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  1. I’m m confused, so he didn’t do the same exact thing when he was coaching at Nebraska? If he didn’t then I apologize, but I am pretty sure this is what WR coaches do at every level.
  2. I believe that he will come in fired up as well, just like the rest of the staff! This is one of the things I have loved about the staff is their young energy.
  3. I find it funny how people hate on every coach when they are no longer here. This is what Harbaugh said about Williams and his role “Williams isn’t coordinating that aspect of the offense (pass game). He’ll focus on his specialty - route running. ‘He has a specific lane, precision and fundamentals, the way receivers run routes, get off the ball, beat press coverage’, Harbaugh said”
  4. Let’s hope not , that would mean he is doing his job!
  5. He is the passing game specialist, which is a full time job on the staff not just a consultant Definitely not mad bro, just enjoy talking about football, sorry if I came off that way.
  6. I never said that he is a WR coach, he said he was an out of work coach, I merely stated he was still a coach. Also I never said that he wouldn’t be successful. I said this was the only head scratcher to me. He may very well be successful just like his dad was when he started coaching at Baylor, I hope that’s the case
  7. Lol call up Tyreek hill and Davante Adama and tell them he is just an athletic development coach and not a WR coach and see what they say. They have openly talked about his coaching and what it has meant to the players they are today. Also players on the ravens have said the same thing
  8. Don you really think Keith Williams is no longer coaching in football??? At least do a Google search before making statements. Also look at his Twitter and IG you will see how many big name receivers work with him every off season! https://www.baltimoreravens.com/team/coaches-roster/keith-williams
  9. What I keep thinking back to is there is a reason why players work outside their programs with coaches like Keith Williams because he knows everything about the position. Players love playing for MJ because he knows more than EDD drills. It’s the same reason why Larry Johnson is considered one of the best recruiters, because he knows how to coach defensive lineman and knows the position inside and out.
  10. Yea because every program does every day drills that are the same and doesn’t need knowing the position, and it’s not fair to hire coaches that know other coaches or have daddies that are coaches.
  11. Also how do you break down film on what exactly players are doing right and wrong if you don’t know the position. I agree that head coaches and other senior coaches on the staff are going to put young coaches under their wing to help.
  12. Okay before I answer coaching up, I would like you to show me proof that EVERY school is running the SAME drills.
  13. I agree that some drills are similar from program to program, but you will see that some of the most successful position coaches know and understand the position, and are able to correct bad form ie) dropping your hips coming back to the ball or or how to get out of your route. If someone is a track stud that is going to be used to play receiver and is very raw, I would like a coach that knows how to coach and not just say this is the drill I read in a book
  14. Well I am seeing so many of those that are around great minds that are successful. Maybe they should have to prove that they interviewed a female that doesn’t know a coach that is a different religion and color to make you happy.
  15. These hires are done because they have been around great minds that understand the game. There have to be relationships that are created in order to have trust and credibility. If people want to get into the coaching game start at middle school and work your way up, or play at a high level and create a relationship with your coach…
  16. Do you really believe this? I mean at least say 85% or something, but come on college kids need to be coached up and connecting with kids comes with winning and knowing your craft
  17. I agree with you that there are young coaches doing things that you and I can’t do, but we are not being paid to do that so we can complain and question it’s what Fans do. I will say he has been good at picking individuals in the past that people questioned. Also I won’t waste chili by crying in it but thanks for the advice!
  18. Will be nice to get the Raiola boys on board so we can start the pipeline here! Year in and year out one of the top programs in the country!!!
  19. I would have to think that this is what it comes down to. We will have to keep our fingers crossed that he could learn in the fly. I am hoping the young coaching staff is able to connect with recruits
  20. This is the head scratcher for me, has played QB, but has never played or coached WR. How is this a smart move. Also obviously Coleman knew about this which surprises me that he was comfortable with being coached by him. I was really hoping that we would have got Dailey or someone with the history of coaching the position.
  21. Looks like we were very active in guyer and other schools in his district today! I saw him play twice this year and he plays bigger than he is!
  22. Player: Jackson Arnold Hometown: Denton, Texas School: Guyer Position: Quarterback Height: 6-1 Weight: 195 Power 5 Offers: Alabama, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kansas, LSU, Michigan State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Stanford, TCU, Tennessee, Texas Tech Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #72 Overall; #7 QB; .9664; Rivals: #170 Overall; #9 ProQB; 247: #47 Overall; #6 QB; On3: #140 Overall; #7 QB; ESPN: Hudl Tweeted out that we offered him today! He is an absolute stud! District Offensive Player of the year here in Texas last year in a tough district! Junior Year Highlights -3,921 passing yards, 34 tds -296/445 (67%) -659 rushing yards, 12 tds beat my sons team twice last year once in state quarterfinals! Would love to get him!
  23. I will be honest I was not excited about him coming to Nebraska, but I watched the Texas tech, Oklahoma and Kansas games today and I am so impressed with him going through his reads, how he moves in the pocket especially patience and stepping up! If we can protect him he will do great!
  24. We are definitley seeing Joseph and his impact! Let’s hope he is as good as our WR Transfer last year!!!
  25. I have seen this kid play several times and he is an absolute stud! My son has played against his cousin who is in 8th grade and he will be a stud as well!!! I wish he would have come to Nebraska!!!
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