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  1. husker98

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    All very good points. But i'll take the action on within ten years. i'd wager within 5.
  2. husker98

    Just To Be Clear...

    That tends to happen when there is a lack of competition. We broadcasters have noticed it as well.
  3. husker98

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Well. This is why you look at more than the numbers. The Nebraska defense by design, is similar to how Oregon was designed. And that isn't to necessarily always stop the opposing team, but create turnovers for an offense that is supposed to score every time it touches the ball. This style of defense is supposed to work with a no huddle offense as they recognize it is impossible to maintain a top 30 defense year in and out when the other team is always winning the TOP. The other team will gauge your defense for big yards and scores but you should win by multiple touchdowns if your offense is good. Obviously we aren't were we need to be yet to make this system work, but firing chins in a knee jerk reaction aint gunna fix it either.
  4. never mind then, i just work here.
  5. The last time frost made comments like that there was changes. I think you are are probably right and young is probably out of a job.
  6. husker98

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    We also had a staff that had preferred the one back approach and frequently dismissed the idea of any kind of backfield rotation during those years. When you look at frost at UCF a lot of guys carried the rock, the idea is to take advantage of mismatches. The staff thought wiskey might struggle with washington in space. it was worth a try.
  7. husker98

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    This guy gets it
  8. husker98

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    These guys need to sit out the rest of the game Farniok Davis Jackson Reed
  9. husker98

    Good bye Greg Bell

    My point was that his contribution wasn't meeting frosts quality control standards. He was sliding down the depth chart as a result. One big run against Colorado didn't out weight the red zone fumble and slew of more minor offense mistakes he was making. Frost made his position clear when other backs started getting more carries. Not saying good riddance. I wish he had stayed and fixed what he was doing wrong and got back in the rotation, but that was his choice, he made it.
  10. husker98

    Good bye Greg Bell

    There are lots of players who look good on paper but don't hold up on film. Bell was definitely one of those, he was unpolished and a work in progress. But a promising one, this is a shame.
  11. husker98

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    didn't say it wasn't? And while you previous post is still true, it is also true that he did enough wrong to see his playing time massively cut. Hopefully he figures it out in practice.
  12. husker98

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    Thats very likely, he's goofed enough plays that they are starting to blend into a concoction of disappointment. Though not as bad as lamarr Jackson.
  13. husker98

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    i seem to recall him losing it or nearly losing more than once. But yes once for sure. Could have fooled me. He is no burner, thats for sure.
  14. husker98

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    little surprised by the bolded given how bell has had fumble issues, and also the fact that the dude seems kinda slow.
  15. husker98

    Big Day For Ozigbo

    underrated as always. hardest working guy on the field by far.