos the size of cantelopes. Awesome call in his position. Thank goodness for a weak throw into the wind. Great game ISU.
  8. Go Twins - Beat the Spankmees

  9. 5XNatlChamp

    Directtv ppv ordering?

    I ordered the game on their website 10 minutes before the game, and set my DVR. All worked perfectly with no problems
  10. 5XNatlChamp

    Man oh man! Look at Missouri!

    Some on Tigerboard say they can hear the nubs as they call us, and the beakers running to give it to em. Some also say that the way they run their mouths, that they deserve it. lol
  11. 5XNatlChamp

    Man oh man! Look at Missouri!

    Well that was really cool of ESPN to have the "I am the Champion" song on showing the Husker highlights right after Mizzwho got whooped.
  12. Sports Illustrated recently had an article about Meyer's rise through college coaching, and in the article brought up his stress headache and possible tumor. One has to wonder if this has become a more serious condition.
  13. 5XNatlChamp

    To Early To Pray?

    We ask for a chance that's fair
  14. 5XNatlChamp

    im proud!!!!!!!

    Run, run, run, and get the ball to McNeil and we score 31. Welcome back NU offense!!