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  1. Anybody have recommendations for yard drainage professionals that aren't outrageously expensive?

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    2. TonyStalloni


      Yeah thats going to be a problem without storm drains.  The pipe that broke a few years ago that flooded your driveway.....was it a city main water line that burst? If so go back to them and explain the problem.....maybe they can help you bring in new dirt for the places your lot sunk. Cities always have a stash of dirt and they have the loaders to move it.  You might end up planting new grass or sod etc.

    3. Enhance


      Good call! Yes I contacted them yesterday about it but I believe they've been flooded (see what I did there?!) with calls the last few days. Had to leave a message.


      I doubt it would happen, but, I wonder if I could convince them to make a culvert opening to my drain pipe since they felt it was necessary to do that for a bunch of other houses except mine. Wishful thinking...

    4. TonyStalloni


      Did the rush of water undercut your driveway making it sink down? If so you have due cause to get the city to fix that as well.