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  1. huskerhandy35

    Big Ten Considering Ineligibility for Freshman

    The dumbest idea Ive ever heard of!!!!! Can't believe anyone would even think of such a dumb idea let alone "gauge" members on it's viability? Pfffffffffffft?
  2. huskerhandy35

    New DB Coach Brian Stewart

    Isn't anyone kind of worried about how he hasn't ever stayed in a single place more than three years and most places one to two years and then moved on? Maybe he is a hard case who is tough to get along with? Maybe there is good reason for all his moving around... I don't know. What I do know is we are trying to find a DB Coach that won't leave after a year or two and can anyone tell me this guys history is indicitive of that? I'm not sure I like this choice but I do understand that Riley was caught off-guard and doesn't have much time to mess around making up his mind? Maybe this guy is the best choice on such short notice?
  3. huskerhandy35

    Beau Walker - Leaving orange for Big Red

    Geez... totally what I wasn't expecting to find in here? lol!
  4. huskerhandy35

    Looking for: Man Cave Items

    I'm I HAD a hard earned, big time Husker Man cave in my finished basement that anyone would appreciate... 35' x 70' sunk in bar 20' long with a full kitchen behind it, marble fireplace at one end with two 42" big screens above the mantle, sectional couch and two lazy boy recliners. The other end i had a 80" big screen with theater style seating three rows deep. first row 5 seats wide second row six seats wide and third row seven seats wide. A Husker pool table, foosball table, and a gaming station with a 42" monitor. Of course all the walls were covered in Husker memorabilia, including Devaney and T.O. tribute walls and about everything else you can think of from, 1970 and 1971 Bob Devaney Jim Beam whisky decanters to Tom Osborne gold coin collector sets. I had to give all that up when I had to relocate! I am happy for all of you... please enjoy what you have because it's when you suddenly lose it, that you realize just how big of a part of your life it is and what it means. All the hard work over time put into it to make your own unique vision come to life. The money spent to achieve and have what I consider one of my personal goals in life, a Husker Man Cave. Finally, the hours of enjoyment a guy and/or gal along with family and friends get from having such an environment in which to watch the Huskers compete. It truly is something to be cherished because to lose it isn't life ending but for some of us it really is heartbreaking!
  5. huskerhandy35

    Riley: Coaches Leaving after NSD "Bad for the Game"

    Apparently, loyalty is a personality trait that is somewhat rare in the younger generation of coaches?
  6. Will Shields is probably the best lineman to ever play at Nebraska and in the NFL for that matter. Couple the type of player he was who quietly performed his job at the highest level every single day with the genuinely kind person he is and you can't find a better human being anywhere.
  7. That brought tears of joy to my face!
  8. huskerhandy35

    Avery Moss - updates - 1/9 **readmission denied**

    If only we were in Europe Avery, where you can hang out at the beach and/or other places with your squirrel hanging out and nobody bats an eye. I know we aren't in Europe and what Moss did was illegal, but I just can't reconcile the fact that they made this young man jump through hoops of their own choosing, with the end result being he will be reinstated. The "Board" of people, who had a year of this young mans life in their hands can decide either way, without consequence to their decision, would be in the right to deny his reinstatement at this time, had there NOT been any requirements ut on this young man over the last year. The FACT that there were REQUIREMENTS this young man had to follow, means there had to of been something gained for this him in return or at the very least implied. Putting requirements on him, with it being implied the gain for him would be reinstated, only to not reinstate him is a mockery. It's not right, fair or a proccess I would consider to be moral!
  9. huskerhandy35

    Hank Hughes New Husker Defensive Line Coach

    WHy is there so much negativety in here? Riley knows what he is doing and all those who are criticizing the hire of Hughes, haven't even done any homework on the guy. Hughes has fielded top 25 defenses on a regular basis, and at a much lesser football school. Sure you could say the competition in the big east isn't as good but nonetheless, everywhere this guy has been he has improved the Defenses immensly and due to his track record, I feel pretty good about this hire!
  10. huskerhandy35

    Les Miles happy

    I am fed up with people posting that Nebraska isn't a top HC job and top coaches wouldn't come here? That is unfounded and quite frankly ( | )-a-9. Aside from the recruiting hardships Nebraska faces, which I believe aren't impossible to overcome, the Nebraska job most certainly is a top 5 gig! It all comes down to the bottom line, which is $. We have it, we MUST use it! I like Mike Riley and have zero negative to say about him as a HC and will support him until he gives me a reason not to! I hope to God he works out for us and is in the playoff hunt every year. I would like nothing more than to see the AD having to re-new his contract every other year in order to keep him happy because he's winning so much! GBR!
  11. huskerhandy35

    Tavita Thompson New GA Working with TEs

    Come on everybody... why the negative spin on this thread? We all should be jumping for joy! Although I am thankful and respect the things Barney has done at NU and the loyalty he's shown through the way he handled the bowl game situation and represented the university, I for one, am estatic he isn't coaching for us any longer! Even this GA should be an improvement!
  12. huskerhandy35

    SIGNED - TE Matt Snyder

    Welcome to the Husker family Matt Snyder!! Alot of people, including myself are excited to see you on the field scoring TD's wearing the iconic red "N" on your helmet in the near future.
  13. huskerhandy35

    What makes you like Husker football?

    lol @ stpaul!
  14. huskerhandy35

    2014 Heisman Trophy Presentation

    Ha! Ha! Johnny and Mike were some sharp dressed men weren't they!?
  15. huskerhandy35

    2014 Heisman Trophy Presentation

    I watching part 2 now and it is amazing how far Miami fell and how long they have stayed at the bottom! What in the hell are they talking about? Greatest comeback period in Cane history? Are they smokin crack?