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  1. Intentional or no, this is a Bo Pelini reference, i am both impressed and offended.
  2. Its one thing dicing teams form Illinois and colorado, its another thing being largely ineffective against everyone else. The OSU game was a really look at how far he has come, and its not far enough, the line suffers some of the blame for that but not entirely, defenses have caught on to his tendancies and the whole offense is paying for it as a result. @Husker in WI IF stats won game we would have beaten colorado and blown out North western. But we didn't. Referencing to what i typed above, against good teams he's got issues right now. And referring to the crack block thats my bad on terminology, i meant just a block in general, and in the atleast two instances on broken plays i saw, he just stood there. He is playing scared, barely getting to all his reads, this is evident by him missing wide open receivers and making terrible read option calls. Again the line takes some of the blame but like i wrote above, a lot of it is on him atm. He needs to get it figured out or else a bowl game is out of reach.
  3. And the last time he was clicking was last year. The dude plays spooked and wont even throw a crack back block for teammates on broken plays. I agree he is a good player with all the talent in the world, but a lot of good that talent does when he is playing scared.
  4. lol, no. AM is only slightly better than vedral this year for mysterious reasons. We would still be underdogs.
  5. husker98


    Huskerlaw, did you make a new account?
  6. i think it the concept that a player can sit out a whole year to protect his draft stock is hilarious, do they really think the school won't yank their schollie?
  7. to be honest, that ship is actually turning at a high rate of speed given it size and the short duration of the GIF. The more you know.
  8. it never went away, it just modernized. Oregon ran option out of spread sets, thats what we are supposed to be doing these days but we suck at it. Military academy style option, and then pistol, nevada style option. We kinda ran it with Bo but Beck didn't really understand it so we sucked at it when playing against good teams. So yea the option was never taboo, it just took on a new look. However peterson/perleman did a good job of getting people to beleive it was outdated, which was funny cuz that was at the same time as nevada and oregon were beginning to really take off.
  9. Most people didn't, not even people getting paid millions of dollars to coach either. We are thin at RB, and it shows this year.
  10. I completely forgot gameday was even still a thang. Not gunna lie, kinda wish they had just kept on forgetting about us and kept on blighting the campuses of bama or clemson or whoever the flavor of the month down south is.
  11. we still judging the last coach to take us to our last CTG and string multiple winning seasons together based solely off sideline antics? Not a boliever, just curious how people that justify firing him over this then go seem to forget how it played out afterwards and wether or not it was all worth it just to not have to worry about sideline antics?
  12. Even better news, Eli sullivan is pretty good as well, so this isn't as big a weakness as the thread author thinks.
  13. man, colorado's O-line is holding on for dear life, lol
  14. If they let the kid play then clearly it's not as bad as was first thought. I mean, it's not like Scott pulled a snider and let Mo play after sexually assaulting someone the day after.
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