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  1. AM is absolutely playing too tight. Last season he was more creative and loose. This year he plays like he's got feet of clay. Gotta wonder if he hasn't been overcoached. I think that's what I learned.
  2. Gonna quibble a little with the bolded. While their initial set was well off the receiver, most times they snuck up into press. I have no issues with that.
  3. Yep. Amazed that anyone recalled them. And that record may be worth some bucks if it's in good condition.
  4. Call ya and raise ya four bitcoins.
  5. Well, he is rocking some 80s glasses, so there's that. Slow day, no commits, no one busted for drugs and I_OA is still off to the east. Work with me here.
  6. Heard this today and thought, hmmmm..................... Just a thought
  7. In an existential sense this may be the funniest post this week.
  8. Damned goiter is acting up but I'm soaking it in whiskey.
  9. Second coming of Mark Shaleen? If this will kid shave his head, sign him up. Otherwise, watched his HUDL video. Are his legs short or are his thighs so big they make his legs look short? The 4.6 is a darned good time for someone his size. Decisive, makes cuts and goes upfield. Not sure if all the broken tackles are due to poor competition or if he just powers through arm and leg tackles. Regardless, I like his film and would not be disappointed with a schollie offer.
  10. Nope. Epic conflagration goin' on east of us. What I learned over there is that KF is the love child of Alena Bobbitt and Jeffrey Dahmer. Think crunchy long pig jerky.
  11. Our shortcomings are pretty glaring, but if you want to feel better check out the I_wa Rivals site. Holy smoke dumpster fire doesn't begin to describe it. And no, I_wa fans, this isn't smack talk. Dayam!
  12. Summarizing a four page thread destined to grow even more....... Moral victories are for losers. 2-7 You're not smart enough to understand what I'm saying Versus Can you not see the progress the team is making? Flipping the culture takes time You're not smart enough to understand what I'm saying so I'll repeat myself Me: RashWellwornHatchetfish.webm
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