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  1. hmmmm already using a timeout, can we please stop being the clown show?
  2. At this point, I don't think we win anything until the game is played. We can't take anything for granted as this team seems to always find ways to f up a wet dream. It seems if it's impossible to screw up anymore of an unknown way, we go and find that way.
  3. Had a guy tell me if Rhule benches Sims he's in the portal by the end of the week... can we help him pack was my response.
  4. I don't think "turnover machine" works well in a resume, but apparently our coaches don't look at resumes so he might be ok.
  5. I heard Sims has a DNR, no need to triage him.
  6. We learned Sims should not be playing QB, he single handedly killed drives we were moving the ball on. Hate to say it but if he is our QB all season we could possibly lose every single game.
  7. Fidone showing up on the stat sheet this week with a TD . 1//2 on the day i believe.
  8. Hey we get a turnover in garbage time....great.
  9. Gotta stat pad to push his son for Heisman. Unfortunately when they play anywhere near a complete team CO is gonna get slaughtered.
  10. Can't believe we still haven't seen a single backup QB at this point. This is how coaches get fired, Rhule is just lucky they can't fire him right now.
  11. So basically this entire season is going to be the ISU game. There's a single common denominator on all of the turnovers but 1.
  12. We almost have as many turnovers as points now. This is unforgivable.
  13. You have to catch that, he didn't have to friggin dive to catch that either.
  14. Our DB got caught watching the ball, he didn't even move until the ball was thrown.
  15. I cannot be the only one who thought after the TD we would dink it off the upright for the extra point.
  16. Our left side just kinda half assed it there.
  17. Defense doing their job, these boys playing hard.
  18. Odds that Sims comes back out at QB? I would hope slim to none but we have had trailers hitched to QB's for a long time.
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