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  1. Some interesting perspectives in this article, one of which boils down to "Nebraska doesn't have a big enough work force." Certainly a lot of factors contributing to the problem. Are federal unemployment benefits keeping people out of the workforce?
  2. Free beer offer results in more vaccinations than all Erie County first-dose clinics last week
  3. I've said this probably a dozen times here, but I'd lump journalists into the same situation. They're in an industry that hasn't see much sway in starting wages for going on 20 years. Sure, people up at the top of the TV biz are raking in dough... guys like Anderson Cooper or David Muir... but your average local reporter in their 20's is not making much more than $25,000/year. And that's after four years in college. Getting a journalism job without a college degree is incredibly difficult. Goes to show that there are a lot of jobs in this discussion outside of the low-hanging fruit
  4. Seems like a significant leap there based on what I said... that, or I'm not following/understanding your response. My point is that wages have not increased at a rate commiserate with cost of living and overall life expenses in several industries. There are people graduating college making the same starting salaries their parents did 20-30 years ago, especially in certain industries. There are many employers turning significant profits while simultaneously whining about being unable to hire reliable employees at $10/hour, and I happen to know someone who falls in the latter catego
  5. Obviously a lot of attention recently has been on the restaurant industry's challenge in filling positions (no surprises as to why), but I'm somewhat glad that this issue has shed a bigger light on wages in general. Someone in my family is a pretty good example. They have a couple of open full time positions at their small business that they don't want to pay someone much more than $10-$11/hour for. No healthcare benefits. More and more people have started to realize they can make 2-3 times that (if not more) sitting on their butt at home with a computer and internet access.
  6. Roxy - I merged your 'Mexican' thread with the 'Entrees' thread. I realize Mexican food is its own type of cuisine, but I think we need to group things together in as few threads as possible. Otherwise, we could theoretically have a thread for Italian food, Chinese food, French food, Mexican, etc., and that's a bit extreme.
  7. Hey Roxy - similar to a few other Chatter threads, I merged your "miscellaneous" thread together with this "tips/hacks" thread and I updated the thread title to be more inclusive of all those items. I think there's potential for crossover between the high levels concepts of 'miscellaneous', 'tips' and 'hacks.' So, it makes sense to combine these threads for consolidation purposes and to limit the potential for duplication/confusion. Thanks!
  8. Hey @Roxy15 - I merged your 'pasta' thread with this 'entrees' thread. Similar to the post I made in your "Vegetables" thread, I don't think we need different threads for various types of entrees. They should all be consolidated into one thread. Otherwise, one could argue that there could be threads for entrees: pasta, entrees: steak, entrees: chicken, entrees: tacos, etc., and that would just get a little out of hand. Thanks!
  9. Hey @Roxy15 - this thread was originally labeled as "Roxy's Kitchen Chatter/Vegetables," but I reclassified it as "Sides" so that a wider variety of content could go in here. I don't think we necessarily need a unique thread for different types of meal sides. Thanks!
  10. I don't necessarily blame them either, but given your perspective and work history/background, at what point do you think it's enough? To put it differently, her whole care facility + the staff are vaccinated. We're vaccinated. Realistically speaking, we are as protected as humanly possible from transmitting COVID. What's the tipping point to when we can acknowledge that we've done everything we can? I'm not a doctor or disease specialist, of course, but I do feel like some of this has become unnecessary coddling. I don't mind proving I've been vaccinated, but a max # of guests, es
  11. This is where my mind is leaning, as well. Some of these displays are beginning to feel more like posturing than necessary safety precautions. On a personal level, I just went to see my 94-year-old grandma for the first time since Jan., 2020. She's been vaccinated since January, 2021. The care facility is only allowing up to four fully vaccinated people to visit a resident at one time. Visitors had to set up an appointment, sign a medical waiver, be escorted to and from the apartment, and were required to maintain mask usage during the visit. Was it worth it to see her?
  12. My first job as a TV reporter out of college in 2012 was about $24,000. Reporters at the competitor station were making $19k/year. Not overly relevant to the discussion other than to point out that it's absolutely asinine what types of salaries some college educated students drop into, and to my understanding, nothing much has changed in the reporting business. Think most intro employees are below $30k still.
  13. I agree - to me, the posturing is evident. I too get the whole "set an example" concept, but this seems to go over that line into the realm of a masquerade. Do I have that big of an issue with it? No. Don't really care that much. I also didn't look into the context of that video call but if it's just Biden sitting by himself on a vid call... ditch the mask. Don't be weird.
  14. I'm constantly at odds with Joe. Some stuff I agree with (like his opinions on healthy living and the fat acceptance movement) and some stuff I think he's being an idiot about. This is idiot level 1000. I get that he's sharing his opinion, but his opinion is incredibly influential, and on a topic related to a pandemic... I think he needs to be more responsible. Dude has to be better. A 21-year-old should be leaning on the advice of their doctor/family physician. Not Joe Rogan.
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