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  1. husker98

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    After suh didn't win I stoped taking the Heisman seriously. It's easily the worst popularity contest in America with the worst career implications.
  2. This is possible, the rumor I heard a few years ago and still hear involves KU, but mostly just for their basketball program, but it miles flips the football program around by the time the BIG makes it's move then it wouldn't seem as absurd to take KU over UT as it would right now.
  3. Rumors from friends I have in the broadcast business have backed up the Oklahoma rumor. They want out, the Texas side is new though. Texas is locked at the hip with Texas tech and Baylor thanks to the large number of alumni from both present in the Texas legislature. The BIG ten doesn't want those teams or Oklahoma state. So I don't see how Texas ends up in the conference.
  4. husker98

    Turner Gill retires

    except that he was a husker, who did the footballs for us. And the school he retired form might steal ron brown form us
  5. husker98

    Guy Thomas gone

    This is looking more like the battle of the little big horn now.
  6. god this thread was a lot more fun to read when i was drunk.
  7. husker98

    B1G Week 13

    how prophetic, but, was it a choke? Or a meltdown?
  8. husker98

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 50% off on Black Friday

    umm, that ship isn't turning, as you can see by the zig zag wake, it's drilling taking evasive maneuvers in the event of a torpedo attack, most likely by a submarine............ just sayin .
  9. husker98

    DJ Durkin Fired

    we have a forum for this, and this is not it.
  10. husker98

    *** Official Bethune-Cookman Game Thread ***

    i like how we are playing let it be during the review XD
  11. husker98

    Look at this moron right here:

    I'm sure there's an idiot coach red shirt somewhere
  12. husker98

    End of NCAA College Football?

    Then factor in division II and lower and this gets very interesting very quick.
  13. husker98

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***