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  1. Husker-Joe

    Best Win of the Pelini Era

    My favorite win of the Pelini era (maybe not his best, but) was the 2014 win over Georgia in the Gator Bowl. When you live in the South, you are constantly hammered with SEC talk. The 99 yard Armstrong pass to Q was just fantastic. I can’t begin to tell you how satisfying that win was!
  2. Husker-Joe

    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    How about Motörhead...
  3. Husker-Joe

    Bob Diaco - New Defensive Coordinator

    I am ok with paying over $1M but never for Diaco. If it was Venables or Aranda I would as they have consistenly shown results. Diaco had one strong year and the rest was mediocre or worse.People you've mentioned already make north of a million on proven teams. Why would they leave. You've got to be realistic. I get that and am the one to originally post their salaries, but they are making that much because they have consistently (keyword here) delivered great results. Diaco is nowhere near their level and would not deserve 7 figures It's not about what you deserve, it's about what the market dictates and it appears that the market for Diaco is $1mm+ Paying elite money for an elite coach is the best money a program could ever spend. But, paying elite money for a mediocre coach is the biggest waste.
  4. An Iowa fan walks into the doctor's office one day with a hat on. He takes off his hat, and the doctor sees that there is a big frog sitting right on top of his head. The doctor looks at the man and asks him why he has a frog sitting on his head. It was the frog who replied "Actually doc, I was the one who wanted to see you. Can you remove this wart off my butt?"
  5. Husker-Joe

    Derrion Grim leaving

    From what I am reading, it sounds like he just didn't fit in. I remember watching a video of Westerkamp and him calling "Cherry" a "weird little kid". The "this is camp" talk is pretty telling, and the 2 goodbye tweets I saw were from other Freshmen. I hate to see a young man with his talent leave the program, but at least WR is a position where his departure will hurt little, if any. Best of luck in the future Derrion and thanks for giving DONU a shot!
  6. Husker-Joe

    Hank Hughes no longer with team

    WOW! I guess those who said don't mistake niceness for weakness were correct. I am shocked, but pleased. We need a great recruiter and great teacher. If that means a man in house, a former Blackshirt great (Wistrom, Carriker, etc.), or whoever... go get them Riley!
  7. Husker-Joe

    Signed - WR J.D. Spielman

    IMO, this young man is going to be a star.
  8. Husker-Joe

    Signed - OG John Raridon

    SigNed! Welcome to family Big John! Number 1 player in the state of Iowa.
  9. Husker-Joe

    Signed - CB Lamar Jackson

    Ok, so I have to admit... I have watched the video 4 times. LOL Now I am seeing editing problems. ): Did one of those guys chasing Lamar steal his backpack at the 2 minute mark?
  10. Husker-Joe

    Signed - CB Lamar Jackson

    I really liked the video... especially that one part when he put on the N and said GBR!! Welcome Lamar!! This kid is a stud. The future secondary is looking good, real good.
  11. Husker-Joe

    Signed - TE David Engelhaupt

    Folks can complain about this offer if they wish, but I would love to see this young man be N!! 6-4 235 and athletic, has played OLB, RB, TE, DE, and special teams well.
  12. Husker-Joe

    Foltz Hits Half Court Shot

    That was super kewl!! He just grabbed the ball and slung it!! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Husker-Joe

    Signed - OT Matt Farniok

    YES!! YES!! YES!! Welcome Mr. FarNiok!!
  14. Husker-Joe

    Signed - LB Pernell Jefferson

    Great News!! Welcome to the family!! Let the domiNos start to fall!!