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  1. Using that definition rules out giving an opinion on this board at anytime.......but my post wasn't about the merits of the OP's post, but the predictable group-think piling on that occurred afterward. So common when posters try to show how cute they can be when cutting down someone else's opinion. Just unnecessary.
  2. Ah, group think at its finest. OP makes and optimistic comment. Hey watch me be snarky about it. I can be snarkier than you No wait, watch how clever I can be You guys are dopes....I'm the snarkiest Uh uh, lemme show you how uptown funk you up I can be...... Look, I have trouble agreeing with the OP, but you figs who pile on trying to be cuter than the one before .......not sure what to say.
  3. And the other 10 % have been snacking on paint chips.
  4. Truly not trying to pile on, but Callahan didn't have a transfer portal to deal with and Riley's classes had substantial cultural issues.
  5. Anyone who doesn't start off a post with _______________ sucks or we suck is dismissed as koolaid drinkers. I have beefs with the play calling, burning timeouts due to disorganized coaching.....I really do, but can we revel in a win just for a while?
  6. I need to point out that one of the things AM has issues with is also something LM does well......game tempo. LM can get people set up quickly and that allows us to go more up tempo......AM struggles with this. Also, how about a shout out to Jojo for recognizing the D was not lined up properly and causing a timeout to be called by N to correct it. That is what good football IQ does for you. I think Reimer can be that guy with some seasoning under his belt (sorry for that mental image).
  7. I relearned that Nebraska is the only team that holds......none of our opponents do. Fire Austin! On the flip side the Pee Birds are losing, to Purdue.
  8. Wait a minute. You're asking us? Seems like summin you should have thought about before posting your skree.
  9. I'm a fan of clubbing coffee beans until the little bastards can't move.
  10. Correct. Additionally, Under Title 18 Section 1001 (false statements in Federal matters), there are three components: (1) the statement must be false, (2) the person must know they were making a false statement and (3) the issue must be material. The problem for the FBI with Flynn was that agents were apparently unconvinced that Flynn knew he was making false statements with regard to his contact with the Russians. This isn't getting into politics as much as it is a matter of legal distinction. I'm not an attorney but I am a federal agent who has requested Title 18 prosecutions.
  11. Hope all turns out well for this young man. Rivalries go out the window when serious injuries are involved. Prayers out
  12. Not sure if you mean his religious actions, but if so that's a damned shame. Most people think Bob D.'s philandering was a hoot, but Ron Brown is now persona non grata?
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