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  1. I'm currently letting Warthunder slowly devour whats left of my soul before bed.
  2. I'm all for it. If i recall correctly it is the lair of the sock, and his fabled wisdom.
  3. Man, i drank a bunch of vodka, and suddenly this thread makes sense
  4. in light of recent staff movement, this thread title has not aged well.
  5. Gotta be happy for the Joe Burrow. Still frustrating that we never seemed offer more than passing interest in the kid however.
  6. I like your post it gives good insight into where your opinion derives from and give some numbers to make your point. However There are some Really critical flaws in the logic of this post. You are comparing (in the 2014 team) a group who Beck had overseen for 4 years at that point, all kids he helped recruit and (develop?) and enjoyed a stable QB position in Tommy A. And Failure was the Result, they only beat two winning teams that year (Iowa and Rutgers), played two other winning teams close, and got blown out by the rest. His patented no huddle, 3 and out offense was on full display that season against any decent team. A very average Iowa team took them to OT were they barely scrapped out a W. You then want to use those numbers and compare that to the SF UNL Cornhuskers who were using a roster still heavily dependent on talent recruited by the last regime with a revolving door of QB's thanks to injuries and inexperience and claim he isn't even doing as good as Beck? You want to pass judgement, do it when SF hits year 4, the comparison will be an honest and reasonable, but more importantly, one that will hold water. We could get into a debate about play calling, and the offensive philosophy behind both teams. But again its hard to pass judgement on scott who is only in year two. But if what i have read is true, we haven't really seen much yet, much of this offense is placeholder at the moment till the kids they recruited develop some more. Tim Beck on the other hand we have a great recent history which only reaffirmed the many grievances our fans had about him as we have now watched him crash and burn a natty title caliber offense at TOSU, only team to get shut out in the play off lol. Then turn around as if nothing bad happened and crash and burn a Big 12 title calibre (if not more) offense at Texas. This dude got demoted and booted minus the pink slip at TOSU (having connections sure is nice eh?), and has now gotten demoted again at Texas. The only thing saving him at this point is his considerable recruiting acumen, That's one firing, a demotion/quasi we still friends but you can't work here bro firing, and then a demotion over incompetence in all with in a 5 year span. Minus Tim Beck i enjoyed the Pelini era, Bo came close, he needed to make some changes on D, but he really needed to get rid of Beck and go find someone a bit more qualified to implement his vision of what he wanted on offense.
  7. Lol, no. Cool opinion, but no. The hilarious circus of playing calling and game planning ineptitude Beck over saw at UNL can in no way be linked or compared to what frost is doing.
  8. The lack of a long snapper makes this class a complete failure. F grades all around
  9. where the vast majority end up getting fired because they are actually crappy coaches who enjoyed one fluke season with the last guys talent, Brian Kelly with holding, still hasn't won a natty tho. We can't make any assumptions about what he would have or not done for us. A lot was changing in CFB in 2003, Frank was beginning to make changes and modernizations...... just in time to get fired. So we will never know. Unless your a pretty good gypsie fortune teller its best to leave it at that. On a side note I'll never understand the people in our fan base who still seem to think that firing winning head coaches was fine and defensible. Long story short, we are in this mess today thanks to this idiotic policy. And we are lucky we didn't end up like freaking Baylor, who had the same genius idea and killed their program until art briles came along and turned Waco into the sexual assault capital of Texas. If a school in freaking Texas can't weather the whirlwind of firing a winning head coach, how people ever thought we could is beyond me.
  10. husker98


    Big if true, wonder how this affects the traditional hug before they run out onto the field during senior day......
  11. Intentional or no, this is a Bo Pelini reference, i am both impressed and offended.
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