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  1. 22.5 Sacks as a senior. 15 as a junior. A whopping 37.5 in last two seasons.
  2. Miss u guys. The board has definitely changed some. Take care.
  3. I do and don't. Where I am I could always catch a game locally. Now its a trip but that's ok as getting to Lincoln is a special gift.
  4. No shame in playing an Sec team. Especially one with a qb that has had one start. Gregory and d should t off.
  5. From uncle Okc . Hope everyone has peace love and family.
  6. The BEST show that has been cut in my opinion.Thank the lord for Netflix. Has all three seasons on tap. Yes it has been cut.
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us The team we coached together with our main rivals praying together after a hard fought game. He has impacted so many lives of young and old. We love him and pray with all of our might that he gets better.
  8. Thanks so much guys. He is slowly showing some improvement but still on vent to breath and very little brain activity. I miss his voice and sense of humor. I have faith that he will be back. Please keep praying as it is working. I am very appreciative to you all.
  9. 8th day on vent tube. No improvement. Got a chance to let his sons know that I love them and will be there for them no matter what. That meant more to me than I can say. His two boys play ball with mine. Have since age 3, now 8. They love their daddy as he is a wonderful father. I have had his back for 30 years. Why couldnt I have been there then to fix this..?? Please Please pray. Please dont stop. We can move mountains together. Thank you guys.
  10. He has had asthma since childhood. He was on his way to the walgreens drug store to get a new inhaler around 1 in the morning. He pulled in to a local hospital on the way and drove to the emergency parking. The nurses saw him drive past. After they didnt see him come in for some time they went to his car and checked on him. His heart had stopped. He couldnt breath and went into full cardiac arrest. His heart didnt beat for thirty minutes. He is young and it is very difficult to deal with emotionally as I grew up with him. Played sports with him and now coach with him. He has two boys and two girls none over age of 9. He is one of those people that if you know him , you love him.
  11. My nephew 33 yrs old went into cardiac arrest Tuesday night. His heart stopped for half an hour before they got to him. He is currently in critical care fighting for his life. He is a Husker 100%. Has a wife and four young kids. Please pray for his recovery and family. Thanks
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