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  1. So, ummmm, when will the blackshirts be handed out?

  2. Went with Omar Manning on offense and "other" on defense. I think Ty Robinson could make some noise this year defensively.
  3. Going to be slightly disappointed if the chrome whites are the road alternate that Frost was alluding to last season. IIRC, he mentioned them being a "road version" of the Blackshirts alternate?
  4. Having Helfrich on staff in some capacity =/= going for 2 after every score. We better not become that team.
  5. Lol f#&% Ekeler. He left us once.
  6. I don't mean to be an insensitive d!(k given coach's health situation, but this is probably for the best. You know what has been straight a$$ for two years? OLBs and ST. Let's go find someone that can recruit and coach competent special teams.
  7. This staff is recruiting at a level we haven't seen in some time. Love that reeling in 4 star guys is becoming normal rather than wishful thinking.
  8. This is, dare I say, the best recruiting class Nebraska has seen since the early 2000's
  9. Crootin - so hot right now. 

  10. This is huge. This class has the chance to be special. We're bringing in some dudes.
  11. The film looks solid, but he's only 6'2" and 210? This dude will get bullied in the run game unless he puts on some weight.
  12. The playcalling this year has been downright odd. Today was a great example of that. Last season, we seemed so sharp and got into great rhythms. I think a lot of this year's weirdness came from personnel issues and a massive regression in qb play.
  13. If Martinez just goes down in bounds, this game is in OT. The play calling was wacky, Martinez was and has been horrid, we're just a damn mess. Guess we'll try again next year.
  14. It's not that I don't think he'll be drafted - I think he goes in round 6 or 7. I just don't think he's great. He's adequate, but he's not a guy that jumps out on film or a guy you have to game plan around. He and SJB are similar caliber players - though I think SJB was better going the other way after picking the ball off. Let's be honest, SJB in the second round was a mistake.
  15. Not a chance in hell. 21 will not be drafted in the first 5 rounds.
  16. This offense is literally built for less talented teams, to a degree. Certainly needs a capable QB with decent mobility and better decision making. It's a spread option team, for the most part, built on finding numbers advantages with crafty pre snap motions and efficiently making reads. We run the triple option offense from the shotgun, with some modern flare and downfield passing. Again, it's about reading the defense efficiently. Really, it's a fun offense to watch when it's humming. We just don't have that McKenzie Milton type guy just yet to put this thing into hyperspeed. We'll hit on a QB eventually - could be Luke or could be Smothers. Smothers has a ton of McKenzie Milton in him from the film I've seen. Let Frost continue to recruit to this scheme and we're going to be fine. The offense works a little better without the cutesy situational gaffes, but I respect the fact that Frost is still learning too.
  17. Frost does not need to change his offensive scheme. It can and does work in the Big 10 - look at Ohio State. Hell, look at us in the last half of last season. Just like any offense, you need to execute.
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