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  1. Seems like he'll announce KU today. Emmett Jones, KU's WR coach and Parker's best relationship, tweets making it seem that way at least.
  2. Find it hard to believe he signed w anyone considering he eliminated Bama bc they pressured him to sign during the early period.
  3. Fans bitched like this Frost's first year as a player too. Would have to think he expects plenty of backlash given the start.
  4. Find this perspective a bit short sided. If Riley had been hired at the time of Callahan, you'd be saying Riley is who destroyed our traditions. That is focusing the argument essentially on timing. If we focus entirely on the field, Riley is without question the worst (as you stated). I can't believe I'm defending Callahan but all he did was bring the system he believed in at the instruction of Pederson. You could also argue Callahan's system worked. Now if you want to argue who is the worse AD, timing must be apart of it and I personally would put Pederson over Eicho
  5. 4-8 is the BEST we'll do. Just witnessed the worst coaching job I can remember.

  6. I would much rather see a slew of juco DEs being offered than additional linebackers. To me, we've passed the need for juco LB help. We have one juco guy committed in William Johnson, 3 other freshman LBs (including Alexander) and 3 more from the 2015 (not including Talan). The way our secondary has been playing I wouldn't be surprised to see a juco CB get one as well.
  7. What the hell is up with your name??? You change it?? Still remember that guy standing behind Tiger as we got our ass kicked in another Ryder Cup. The funny thing is he dressed up like that as a tribute to The Mechanic. It's not a very good try. Ha! Yea, I moved to Denver from Chicago so had to change it from SkerChicago.
  8. Could be wrong but I believe he is still injured.
  9. Seems like he has a good HEAD on his shoulders. That's the way you get aHEAD in life.
  10. 4-8 is likely with what the coaches and players are showing us today.
  11. Seriously? Get out of here with that. You're disgusting. What an ignorant thing to say. Someone ban this idiot and delete this post after you do it. Ban this fool.
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