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  1. husker98

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    our board has 1 DE, scotts probably has 5-6 they are actively recruiting to different degrees. Not worried
  2. husker98

    Re-bump Scott Frost Mega Thread

    i was wasted for most of that thread, why was she banned again?
  3. husker98

    Big announcement coming?

    You would both be correct. I'm not sure if we are still top 25 but we are still easily in and amongst the upper class in this regard. And will probably remain so until some time this next decade.
  4. husker98

    Taj Griffin

    Ozigbo didn't get faster, he got more explosive thanks to being lighter. This got him through holes and helped with better change of direction, something he couldn't do as well a year ago because the last staff wanted him as a power back. We saw last year's speed in spurts through out his early career. He also benefited from a scheme that is described as being innovative for how they run the ball, so it wasn't all him. But what was on him, and is my point, is that he learned the scheme and had the will and character to to succeed in it. The game is 99 percent mental as they say. So from that perspective I have my doubts about Griffin. Maybe injuries hurt his career, or maybe it was also his work ethic, or his ability to fully learn the system. But whatever it was, he slid down the depth chart at Oregon because of it. So, as far as I can tell, there is nothing to be excited about by him other than that he's "fast".
  5. husker98

    Taj Griffin

    Idk, maybe there's more to it then just being fast? Devine Ozigbo ring a bell?
  6. husker98

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    interesting thread, any chance of him returning or should we be moving on here?
  7. Because 247 rated him a 4 star recruit, sight unseen. Just as rivals did, minus a star though.
  8. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2019/2/14/18224994/blake-carringer-fake-recruit-247-rivals-recruiting-rankings Lulz.
  9. husker98

    Tannor, Alioth Cited for Misdemeanor Theft

    fun off season, can we expect a sequel?
  10. husker98

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    The university did nothing wrong. It would be different if he had been formally charged, but he hadn't during the season. Based off the lack of urgency I harbor some doubts to how well these allegations stick. But if they do he needs booted off the team yesterday
  11. husker98

    2019 Class - 3 Spots left - Who will it be?

    Just because you didn't see a thread for it doesn't always mean you have to start a brand new one, especially when we have a forum full of excellent information with recruiting nerds ready to answer every question you could possibly imagine. But yea f**k the rules!!!!
  12. husker98

    2019 Class - 3 Spots left - Who will it be?

    We have forum for this.
  13. husker98

    Discontent in the AD?

    Hmmm, must be the off-season
  14. Is that really how you spell Jordan Larson in Chicken scratches?
  15. husker98

    Well this is interesting...

    You gotta learn to be a world class sprinter before you can learn to walk......