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  1. We need to remain patient, as difficult as it may be, and pray like hell that we can land a high caliber transfer QB.
  2. It's hard to pass the ball in Ohio in November. They do a damn fine job of it though.
  3. Peters pointing at the scoreboard after our dumbass defense is talking s#!t after letting him in the end zone. This is where we are as a program. Awesome.
  4. That may be true, but that last one was on Luke. You need to catch that ball as a QB
  5. Luke had a clean pocket and ran himself straight into a sack.
  6. Great screen by Illinois. Must be nice to have a decent play caller.
  7. Lol QB draw on 3rd and long again. Good idea.
  8. Lmao. I think CTB is our only DB that plays the ball.
  9. It was a hold. He had his arms around him. Boneheaded play by a boneheaded team.
  10. All this grumbling about officiating is laughable.
  11. Maybe throw Martinez back in? s#!t, I don't know. This team just flat out sucks.
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