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  1. Can I get that tv if you don’t come back, and eh, aren’t here anymore?
  2. Anyone else feel like they are listening to a commercial for a monster truck race? These announcers are a tad bit too excited smh.
  3. Daaaang...that was a bullseye throw on the run.
  4. There’s your strength conditioning moving that pile...
  5. O-line is giving Martinez loads of time in the pocket...hope that keeps up.
  6. I don’t think playing Akron solves holding on to the ball...
  7. Wish Frost was able to bring Milton with him...that kid has a good future.
  8. They actually applauded that “tackle”...I always thought that was an unsportsmanlike call no?
  9. ‘‘Twas a tongue in cheek reference of the latter relating to Jr...
  10. I see “Usurping Scott Frost” and “Frost Warning”...well done.
  11. Is the D-line shift pre-snap new, or have I been sleeping every game this year?
  12. As much as I wouldn’t be super excited to see another game from this staff this year, the bowl money would be nice to pay down some of that buyout for Riley. Then again, not sure if it would even scratch the surface of that “retirement check.”
  13. Wow, looking through those stats reminded me of 2012 and those fumbles. Like waiting to see an interception every throw this year, except then it was waiting to see a fumble every run play. Good times!
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