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  1. Lee is really struggling and I'm doubtful that he is far enough along in his development to think he has any chance of turning it around. He has very poor mobility and pocket awareness. His progressions are slow and he seems oblivious to opposition linebackers in throwing lanes. He routinely makes poor decisions; particularly when he is under pressure. It takes a lot more than an arm to make a quarterback. Wilbon has ball security issues. He is a liability in pass protection. Our receiving corp isn't very good. Morgan is well-rounded, but his hands are sketchy. E
  2. The officials were dreadful, though I think Arkansas St. got the worst of it. Contrary to most everyone else around here, I wasn't impressed by Lee. He was a statue in the pocket with poor awareness. His deep throws had zip and were well-placed, but his progressions were a bit slow and his decision-making wasn't impressive. He got away with some bad decisions by throwing bullets through tight windows. He won't get a ton of help from the receivers without more touch on his intermediate throws. The numbers looked alright, but he could've killed the game off with a bit of consist
  3. I will be happy with a win. Northwestern has been poor this year, but I'm not ready to bury them. This is a dangerous game.
  4. The good thing these days is that voters are far more willing to bounce teams around than they were ten or so years ago, so these early season polls are far less of an issue than they used to be.
  5. It's this. Alberts was a blatant homer when they worked together and it was apparent that the two didn't like each other. May took every opportunity to rankle Alberts over Nebraska's decline. I don't generally buy into persecution theories, but May just doesn't like Nebraska. Aside from this, I pay little attention to May as he just isn't very insightful about college football in general.
  6. Lebron's ego has grown unabated into a monstrosity, but even he has to realize that his relationship with Lue as his HC has to work. While he will never own up to it, it is obvious that he was instrumental in Blatt's removal. He had passively made his disdain for Blatt obvious over the past season and a half, and the firing of the head coach of a team in Cleveland's position is unprecedented. When the dust settles, Lebron is going to find himself in a situation where it is championship or failure, and there really isn't anyone left around him that he can convincingly point a finger at when
  7. Maybe, but I never saw it. He got to return kicks because he threw a fit over redshirting, but he looked very poor in that role. Any Husker fan should know that recruiting rankings have been a very poor predictor for success in the Nebraska backfield.
  8. How much more of this until Husker "supporters" stop referring to themselves as the greatest fans in college football?
  9. I'm reserving judgement on Langsdorf. I honestly don't know how I would approach playcalling in this system given that our execution is so poor on plays that are designed to keep us on schedule. We have improved on WR screens, but I don't think I've ever seen a team so inept at RB and interior screens. These are high percentage plays (or should be) that may go down as passes in the box score, but they are effectively running plays. Tommy seldom puts the ball where it needs to be when it needs to be there, and our offensive linemen either whiff on defenders or draw drive killing illegal blo
  10. Then we have no options at QB. Changing quarterbacks won't fix this team, but our production at the position has been well short of adequate. Every team has drops, and you should expect at least a few when you throw the ball 50 times, but the vast majority of our incomplete passes today (and throughout the season) are due to poor decision-making and accuracy. I'm not calling for change, as I know next to nothing beyond the names of our other options, but I have a great deal of difficulty believing that any random FBS backup could be significantly less productive.
  11. Mechanics aren't his only deficiency. He is very reminiscent of B.J. Daniels of South Florida, another immensely talented athlete who never developed into anything more than a backyard quarterback.
  12. Or for better examples, how about Baylor, TCU, Stanford, and Kansas St. These programs all crawled out of holes far deeper than anything Nebraska has ever seen.
  13. Whichever one can complete a five yard pass? I don't understand the unwavering support Armstrong receives from some, nor the plaudits thrown his way by members of the media. He has a tremendous set of physical tools for the position, but he lacks some of the most basic fundamentals necessary for consistency. He never steps into throws and he never steps up into the pocket. I've seen no evidence that he has the instincts to run the read option nor to move through his progressions. Given his experience, it's difficult to expect any of this will change. I really don't want to be too critica
  14. Congrats this makes zero sense. I ask you ?? How many names does our new coach have ??? It only violates logic if you make an inaccurate inference. It is possible to receive confirmation that a deal is in place without knowing specifically who said deal is with.
  15. And you can argue whatever you wish to about intent, but he sort of lost the benefit of the doubt with his behavior on the sidelines.
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