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  1. Why does this Omar Manning situation feel a lot like the Mike Riley - Jordan Stevenson situation from several years back? The sad part is that Stevenson has a lot more meaningful playing time and in game reps than Manning.
  2. If backing out of the OU game was Frost's idea, then wow. Getting s#!t on by Illinois at home was rough, losing at home to a patch work Minnesota team that hadn't played in weeks was bad, but this - this is a new level of embarrassment. #NoFearOfFailure #BetterGetUsNow
  3. My expectations are pretty simple - we're going to be, essentially, the same team. Offensively, I like the additions of Stepp and Toure, but as long as Adrian is the one taking the often errant snaps, we're going to continue to be an emo, turnover laden, janky, inefficient offense. The defense will be serviceable, but we still lack an effective pass rusher. I think that losing Bootle may actually help the secondary out, giving way to a guy like Nadab Joseph to play opposite CTB. Having Deonte back at safety will help, but Dismuke will continue to be a liability. Dismuke always pla
  4. At the risk of coming off sour grape-sy, I agree. I think Wandale is the kind of guy that can thrive in a system where he's surrounded by other competent playmakers - he's definitely not the homerun threat (ala D'Anthony Thomas) that he was billed to be during his recruiting process. The problem was the fact that we had a turnover machine at QB, flanked by a gaggle of walk on receivers and a RB that was serviceable at best. Hope he finds a system that he can fit into.
  5. If we can nab a transfer QB and RB, I will be a happy man. Love Adrian to death as a person and leader, but we need better. Mills is effective, but we need a homerun threat. Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts. Those guys come to mind too.
  6. We need to remain patient, as difficult as it may be, and pray like hell that we can land a high caliber transfer QB.
  7. It's hard to pass the ball in Ohio in November. They do a damn fine job of it though.
  8. Peters pointing at the scoreboard after our dumbass defense is talking s#!t after letting him in the end zone. This is where we are as a program. Awesome.
  9. That may be true, but that last one was on Luke. You need to catch that ball as a QB
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