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  1. I'm inordinately excited about my whet stone that just arrived and sharpening my chef's knife for the first time... ever.

    I'm also thinking about ordering a better knife sometime soon, something like a Damascus steel. Anyone have one of those?

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      I have been gifted a Shun; chef, boning, and santoku knives over the past several years. I freakin love them. My Dad is the cook in the family, so I bought him a whet stone for Father’s Day last year and it has been quite useful. I was unsure which one to purchase, so I just went with a less expensive one that had solid reviews.

      Side note: If you want to gawk at some fancy Damascus steel and can afford a cool $1,000 knife, check out Muamasi Fire Art. Joe Rogan talked about him briefly on a podcast and he was a judges pick contender who won an episode on Forged in Fire. Went to HS with him and he is a super great guy. https://instagram.com/maumasifirearts?igshid=11lolgktyp3ns

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    4. RedDenver


      @Enhance I found this youtube channel to be the most useful for learning to sharpen. Just look for the intro or beginner videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOluHMoKJ6CrS0kcybhaThg

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