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  1. husker98

    best TV source to watch games?

    Youtube TV. Best I have seen to date and I didn't miss a single game last year
  2. husker98

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Exactly, then add in the whole urban meyer OSU fiasco, a young PSU, a Michigan with spotlight issues, and suddenly it looks pretty wide open. But i don't know if i fully share that enthusiasm.
  3. husker98

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I honestly wonder how much the current climate of the big ten has affected his projection? Still its an interesting prediction.
  4. Watched this awhile ago and i can't recommend it enough. Hbo has always done or financed really good historical fiction as they call it. However the only fiction in the story are a few characters and sequences to shrink run time and keep things from getting too convoluted. Chernobyl is a masterpiece in this regard, and while not everything you see in the show actually happened, I would estimate well over 90% what see actually happened. I found a neat video on Youtube that highlights how accurate they got some of the scenes. If you have seen it what was your take on it?
  5. husker98

    75 Years Since D-Day

    It's rather complicated, but in short while it was an allied effort, D-Day and the Western / Eastern, allied successes weren't possible without American Economic, and eventually military intervention. While American media certainly plays up our angle of the story, Europeans are fairly thankful for it their only other option for liberation was going to be at the hands of Stalins Soviet Russia, Which was as bad/worse than the Nazi's. So far as i have heard it form friends over there, they celebrate it as dodging the proverbial bullet day. WWII is a complicated and difficult subject in Germany. But if you really want to know how the Germans view this period of the war, look up the fire bombing of Dresden, it goes a long way to explaining why people from that generation look the way they do.
  6. For the sake of next year's team being decent can this state legalize weed already? I hate the stuff but come on! We aren't gunna have a running back this season the way it's going.
  7. I don't know why but i still read that as: we gunna lose by 32.5 points to sunbelts version of KU
  8. husker98

    Big Red Blitz Event in Norfolk

    So if we start paying the kids for what they do on the field do we start charging them admission like everyone else? Genuinely curious.
  9. husker98

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    our board has 1 DE, scotts probably has 5-6 they are actively recruiting to different degrees. Not worried
  10. husker98

    Re-bump Scott Frost Mega Thread

    i was wasted for most of that thread, why was she banned again?
  11. husker98

    Big announcement coming?

    You would both be correct. I'm not sure if we are still top 25 but we are still easily in and amongst the upper class in this regard. And will probably remain so until some time this next decade.
  12. husker98

    Taj Griffin

    Ozigbo didn't get faster, he got more explosive thanks to being lighter. This got him through holes and helped with better change of direction, something he couldn't do as well a year ago because the last staff wanted him as a power back. We saw last year's speed in spurts through out his early career. He also benefited from a scheme that is described as being innovative for how they run the ball, so it wasn't all him. But what was on him, and is my point, is that he learned the scheme and had the will and character to to succeed in it. The game is 99 percent mental as they say. So from that perspective I have my doubts about Griffin. Maybe injuries hurt his career, or maybe it was also his work ethic, or his ability to fully learn the system. But whatever it was, he slid down the depth chart at Oregon because of it. So, as far as I can tell, there is nothing to be excited about by him other than that he's "fast".
  13. husker98

    Taj Griffin

    Idk, maybe there's more to it then just being fast? Devine Ozigbo ring a bell?
  14. husker98

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    interesting thread, any chance of him returning or should we be moving on here?
  15. Because 247 rated him a 4 star recruit, sight unseen. Just as rivals did, minus a star though.