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  1. Making the 9hr drive from Tx Friday morning with the fam for our first game in Lincoln!
  2. illnino

    Depth Chart for Fresno State

    Three of the guys ahead of him are seniors who all have quality game experience. Nothing wrong with being behind them. I think his injury last year hampered his body and strength development, which is key for a TE. Hopefully Snyder will be able to get in the weight room and be a contributor for 2017. I guess I was just expecting to see him no lower than 4th on the depth chart. No disrespect to Hoppes or Ketter, but I don't remember hearing their names during camp.
  3. I'm finally making the 9hr drive from Texas (small town outside Amarillo) to Lincoln this upcoming Friday to watch the Fresno St. game. It has been a life long dream to see a game live in Lincoln. The only other time I've seen the Huskers play was in the 2010 Big 12 championship game against OU in Arlington, Tx. Now for my question...I'm interested in any advice for any pre-game activities, wether the night before or on game day. I'm bringing my wife and 3 kids with me, and roughly remember reading about some kind of meet up where fans could get autographs and such from current/former players and staff. Many thanks in advance!
  4. illnino

    Depth Chart for Fresno State

    Peyton Newell 3rd string kind of surprised me too. I remember the previous staff was pretty high on him
  5. illnino

    Depth Chart for Fresno State

    He was injured during the spring I believe.. Oh ok, thanks
  6. illnino

    Depth Chart for Fresno State

    Matt Synder 6th string? Is he injured again?
  7. illnino

    Derrion Grim leaving

    Read on BR that he's been talking about leaving since the spring. His dad said that while disappointed, he wasn't surprised by his descion. Also read that playing time wasn't a factor, just homesick.
  8. Just finished this series. Really good show.
  9. I been thinking of swtching to Amazon Prime. But every time I look into it there's still stuff left on Netflix I want to watch. I like having Prime and Netflix together because they both have great series' to watch. I have Prime & Netflix, too. I haven't watched a single thing on Prime yet. We've had both since about July last year, and I'm not remotely done watching stuff on Netflix yet. Yeah. Just when you think you've seen all the good stuff, they add more. Does Amazon Prime carry a lot of the same shows as Netflix? My buddy has Netflix and said they made an announce saying they were going to cut out a lot of their older movies and tv series, and make it more of a quality over quantity type of service, I guess going by what people are streaming.
  10. illnino

    Better Call Saul

    I've watched the first 3 episodes, and so far it's pretty good. I'll most likely watch the fourth one tonight after work. I really like the fact that Mike's in it, and I remember reading an article a while back saying a lot of the characters from Breaking Bad would make cameos as well.
  11. illnino

    ok... so who has some names for the new DB coach?

    Did they say or have an idea when an announcement would be made?I think I caught them speculate it would be about 10 days from Friday.No link until I get home from work. Thank you sir
  12. illnino

    ok... so who has some names for the new DB coach?

    Did they say or have an idea when an announcement would be made?
  13. I started watching this show last month. Just finished season 2. Really good show
  14. illnino

    Who's Leaving?

    I thought once you earned a scholarship, you kept it for the duration of your playing career. So are scholarships based on a year to year basis? No, they are currently year-to-year. ok, thanks