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  1. Just now, Wistrom Disciple said:

    Instead of bashing our players, can we acknowledge that it was a heck of an effort by the receiver there? I wish we would've brought someone from the edge or from out wide to disrupt timing, but regardless it was a heck of a play by the receiver. If our secondary could just turn around to look for the ball, it's a pick.


    I think it's illegal to look for the ball, it has to be since we do it exactly zero times per game.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    So…been in Lincoln since yesterday morning. Down town since about 10;00. Walk yo the game and my wife says…”I don’t feel well”. 

    Is it bad that I questioned if I still wanted to me married …..or, could a stranger take care of her while I go to the game?

    She fired.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Toe said:


    Yep. But TBH, the rest of the schedule isn't that scary. After Michigan we've got Illinois who has the same record we do - not easy but not impossible. Then we've got probably three of the four worst teams in the conference in a row (Northwestern, Purdue, Michigan State). Then Maryland, who's 4-0 but against hella crappy teams. Then it's just Wisconsin and Iowa - both pretty good but with some flaws. Think we can find four wins out of that group?


    Of course, more injuries could change the picture in a hurry...

    Unfortunately the Illinois coach might eat HH before the game starts.  That boy got chunky.

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  4. Just now, Number1Huskerfan said:

    True, but we are 2-2.  Next week vs. Michigan could or could not get ugly. Either way,  6 wins is NOT out to the realm of possibility.  6 wins = Bowl game which equals additional practices for the younger players = more exposure to B1G time football  = a better season next year.  

    At this point, who cares as a Win is a Win.  FFS why would anyone given the history of the most historic program in College Football snub their nose at a win?

    As a realist I say this in the nicest way I can, please put the pipe down.  Crack is whack.

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  5. 1 minute ago, M.A. said:


    Take a cold, cold shower. We've got a long ways to go before we're "unstoppable". In a couple of years we'll be much improved however. 

    Shrinkage gonna fix all this guys ails.

  6. Just now, knapplc said:

    Not sure if this offense can earn us many wins in conference, but this defense is built to stop the run. And that's how you win the West.


    Not this year, for sure. But maybe there's hope for the near future?

    I think we win a few more thanks to D and the run, namely Purdue(they are god awful) but I don't know how many we can get.  I will say 2 more wins at this point.

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