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  1. most vanilla bo/carl D Ive ever seen. KISS method in full effect. Besides an odd burkhead flashback pass play, the offense was as well. Calm the effffffffffff down.

    1. n.e.husker


      You sensed the dark cloud over husker board too? people need to relax around here.

    2. Blackshirts33
  2. I prefer to listen to people that actually know what the f#*k they are talking about in arguments. Your mom being a nurse or tech or whatever for this doctor, however noble, doesnt do it. Im so sick of people pointing fingers at others that are trying to make money and do something new, which this goddamn country is built on, that I could literally...well...I could care less. If that person, or others, hadnt been a doctor, where would your mom be? What were all those great nursing and tech jobs built on? Hrm? This country has lost its fighting spirit. Go out and get it, and find a way to make your job make money, or be happy with a 'guaranteed' whatever. Doctors can keep slugging along taking what you believe to be great payments, or they can try to improve themselves...hmmm...what a crazy business model. You cant apply ethics to one group while you go about working your own job, looking forward to a raise, making money off of someone else, and trying to make more, can you? This isnt communism. Just quit expecting the 'guarantee' to be anything more than what you make it yourself. It honestly makes me sick. I know Im not making much sense...but f#*k. You grab coattails, you might end up in the wind.
  3. mmmtodd

    Got P90X in the mail today

    had to drop in here...the guy that got shot in killed in omaha recently? Ive been running past his house for a month or so now, and I sh#t you not I got turned around the day it happened, without a clue. I run past there every day now, and look forward to it. Im sick, I know.
  4. mmmtodd

    Need 2 Nebraska vs. Creighton Baseball Tickets

    therewas a guy on craigslist from my area, beaver lake, offering tix 4 for $100. hope theyre still there for you. they were upper grandstand seats tho, but still, you'd be there. im sorry i didnt get it on here sooner. they are probably gone by now at that price. craigy link
  5. mmmtodd

    Need 2 Nebraska vs. Creighton Baseball Tickets

    good luck. i was looking for another and found it on craigslist, and i have several other friends still looking. Ill bounce in here if i find anything else worthwhile, but right now 'Tix wanted/looking' vs 'tix available/for sale' ads are running about 10:1...if not higher. In fact, I just looked again and didnt see any for sale but plenty of people looking. --Im not joking, this could be a harder ticket than Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus or whatever to get. (not as expensive, surely, but there was always tickets up for those) you have to remember well over a third of capacity (8,000+) were never even for 'sale'-they went to the construction companies/contractors/MECA/big wigs, etc. I live downtown and several of us were all over it through multiple avenues and we had less than good luck when they went on sale.(it was less than 2 hours for the ones they did put online, and the website was hit or miss) So you have everyone in Nebraska fighting over 16,000 tickets basically for a historic game at a brand new stadium... This game is gonna cost. I think I saw somewhere that they may have another 300-600 upper level seats held back theyre gonna put on sale the morning of the game CWS style...this might be a go enjoy the atmosphere/see if you can snag some from the construction working drinkers before the game type of deal.
  6. mmmtodd

    Got P90X in the mail today

    the most important thing to remember is to find motivation wherever you can...I feel wrong calling it motivation. Just try something. P90x, or spinning, or the thighmaster is nothing groundbreaking...if you spend even 15 minutes of time daily for 3 months doing something that exerts yourself over your norm, you'll likely find just as good results...and you wont be wondering when the next dvd comes out. Not knocking anyone that uses it, but its not the miracle of P90x doing it for you. Its you committing, and ultimately finding an excuse, for you to do something for yourself. I simply dont agree with having to pay someone for that revelation. The weather is warming up for most of us, and 'summer' and all that it entails is upon us all. Just get out! Go for a walk, explore parts of your town or area you have never really seen before. I live in downtown Omaha, can tell you how to get anywhere in this town, but had never really been through Little Italy. Some crazy cool stuff down by the river. Im a lackadaisical run/biker, but a simple walk through there a couple weeks back has turned into me running all the streets around Lauritzen Gardens and seeing some pretty cool stuff. Its even led to me thinking about building a funky dream house on a couple of the empty lots Ive noticed after seeing several houses in the area that are quite remarkable (not for their size), and fun battle with an angry looking, free roaming dog on one dirt street that makes me feel like Im deep in banjo playing country when I can see first national tower in the background...its amazing what getting out and trying something new will do for you. Start small with something you enjoy and it will lead to fancy pants plan type results quicker than you think.
  7. scarlet and cream automotive paint?... GO!

  8. uneasy as it may be, this is nothing new. in fact, the only thing relatively groundbreaking or whatnot around it is 1: The relatively low 'fee' he charging for this 'service' compared to other parts of the country. 2: that this service has finally hit podunk lincoln and, maybe... 3: that people are surprised that others will pay for it in 'podunk' lincoln (kind of like people that make 'a lot' of money and would spring for this sort of thing are surprised that others wouldnt jump on this, if youre picking up what im throwing down.) and drumline...youre ethical argument is, while noble, i dunno...odd. if you could make enough money to retire playing drums for people at what you or I may consider exorbitant rates (that you were not holding a gun to their head to pay) you wouldnt do it? and on the flip side, if you knew and liked someone's services enough, and could afford them exclusively, that you wouldnt pay it especially in regards to something as important as healthcare? and i find the article stating that concierge medicine being around for 'at least a decade' quite humorous.
  9. tennessee hires missouri states martin as coach. thats a tough road.

    1. NUance


      state of Missery lost almost half its Div. 1 basketball coaches this month. heh.

  10. mmmtodd

    Need Help Finding

    thank you for making me piss my pants.
  11. so my buddy shawn says, "hey, those look look like rain clouds..." and i replied, "very well, watson."

  12. shawn watson agrees, it has to really suck being a tennessee fan the past few years.

  13. shawn watson smokes after sex...because he does it so fast.

  14. mmmtodd

    UNO is dropping football and wrestling

    not sure, eh? indecision is a terrible thing. youre continuing to prove to me the type of person you are. so please, carry on. ill give you a tidbit. the worthless wrestling program, that you berate because no one attends it...well, that program is a part of the community. maybe you never had an interest in wrestling, but UNO is more respected in the fabric of nebraska wrestling than the program down at lincoln. class b skutt, the team that won 13 titles in a row? that is a nationally respected and feared high school program... guess where their coach(who does it while working full time as an omaha fireman) wrestled? UNO wrestling is more blue collar than UNL football could ever imagine to be. You go to UNO wrestling camps as a kid, not Lincoln ones. this isnt some random sport being pushed aside. the hundreds of people that showed up during the press conferences...the majority were wrestling fans. so youre right in a sense, that no one shows up for football. and maybe because it was only hundreds means that it should never be division 1...but tell me this...how many people would have showed up if basketball was on the chopping block? killing UNO wrestling is cutting the head of the snake that is nebraska wrestling in general. now they are gonna start a soccer program...oh joy...guess who's program is already the fabric of nebraska soccer? where do soccer kids want to go to camp? ill tell you, its downtown omaha, because i attended them. do you see where this is going, at all? what is the fabric of nebraska football? yes, i have a wrestling bias-but overall that is besides the point. something great that the state has, however small you personally view it, is being demolished. that doesnt affect you in the least? you act surprised that people would be upset about it, that the new wondrous Div 1 UNO programs are so worth it-that they are more important than wrestling, or football. that they wont lose money, just like thousands of successful college sports programs do on a regular basis. but its because of dollars, right? the summit league move isnt like nebraska moving to the big ten where revenues are higher. i get it, in a sense. but i also dont get, as a nebraskan, how you dont fight for and keep the things you do best simply because there is a dollar sign or lack of a dollar sign in front of it. and with details dropping out every day of boosters and athletic department board members not even being aware of the process that trev went through, well, thats more than a bit disconcerting.