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  1. Looks like we now know the concrete end date for Solich to retire now.
  2. My first game in Memorial Stadium was in 1989 so the cop was still doing his thing then but I don't remember him when I was a student at UNL in the mid 1990s.
  3. I remember him. He didn't look like a hippie in the 90s when I remember getting a hot dog. You would signal what you wanted. He'd gun you a dog and you would put the money in the hot dog wrapper and toss it back to him--likely hitting some other guy in the vicinity instead of this guy. Does anyone remember the cop you would go up the platform/steps in the southeast corner of the stadium? It was pre-Huskervision days.
  4. What did Washington do? If it is not related to the court case then and he's not been arrested. What could it be?
  5. Trending towards another top 20 class but not top 15.
  6. I honestly don't know who that coach would be. Top 10 established coaches aren't coming here to slog through during a rebuild and it is a rebuild. Devaney built Nebraska and Osborne maintained it and added to the legacy his last 5 years. But is was built. This needs to be built but in a world with 85 scholarships instead of the no limits of the Devaney era.
  7. True, the last time in the big game was 2001. Last complete team was 2000 team. Last top 15 team was 2009 with 2012 the last division winner and team deserving of any top 25 year end ranking. We are seven years removed from any kind of accomplishment and 18 years from being a top 10 team.
  8. It wasn't 20 years ago since we were competitive. People need to stop with this talk. From 2006 through 2012 Nebraska won outright or shared their division 5 of 7 years. From 2013 to present no division titles. 2013 was the end of Nebraska being competitive or building towards anything at all. Assuming 2019 we don't turn it around enough to win the West then we are 0 for the last 7 seasons. TO retired, Pelini operated with one foot out the door his last two years, and we hired Riley who was proven inept yet again. Now the coach of year was hired less then 2 calendar years ago and the ship is slowly turning around. He started 0-6 (continuing a 10 game losing streak), ended 4-2, and with a win tomorrow will be 4-2 to start season 2. We have to be patient, this is getting fixed, we are trending up now. The national media was hyping this team with a cursory review of the situation (as they often do with many teams). What was the Coach to say to this during the off-season? I look for 7-5 or 8-4 this year and a bowl victory. Progress.
  9. I heard from a source that the project budget is now at 140 million and moving the track is part of the plan.
  10. Outright conference championships: Frank -1 Kirk - 0
  11. Frankie won another one last night. His career winning percentage is significantly better than Kirk Ferentz's and he's won more games. Is Frank a better coach than the GOAT Iowa coach?
  12. The Colorado game remains the best performance for the year. The offense and defense were both trending down from Colorado through Michigan. Purdue stopped the trend down and with the Wisconsin performance the trend continued to go in the right direction. Northwestern will be the first win of the year. I’m calling it 30-27 Huskers. The beginning of a three-game winning streak.
  13. And a new all time losing streak record will be set so there's that. Always nice to see something historical so I can tell my grandkids I was there and other great sayings.
  14. It's been the perfect storm--literally. If we play Akron we win. We likely play better early vs. CU and win without AM getting put in a position to get injured. With AM we beat Troy. Team is in a better frame of mind going to MU. The game is a lot closer and fun to watch and we're sitting at 3-1 and hopeful for the future. Now people are beginning to panic a little. It's unfounded but understandable.
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